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vote NERVE GAS - AAR, v 1.25 of SMACX AI Growth mod

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This After Action Report is played with version 1.25 of my SMACX AI Growth mod.

behold the mask of doom

Behold the mask of doom.

It's time for midterm elections in the United States! In a bright dystopian future somewhere far away, Commissioner Pravin Lal is thinking similarly. How can I get the People to accept nerve gas? It is so useful, in so many ways. If only Planet understood that it's a human thing. We want to do this to each other, it's nothing personal. Please just grow your fungal stalks as always and leave us to our war.

In version 1.25 of my SMACX AI Growth mod, nerve gas is available almost immediately at the start of the game. That's because the consequences of using nerve gas so early are horrific! Planet throws a fit. Deluges and mindworms everywhere. Low chance of survival, and even if you do, likely to be nuked by an angry faction midgame. My last attempt at this was a complete debacle. I am hoping this time to deploy a new secret weapon: voting.

Will the human Hive agree with Lal's brutal like-mindedness? Will the Cult of Planet prove curiously immune to toxic effects? Will Miriam finally find something else to believe in? And what about the mindworms, the precious mindworms??! TUNE IN to find out all that transpires!

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