Battle Royale - Turn Tracking Thread (TTT)

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{provost zsozso's blog}

These aliens are getting on my nerves... Now they seems to have developed (or stolen?) Air Power and started to take down our peaceful scouting Air-planes. We have not attacked any of their pathetic lifeforms yet, only machines but they keep killing humans. First security defence forces in our cities, now shooting pilots from the sky. My patience is running thin, I shall authorize the use of deadly force on these things.

{end blog}

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2189 to Zsozso.

I'm on vacation for the next 4-5 days. I have no clue towards my Internet access, so don't expect a good turn rate for the following days.

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2193 from :zak: to Vishniac :ulrik:

Sorry for the delay!

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2194 to Bodissey.



I had to use Rule 11 to stop aggressive behavior.

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2194 to Zsozso.


Experienced a crash and therefore had to reload.

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