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2166 to Bodissey.



Cool: the turn rate is one by day!

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A question for Bdanv: what is the turn order for all factions?


I tried the powergraph order but it doesn't work to remove the faction-graphic-bug: I'm stuck with Hive graphics, Caretakers have gaian-style cities, etc...

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This seems to work for me:


Faction 1=caretake

Faction 2=univ

Faction 3=pirates

Faction 4=spartans

Faction 5=hive

Faction 6=believe

Faction 7=usurper


Make copy of your Alpha_Centauri.ini files, edit the Faction lines to match above, then save that variant with a different name. Each time BEFORE you start up the PBEM game, copy your modified version onto the Alpha_Centauri.ini in the original directory.

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Works, thanks!


But as I would HATE fiddling with ini files, I just started a game with the factions in good order, then saved it under name "Battle royale setup".

Call it "the luddite solution" if you want! :D

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