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If Dolgorukov agrees, then we can concede the win to Zsozso.

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this is the power graph in 2209:



according to the ladder rules, if the game finishes now, with both Vishniac and Dolgorukov conceding, the results will be as follows:


zsozso (University) 2 wins (one over Legion_prime and one over Vishniac - the original players)

Dolgorukov (Caretakers) 1 win (taking over in 3rd place and finishing 2nd)

Vishniac (Pirates) 1 win (over Legion_prime) and 1 loss (defeated by zsozso)

Legion_prime (Caretakers) 2 losses (abandoned game - defeated by both zsozso and Vishniac)


No code has to be inserted here.

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