Battle Royale - Turn Tracking Thread (TTT)

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2171 to Vishniac

Wow, the turn came back so fast yesterday I didn't even check my email last night -- if I did I could've played my turn yesterday. Sorry, for this delay...

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2172 to Bodissey.



Zsozso: I don't really 'check' my email but my MSN messenger is always open, so it warns me or I just have to throw a glance.:cool:

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2172 to Vishniac.

Hmmm no report in 2170, our CMN must be very busy ;)

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Hmmm no report in 2170, our CMN must be very busy

will do.. shortly after the brake. :)

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2179 to Vishniac.


{Quote from Provost Zsozso's blog entry}


My fellow scientists and readers of the Chiron Internet, I have very disturbing news for you: we have known for a while that this hostile planet is not only infested by those vicious mind-worms, spore-launchers, fungal towers and Isle-of-the-Deep monsters, but there are also some intelligent alien life forms. They seem to be organized into 2 opposing factions. Now, the fresh news is that these species are also hostile. The faction, who style themselves as "The Caretakers" have brutally attacked Tsiolkovsky Institute and murdered it security defence force, leaving the citizens without any defence. I am shocked at this unprovoked aggression.


But, I can assure all my fellow humans, I will not stand back and watch as these aliens cause suffering to our species. We have not started this war, but we will finish it! I have ordered production of counter offensive weapon technologies.

{end of Quote}

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