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I am currently (as I type this), loading up 1.0 and I'm attempting to port over my currently Modded game (over 150 mods).  According to Fluffy's Mod Manager, only about 7 of those mods have not yet updated.  My research has shown that most of them 'should' work without the update.  The only Mod that isn't currently updated that might not work is the Psychology Mod.  Past update history for this mod has been 2-3 weeks post game version update timings, so I am still expecting a wait for this to be updated.

BUT, as the new game version is mostly bug fixes and adds little content from B19 (ability to say what colonist, etc can or can't eat), all of the mods that currently aren't updated "should" work.  Most are reported to work (although I'm expecting a few errors at load time) and We will see if I'm grooving on the newest version(s) or not...


Cross your fingers...

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Well, first attempt was a sort of success.  Got a bunch of Errors (mostly from the Psychology Mod), but the game with mods loaded (i.e. it didn't dump all of the mods).  Even got the save loaded, but then all of my colonist (in all three areas that I currently have them in) disappeared.  Plus several tabs aren't working as expected.

First Retry is without the Psychology mod and eliminate the rest as I go and see if I can continue my current game...

Oh, it's actually 10 mods (that I am using) that have not yet been updated to 1.0.  Along with Psychology, they are: Miniaturization (reported to work without update); CleaningArea; RimWriter -Books, Scrolls, Tablets and Libraries (Jecrell is redoing this some, adding some stuff to it); Rimroads (this one is at around the bottom of Jecrell's to do list) ; Mining Helmet (Author said that this was in need of patching but hasn't had the time - as I have yet to use it, very likely to go for now); More Steel from Slag - x25 (reported to work without update); Galaxy Radio (some issues reported but most from before 1.0 - also haven't gotten to in my current game and likely to remove); Tangerine Music Labs - Ambient Jams (reported to work without update) and Wandering Caravans (Author is tweaking the Algorithm for this). 

Looks like removing Psychology has removed all but one Error (an XML duplicate for Muscle Parasites from something).  I'm trying to load the save now...

But I might not convert to 1.0 if the Psychology one isn't in it, it's a great mod!  But let's see first...

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Seems to be working without the Psychology Mod, but I lost the one Psych problem that three of my colonist had (Anxiety - that required GlitterWold Meds to remove - which I have yet to have seen in my current game).  It made for interesting situations when they would break and just stand there and Cower. First time it happened when while in a fight, where my 4 active guns had just become three without warning...


I am going to try to put the mod back in and see what happens (no matter, I'll be going back to B19 until that Mod is updated) but I still want to do some testing...

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Well, Psychology is now updated, although I was running 1.0 with it at the very end.

Only 6 of my mods have yet to be updated (Miniaturization; CleaningArea; Rimroads; Mining Helmet; More Steel from Slag - x25 & Tangerine Music Labs - Ambient Jams), but they are working fine as it is.

I have also added a few more to my list...

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Mod crazy (though, I  was running about 40-50 of them back in 18 when I last played).

Haven't deleted this game off the comp yet, though, like I did with most of the others, as I know I will be back.  Just burned out on Project Gorgon (WOW or EQ esk clone game, good, but limited so far due to super small dev team).  And Fallout 76 being opened up (great game, but I don't see long term life in it).

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Getting sucked back into a WoW (clone) game?  Be careful...

/me points to his sig...

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Actually, my current Mod count is up to 197 (and I'm getting ready to add a few more, but one boffed another one and I have to see if it isn't mod order or something)


Speaking of Mod order, found a very good Mod Order suggestion list on Rim of Madness Discord Channel


MOD ORDER GUIDE VERSION 3: Dangit Tynan Why You Do Dis Edition
 This list has come about through the most scientific of processes. IE vague logic
and random pings at others to see if it solves various issues.

---From top to bottom:

--Core, Hugslib, Jecstools, Humanoid, Prepare Carefully (PC could possibly also go
at the bottom of this list, it also has various issues that require arcane methods
to get around) Core includes libraries, if something says it has no content, and
just has code for other mods, that is a library
-THEN Giddy Up and all expansions of such should go right below Humanoid, and then
Doors, then Third Age If you are running Combat Extended, it is theorized that it
should go right above Third Age, and the patch to both goes right below both AFTER

--Map Generation: Anything that adds biomes, messes with how tiles and maps work,
or changes how the world map generates

--Factions: Anything that ONLY adds new factions, not new races or types of pawns.
Faction Control by Rainbeau also goes here.

--Trait Mods: Rainbeau has made a few of these, for example. If it just adds traits
or makes it possible to have more, it goes here.

--Medical Mods: Yes this includes those that add new bionic parts. No it does not
include mods that ONLY add medical items. EPOE and Rah's are examples of medical mods.

--Game Behavior: While You're Up and Hand Me That Brick go here, but so do things like
Steel Isn't Flammable and Fewer Inferno Cannons Basically it's anything that changes
how pawns, items, buildings, or events behave. Emphasis on "GAME" behavior.

--Items: Clothing, hair, buildings, and items; hats and weapons and Vegetable Garden
and giant nuclear power plants go here.

--Races (and new animals): RACES GO AT THE BOTTOM THIS IS NOT A DRILL. This also
includes Arachnophobia, Werewolves, Vampires, and other mods that make massive changes
to pawns just by being loaded.


Of course, many mods fit into several of these categories and I'm still trying to figure where UI only mods would go in this....

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Been debating playing a new game of this (solo player, starting nakid and no mats, but in essence in a ruined city full of useful stuff to salvage, or to enter the wrong building and get zerged);  Or a new minecraft game.... leaning towards minecraft... and lost most of my spring break due to life craziness.

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