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So I'm obviously blind... Disregard the previous post... :o 


But I'm still all for posting the saves! 

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Okay.  I'll go post those there too.

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After the rule of Rhoth the first, E_T the bold called a no confidence vote against Rhoth and won.  He is now in charge of the Brotherhood of Steel.

His first action is to take a look at things and see what might need immediate changes and what can stay for the time being.  The first thing that he does is commissions a second Ship design class for our corvette fleet.  We already have the Scribe class, which consists of Missiles and Lasers.  But Lasers, although they are good, are not always best to have in long and drawn out fight.  Thereby, E_T commissioned the Marksman Class of Corvette, which not only has the same Missiles of the Scribe class, but also packs a punch with Gauss Cannons (kinetic weaponry).  The Strike Force Pegasus Fleet is expanded to allow for not only the five current Scribes (four on hand, one in the shipyards under production), but also a complement of 5 Marksman Corvettes. 



E_T then looks at the Planet of Lost Hills as well as the developing colony (estimated founding in just over two years from now) of The Citadel.  Nothing needed for these at this time.



E_T takes a look at and extends the Exploration efforts of our two science ships.  E_T also believes that the Brotherhood of Steel needs more Exploration assets out in the field and makes plans to expand the Science Fleet over the next several years.  The BoSS Ambassador, with Scientist Fyodor Tvardovsky at the helm, is set to explore the eastern Arm of the Galaxy.  The BoSS Khonsu with Scientist Manual Ortega at the helm, is set to explore the North and west of our Arm of the Galaxy, eventually working past the claimed Space of The Institute.



"The Institute", growls E_T, has 7 systems already claimed, with their Home Colony as well as one other currently colonized planet/system.  Their space also contains several more, as of yet, Undeveloped planets, some that we could use and some that we could not use.  Their Military is slightly more powerful than ours is, but we are equivalent in the things that matter.  In the area of Research, the Institute is behind our Research in only one each of Physics and Social Sciences.  Meanwhile, they are ahead of us in One technology of Physics, two techs of Social Sciences and three techs of Engineering.  Several of the advisers want to trade Technologies with them, but we wait and see what they do first thing... As they don't want to trade their techs.  Our Diplomats do explore a possible sharing of sensor links, but their asking price is too steep for us at this time and we reject the offer...  We have other possible plans for them...



Finally, E_T takes a look at our current Possible future Colonies and the areas of the Galaxy that we currently know and claim.  E_T knows that these are the future of The Brotherhood of Steel!!



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Shortly after taking over at the Brotherhood, E_T receives word of the Investigation of the Anomaly in the Giedi system.  We issue a Special Project to further see if there is anything we can gain from this ancient space battle.  Not long after, the BoSS Ambassador reports about it's strange Anomalous findings, in what appears to be an abandoned Amusement Park (apparently).  We gain knowledge in several disciplines from this "Park".



Not long afterwards, Scientist Tvardovsky gains enough field experience to bring him home and have him take over the Society Research efforts.  His replacement, Julia Dreyer, is expected to gain her field experience fairly rapidly.



Soon, news from BoSS Khonsu is that the Special Project that Scientist Ortega was following up on gains himself and our engineers some extra research insites gained.  The Graveyard also will provide possible additional engineering insites for future researchers, but it is in space that will soon be contested.  But we will gain the fruits from this effort someday...



Since before the removal of Rhoth the First, there has been fairly heated discussions as to the paths that the Brotherhood as a whole should be taking.  On the New Year, this comes to a head with the establishment of a faction in the advisory council.  The Academy of Technological Progress is still small, but they could be influential someday, but not today.  They are to be watched for now...



Not long after, a Legacy of the Rhoth regime, the Edict for The Mapping of the Stars expires.  As our level of Influence is low, due to recent expansion efforts, it will be months before we will be able to reissue this Edict.



At the same time, the Society Research department has completed it's Genome Mapping technology efforts.  The immediate benefit of this will allow our populations to grow, estimates claim, as much as 10% faster.  With new colonies on the horizon, this is wonderful news.

The Society Research Department offers up several choices and E_T thinks that efforts to giving those future growing Colonist more land to move, grow and develop in is the key for the future.



But in the mean time, they are instructed to finish off the Investigation of these Alpha Aliens, before continuing on.


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A potentially Habitable moon in the Trabano system, in the Eastern Arm, turned out to be a nuked out Tomb World.  Knowing what almost happened to old Earth and the Brotherhood, there, the Crew of the BoSS Ambassador launches a memorial placard/wreath onto the surface of this Moon.  Whomever these people were, they are not forgotten...



Our Physics Research also comes through with Administrative Artificial Intelligence that will aid in the overall research in all our departments.  From what the science advisors tell me, this "AI" will help to eliminate any potential research dead ends and thus potentially increase our research speed overall by approximately 5%...

Out of the choices of new research in physics that the Department wants to pursue, the need for increased Energy output from our current power plants can not be ignored, so Field Modulation is selected for our next Physics Research goal.



The Science Research into the Alpha Aliens shows that these "animals" are some form of "Space Amoeba".  Further research is warranted, but due to the current state of the Society research, we hold off for a while until we can get more resources to bear on this problem.



Meanwhile, the rumors of possible Pirate activity becomes a full fledged reality.  Reports from the Molbion System, not very far from Lost Hills, tells of a Pirate refuge station that has a fleet to plunder our stuff.  E_T dispatches the fleet to Molbion with the Admiral told to not take any prisoners from this pirate scum...



Strike Force Pegasus encounters the pirates, as they were preparing to Jump to the Lost Hills system and takes them under fire.  They soon handily defeated the scum and head in system to take out the Pirate Station.



Meanwhile, the BoSS Ambassador finds a type 3 Anomaly in the Grekil System.  Scientist Tvardovsky is (temporarily) sent out to take over the investigation of this Archaeological find...



While the Wounded, but reinforced Strike Force attacks the Pirate Base, new finally arrives of the founding of our first Colony, The Citadel.  Now it can be an overall addition to our economy, instead of a drain on it.  The Citadel promises to be a boon to our economy, once it has gotten some more population onto it's soil.



While the fight in Molbion continues, Reports from Grekil system shows that this planet was visited by someone in the far past.  They carved these mineral Cenotaphs and they have a form of elegance and beauty.  We image them for the Archives and gain some additional engineering insites from the way they did it, as well...



And Finally, the Pirates in the Molbion system have been eliminated and the Admiral gets a promotion to a two star Admiral.



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Take THAT, pirate scum...!

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A few months after the Pirates are taken care of, The Institute closes their boarders with us.  Our Intelligence Services conjecture that they might have been behind the recent outbreak of Pirates.  Unfortunately, the Pirate Station was destroyed too thoroughly to be able to collect any additional Evidence to support the conjecture, but the timing of the two things are just too close for comfort.



Not Long afterwards, The BoSS Ambassador had gotten too close to some Space Amoebas and had to Emergency Jump away from them.  The Science Ship is lost in space for six months, but will return, abut, needing Repairs.  Scientist Dreyer did escape in a shuttle and will be able to return to Lost Hills in a few days.  Although, we had planned to build more Science Ships, there currently is not one for her to take control.  She will be idle for a few months, while she reports on better methods to avoid what has occurred to her ship.



On The BoSS Khonsu, Scientist Ortega gains much needed Experience.  He remains in charge of the Science Ship and surveys the North West of our Galactic Arm.  To aid in his efforts, we reenact the Map The Stars Edict, as our influence has grown to support this edict.



[More Later]



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The Institute shows their true colors...

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On the Domestic Front, a New Faction is founded.  They call themselves the 'Knights of the Void' and are lead by our pirate busting Admiral.  Neither Faction is very happy and there is not much that can be done at this time to make them any happier.



The BoSS Acuity finds evidence of Precursor activity in the Melissa System.  They find the partial remains of what looks to be a Yuht Colony ship.  The BoSS Acuity investigates further... but Scientist Ortega is returned to Lost Hills to take over the Physics Department research efforts, where his greater expertise can be used for our overall research efforts.



Our Social Research output has been increased and now we can take on the task of finding out more about those enigmatic Space Amoebas.  Maybe we can use the knowledge gained to help prevent what happened to the BoSS Ambassador, which has finally returned and is in space dock for repairs.  It will soon be recommissioned with a new crew and Scientist Recruit.



Not long afterwards, The Institute contacts us and tells us how it was a mistake and misunderstanding that caused them to close their borders to us a while back.  They apologize profusely and reopen their borders to our shipping.  All of the counsel agrees... they want something but are not asking us directly as to what it is.  Little does The Institute know that we have other plans for them and that this making nice again just shows us how lick-spittle they truly are...



Not long afterwards, the BoSS Acuity's research of the Yuht Colony Ship bears fruit.



Towards the end of the year, our Research into Afterburners has been completed.  The Engineering department comes up with several things for our next research efforts and Powered Exoskeletons is the next thing to be researched in Engineering.



Our Unity had allowed us to select 'To Boldly Go' as our next in the Discovery Series of traditions.  This will help when playing chicken with Space Amoebas...



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Good choice for tradition! :b:

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