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War Never Changes - Introduction



"War. War never changes.

Since the dawn of humankind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage.

In the year 2077, after millennia of armed conflict, the destructive nature of man could sustain itself no longer. The world was plunged into an abyss of nuclear fire and radiation.

But it was not, as some had predicted, the end of the world. Instead, the apocalypse was simply the prologue to another bloody chapter of human history. For man had succeeded in destroying the world - but war, war never changes."

By the year 2150, Earth had become so irradiated that its remaining denizens looked to the stars for answers.  Great colony ships were built by the many different factions, and even some of the intelligent of the horrifically altered creatures of the Wasteland.  All these colony ships left Earth in a great mass exodus.  Many traveled far across the galaxy to find new worlds to settle.  Some disappeared through wormholes to unknown reaches of space.  Some disappeared entirely, lost to history and never to be seen again.

In the year 2200, the Brotherhood of Steel has finally tamed their new home planet of Lost Hills, named after their old capital upon Earth. Led by High Elder Arthur Maxson, a descendant of the original Brotherhood founder, the Brotherhood now looks outward from their new home, determined to settle new worlds: to rebuild the civilization that was formed on Earth, and create a new Empire of technological achievement, in the mold of Brotherhood ideals.


As many who have played, or at least know of, the Fallout games have figured by now, this Succession game is based upon the world of Fallout.  Many of the more famous factions and some of the mutated creatures have been created as Stellaris races and forcibly inserted into the game, to give it a Fallout roleplay flavor for this Succession game.

As with our previous effort, The Calling of Nharr, one player will play for a set time period and write their AAR before sending the save file to the next player.  Time periods for this game will be 10 years, as opposed to the 20 years we used in the previous game, to allow for a smaller playtime as we are all busy.  As the Brotherhood has never been a Democracy, and is represented in this game as a Dictatorial government form, it is set upon each player to attempt to end their turns after the 10 years, rather than be warned of it by an in-game election.


Players to include: Rhoth * E_T * Spaced Cowboy * Nikolai * possibly others who may join later

This game uses the 2.02 patch, and all DLC up through Apocalypse, including cosmetic DLC such as the Humanoid portrait and shipset pack.

Please note also that I will be cross-posting this game on the Paradox Stellaris AAR forum as well, as we did with the Calling of Nharr.


Artwork borrowed from Windows Central, but likely originally came from Bethesda

The first four paragraphs of the War Never Changes text was borrowed from the Fallout Wiki, but it is from the direct narration for Fallout 3 from the Man Himself, Ron Perlman.  The final two paragraphs are my own.



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Gameplay Setup


We are of course the Brotherhood of Steel, a Military Dictatorship that has heavy leanings toward technological achievement.  The Brotherhood also prefers the Laser and Plasma side of armaments, and tends to prefer Armor over Shields for defensive purposes, though they don't neglect any technological achievement, and will use shields, mass drivers and missiles as well.



Gameplay settings are modified from the default settings as shown below.  Wormhole and Gateway generation has been bumped to 1.25x as well.



Other races

When creating all of the races I tried to develop a decent mix of the various ethics available in Stellaris.  Some races were fairly easy to figure out based on the Fallout factions.  Others were not so easy.  Some, such as the Railroad from Fallout 4 I left out entirely as they had such a narrow focus, or were so similar to other races, that I just didn't want to include them.

Many of the factions have Militarist or Materialist leanings, so I made a conscious effort to include some races that were Pacifist or Spiritualist as well.  For all of the irradiates species such as the Ghouls or Deathclaws, they received the Post-Apocalyptic civic, but I did not want to give that civic to the human races (except for the Children of Atom for obvious reasons to those who have played Fallout) as I wanted there to be a bit more variety.  In the same vein I also gave the races a wide mix of planetary preferences that don't necessarily mesh with the faction itself.  I didn't want every race to Continental, because where is the fun in that?

Also you'll note the lack of Raiders as a race.  I was originally thinking to make them their own Stellaris race, but changed my mind.  We will already have two Marauder clans, as well as Pirates to deal with.  I think that adequately represents the threat of Raiders.


New California Republic

Human portrait -- Continental preference -- Homeworld:  Shady Sands -- Ruler:  President Aaron Kimball

Ethics:  Egalitarian / Militarist / Xenophile -- Government:  Democracy

Civics:  Citizen Service / Idealistic Foundation -- Traits:  Adaptive / Quick Learners / Wasteful


The Institute

Human portrait -- Alpine preference -- Homeworld:  The Institute --  Ruler: Director Shaun

Ethics:  Fanatic Materialist / Authoritarian -- Government: Oligarchic

Civics:  Mechanist / Technocracy --  Traits:  Intelligent / Talented / Natural Engineers / Sedentary / Weak

Other Notes:  emphasis on synthetic ascension


The Enclave

Human portrait -- Arid preference -- Homeworld:  Raven Rock --  Ruler: President John Henry Eden

Ethics:  Authoritarian / Materialist / Xenophobe -- Government:  Imperial

Civics:  Slaver Guilds / Police State -- Traits: Thrifty / Talented / Quick Learners / Decadent / Wasteful


The Minutemen

Human portrait -- Arctic preference -- Homeworld:  The Castle -- Ruler: General Preston Garvey

Ethics:  Fanatic Egalitarian / Xenophile -- Government:  Democracy

Civics:  Beacon of Liberty / Meritocracy -- Traits:  Industrious / Nomadic / Resilient / Deviants / Slow Learners


Caesar's Legion

Human portrait -- Arid preference -- Homeworld: Flagstaff --  Ruler:  Caesar Joshua Graham

Ethics: Militarist / Authoritarian / Xenophobe -- Government:  Dictatorial

Civics: Barbaric Despoilers / Warrior Culture -- Traits: Strong / Nomadic / Traditional / Fleeting


The Children of Atom

Human portrait -- Tundra (tomb) preference -- Homeworld: Megaton -- Ruler:  Mother Maya

Ethics: Spiritualist / Pacifist / Xenophobe -- Government:  Oligarchic

Civics:  Post Apocalyptic / Inward Perfection -- Traits:  Communal / Natural Sociologists / Traditional / Sedentary



Human portrait -- Tropical Preference -- Homeworld: Vault 108 -- Ruler:  Gary

Ethics:  Gestalt Hive Mind

Civics: One Mind / Subsumed Will -- Traits:  Adaptive / Rapid Breeders / Sedentary


The Bright Brotherhood

Humanoid, 1st row, 2nd from right portrait -- Continental (tomb) preference -- Homeworld:  REPCONN Test Site -- Ruler: Prophet Jason Bright

Ethics:  Fanatic Spiritualist / Pacifist -- Government:  Dictatorial

Civics: Post Apocalyptic / Philosopher King -- Traits: Venerable / Repugnant / Sedentary


Super Mutants

Mammalian 2nd row, 5th from left portrait -- Alpine (tomb) preference -- Homeworld:  Vault 87 -- Ruler: High Executioner Super Mutant Leader

Ethics:  Fanatic Mililtarist / Xenophobe -- Government: Imperial

Civics:  Post Apocalyptic / Warrior Culture -- Traits: Very Strong / Natural Sociologists / Repugnant / Quarrelsome



Roach portrait -- Arid (tomb) preference -- Homeworld: The Wasteland -- Ruler: Coordinator Obr-Lend

Ethics: Fanatic Pacifist / Egalitarian -- Government: Oligarchic

Civics: Post Apocalyptic / Environmentalist -- Traits: Agrarian / Enduring / Rapid Breeders / Sedentary / Solitary


Deathclaw Imperium

Reptilian, 1st row, 2nd from left portrait -- Savanna (tomb) preference -- Homeworld: Sanctuary -- Ruler:  Matriarch Frolaxen

Ethics: Fanatic Xenophobe / Militarist -- Government: Imperial

Civics: Post Apocalyptic / Fanatic Purifiers -- Traits: Very Strong / Talented / Slow Breeders / Repugnant


Mirelurk Swarm

Arthropoid, 2nd row, far right -- Ocean preference -- Homeworld:  Anchorage Memorial -- Ruler:  Queen Ev-Li

Ethics:  Gestalt Hive Mind

Civics: Devouring Swarm / Pooled Knowledge -- Traits: Industrious / Natural Sociologists / Slow Learners


RobCo Industries

Machine, 2nd from left Portait -- Tundra preference -- Homeworld:  RobCo Facility -- Ruler: Proprietor Robert House

Ethics: Gestalt Robot

Civics: Rogue Servitor / Delegated Functions -- Traits:  Enhanced Memory / Learning Algorithms / Emotion Emulators / Luxurious / Bulky

Other notes:  Human bio-trophies


Diamond City

Human portrait -- Continental preference -- Homeworld: The Great Green Jewel -- Ruler:  Mayor McDonough

Ethics: Materialist / Egalitarian / Pacifist -- Government: Oligarchic

Civics: Corporate Dominion / Cutthroat Politics -- Traits: Thrifty / Charismatic / Talented / Weak / Deviants



Machine, 2nd from left Portait -- Arctic preference -- Homeworld:  Graygarden -- Ruler: Supervisor White

Ethics: Gestalt Robot

Civics: Rockbreakers / Zero-Waste Protocols -- Traits:  Power Drills /  Mass Produced / Durable / Luxurious


Galaxy News Radio

Human portrait -- Desert preference -- Homeworld: GNR Plaza -- Ruler: Broadcaster Three Dog

Ethics: Fanatic Xenophile / Materialist -- Government: Oligarchic

Civics: Free Haven / Meritocracy -- Traits: Thrifty / Charismatic / Natural Engineers / Weak / Sedentary


Artwork borrowed from The Fallout Wiki

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Chapter List

Coming soon




Artwork borrowed from Paste Magazine, but originally from Bethesda

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I see you started a thread on Paradox forums too. I can make sure all chapters are posted there from others than you and me, Roth, if no one else is on those forums (which I believe you are not?). :)

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Either you or me, doesn't matter.  I intend to threadmark the chapters there, as well as post in the chapter list links, both here and there.

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Please make sure that you post the Start Save, as well, so that if anyone wants to play along...

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16 minutes ago, E_T said:

Please make sure that you post the Start Save, as well, so that if anyone wants to play along...

Since I actually remembered to make one this time I can do that. :lol:

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Rhoth's First Turn (2200-2210) - Chapter 1


Earth may be a dead world now, but the Brotherhood survives.  Thrives even.  We have discovered a new home, a Savanna world larger than Earth, very near the brightest stars of the Galactic Core.  And unlike Earth we have our new planet Lost Hills all to ourselves.  There is no whiny NCR to bother us.  No Enclave.  No Vaults. 

The Brotherhood stands alone against the Tide, as we always have.

Unfortunately there are also no Deathclaws for target practice, but we will make do with other targets. 




We in the Brotherhood have always prided ourselves upon our technological superiority.  Back on Earth we were scavengers.  Dishonorable in the eyes of some perhaps, but effective nonetheless.  That nuke-blasted world left us no other choice but to scavenge for older tech.  Now, in our new home, we make our own way in the Galaxy and can not be content with mere scavenging.  Our scientists now pursue their own inspirations and ideas, instead of being content with scavenging older technology.  It is a much better system now.

We believe that there is other life out there, perhaps even some hailing from dead Earth.  We know we are not the only ones who escaped the death of that world.  Therefore we must pursue military matters aggressively.  We possess a small core of ships for our fleet.  They must be made better.  Our lasers; our armor.  If we are better than everyone else, we will be victorious.


[Rhoth's Notes]  I actually don't usually like to start the game researching ship tech if I can help it.  It's wildly unnecessary during the first 10 years since your fleet will remain parked at home the whole time until space pirates appear.  Even then, new ship tech won't help as much as having a larger fleet than the pirates.  But there weren't a whole lot of good choices for either Physics or Engineering (the labs for both came up in the first draw, for example, and I never start building beyond the basic labs until later in the game as it is wildly inefficient at the beginning of the game, especially when you need minerals far more than science early on.

So I went with ship tech.  And actually the ship techs that did appear were the two types that I envisioned the Brotherhood being enamored of based on their Fallout appearances.  They like their big guns, but they also really like laser weapons, plasma weapons, and being encased in a lot of armor.[/notes]


It's now the beginning of a new millennium.  A fresh start.  The orders have been signed off.  We are sending the BoSS Ambassador out to Map The Stars.  An Autochthon Monument to the life we once lived on Earth has also begun construction upon Lost Hills.

The rise of the Brotherhood of Steel begins now!


More to come later...

Artwork borrowed from DragonSpirit at DeviantArt


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  Rhoth's First Turn (2200-2210) - Chapter 2



Though we as a people knew that there was at least one other formerly habitable planet in the galaxy after our exodus from Earth, we did not know if there were any more other than Lost Hills.  The task of the BoSS Ambassador was to scour the galaxy and attempt to find other planets.  If we were to grow as a people we could no longer confine ourselves.  We limited ourselves to a single continent upon Earth.  After the exodus we limited ourselves to a single planet.  No longer.  The Brotherhood must expand beyond Lost Hills.  We must find worlds to colonize and spread the ideals of the Brotherhood across the galaxy.

So it was with joy that we almost immediately discovered a habitable planet in the system nearest to Lost Hills.  Though small and filled with treacherous sinkholes, Molbion III would provide a decent world to explore in the future.  But we could not rest here.  With the discovery of one habitable world out there we knew there must be more.


[Rhoth's Notes]  When I saw the size of the planet I was glad to discover it was actually one of our Tier 2 worlds (we're Savanna preference not Arid).  A size 12 Tier 1 world is about the worst thing to see right away.  It's only topped by discovering that your other guaranteed Tier 1 planet is size 14 since that IS the worst draw you can have from the RNG.  In any case, though we could easily live there, it certainly wouldn't be the first planet we would attempt to colonize. [/Notes]


As the BoSS Ambassador moved onward to Scorom we discovered a much greater prize.  Not only was Scorom III a much larger world than even Lost Hills, filled with natural resources and only a few of the treacherous sinkholes that plagued Molbion III, the system of Scorom itself was rich in natural resources.  There was much rejoicing across the land as it was immediately declared that Scorom III would be the second home of the Brotherhood in the near future.

And yet Scorom was also the catalyst for another monumental discovery.  Earth was not the only planet in the galaxy to spawn sapient life.  The Ambassador uncovered traces of an ancient precursor race known as the Yuht.  They apparently lived six million years ago.  Where did they go?  Did they destroy their own homeworld, as we did?  It is a question for another time.



[Rhoth's Notes]  I was quite pleased with a size 21 world.  From what I've seen you have two different draws for your two guaranteed Tier 1 planets.  One planet will be between sizes 12 and 18, while the other will be between sizes 14 and 24.  Size 21 was not the best it could be, but it was much better than it otherwise could have been.  I was quite satisfied with that, and the rest of Scorom easily made it my choice for the first system to be claimed.  Usually I tend to wait until I have a few systems surveyed before choosing my first claim, but this time it was obviously going to be Scorom first.  [/Notes]


With the success of the BoSS Ambassador in discovering new and exciting planets that would become Brotherhood homes in the future, a new ship was commissioned, the BoSS Khonsu and the most promising Brotherhood scientist was given a Scribe commission: to seek out new homes, as the Ambassador was doing.


[Rhoth's Notes]  I like getting a second science ship out as soon as it is possible.  I want to know about my surroundings before I start claiming too many systems.  If I only kept to one science ship and sent it one way, then I only have one choice.  But what if the systems on the other side are better, but I've already spent my Influence claiming systems that aren't as good?  I like to know where to go with my claims right away.

I've played enough 2.0x now that I have kind of a set start-up that works well for me.  Because you only start with 100 energy you can't hire a second scientist right away like you could in pre-2.0x (except for robot empires which start with 200 energy).  I usually start with a Monument/Temple to get the Unity rolling in quicker, and build a mining station around the mineral deposit in the capital system on day 1.  As soon as I have 100 minerals banked then I build a trading post on the starbase to increase my energy output by 4 (the best bang for your buck unless your leader has the Space Miner trait).  Once another 100 minerals are banked then it's time to build the second science ship, and by the time that's finished I'm usually up to 200 energy, enough to purchase a scientist to man the ship.

You'll also notice in the above picture that my food is dropping.  That's because I chose one of my farming pops to man the Autochthon Monument.  This early in the game there is no difference between having negative food and a tiny amount of food surplus, but there is a giant difference between having 3 Unity and 5 or 6 Unity.  Around the time you are about to drop to zero food is when the next pop grows, so it's ready made to place on the farm and start growing your food again.[/Notes]


More to come later...

Artwork borrowed from DragonSpirit at DeviantArt

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Interesting to pull off food, I usually do the same thing, but pull off the science tile.


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1 hour ago, Spaced Cowboy said:

Interesting to pull off food, I usually do the same thing, but pull off the science tile.


I've done that in the past, but I've found that pulling off of the food at this stage of the game has almost no effect on growth, while pulling off of science cuts your science rate by to 83% of what it was (roughly).  Since I don't prioritize building research stations in the early-game the base 5 science from the capital, the basic lab and whatever research station you start out with in your home system are about it for me for the first several years (unless I find a great anomaly like the +9 engineering anomaly from my Drakari game).

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i don't even know why I did not consider food.  Like you said, not important at this point.  Plus late game, my sectors always have some sort of strange food bias, to the point of stupidity.  I'm okay with a surplus and growth, but the sector AI can't get enough.

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Yeah I tend to prefer to keep a lid on my sector food growth too.  I keep my sectors on "respect tile resources" and "no redevelopment", and tend to set them to research focus so they'll build science labs on empty tiles.  But if I have too much of a food surplus then I'll overwrite food tiles with something else before my sector can get around to improving it with a farm (unless it's a 3 or 4 food tile already).

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  Rhoth's First Turn (2200-2210) - Chapter 3



The effort to launch the BoSS Khonsu provided nearly immediate dividends in our quest to find more habitable planets to expand our growth.  Not only did the Khonsu discover more evidence of the Yuht Empire, they also discovered another world similar to Lost Hills, though smaller, in the Meissa system to the galactic north of Lost Hills.  Though not rich with minerals, the planet might eventually prove to become a powerful research base.

The system itself appears to have been named by a fan of a relatively obscure late 20th century movie.  Something with a character named Binks I believe.  We shall have to rectify that unfortunate name when the planet is settled...



Meanwhile our efforts to grow larger are slowly gaining traction.  The Scorom system has been claimed in the name of the Brotherhood and efforts to begin mining operations on the various planets is now underway.  Surveys of the Gol system have also shown that the system is moderately rich in minerals and will likely be the next system to be claimed for the Brotherhood, as soon as the mining efforts in Scorom have begun.


[Rhoth's Notes]  Early on I tend to prioritize higher mineral systems if possible, as well as chokepoints depending on how far away they might be.  There is a natural chokepoint to the galactic east, Torell that is the gateway to another spiral, so that will almost certainly be claimed at some point.  The galactic northwest is a little more open though, and won't lend itself to chokepoints as easily. [/Notes]


Yet more evidence of the Yuht has been discovered in the Rotanev system, near Meissa.  These Yuht had definitely spread throughout this area of the galaxy.  There is no evidence so far to show it, but perhaps Lost Hills itself was once one of their outposts.  There are many planets in this area that are similar in composition to Lost Hills.  Perhaps the Yuht had similar preferences as the Brotherhood.


[Rhoth's Notes]  It's difficult to see at the edges of the pic, but the systems of Rotanev and Dorell both have 4 minerals apiece to eventually mine.  While none of the systems yet surveyed have had a large concentration of minerals, we've discovered several with a fair amount of minerals in each system.  It annoys me when I start up a game and all of the systems surrounding me are crap, with only a single energy production item.  Whenever that happens I feel like I'm wasting influence on these systems, but have no choice in the matter.

Also, there were a couple more anomalies that I did not post about.  They were the low level anomalies that give a flat bonus to one type of research, rather than providing a continuous bonus.  But the anomaly discovery bonuses I'd added with the Map the Stars edict and opening with the Discovery tradition tree were proving fruitful with several anomalies discovered already. [/Notes]


More to come later...

Artwork borrowed from DragonSpirit at DeviantArt

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Will try to update more tomorrow.  Been busy during the times I usually write, and the weekend was slammed too.

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  Rhoth's First Turn (2200-2210) - Chapter 4



There is definitely life in the galaxy, other than our own.  The BoSS Ambassador discovered this life in the Trijam system, nearly to their peril.  They are of the Brotherhood though, so they know well the dangers we face in our work for the betterment of humanity.  We are not yet certain what these hostile beings actually are, beyond the fact that they are organic.  A commission to study them was put forth, but deemed currently unnecessary.  We shall study them at some point, but for right now these beings were deemed less important than further study elsewhere.


[Rhoth's Notes]  I tend to put off any research into hostile organics at the start, not because of the technology I'm researching, but because of the high chance of finding other nations.  If you are researching the nature of one organic, you can't start on a second one in lieu of that research without removing the first one and wasting the months you put into it.  I deem the chance of a higher influence reward for first contact more valuable than the projects the hostile organics bring, solely because there is no time limit on those latter projects, while there is a significant difference (roughly 5 months worth at 3 influence gain, though it does vary) for being the first one to finis the first contact project. [/Rhoth's Notes]


With their survey route balked by the hostile organics, the BoSS Ambassador began to range further out, discovering a small hyperspace lane that appeared to lead toward the dark space at the edge of our galactic spiral.  Wonder of wonders though, the hyperspace lane actually led all the way to another galactic spiral.  Meanwhile the BoSS Khonsu continually discovered many new anomalies a little bit closer to home, including massive atmospheric storms in the Cormaggion system.



And yet among all of this scientific discovery and survey, the primary goal is still the growth of our way of life to other lands and systems.  With that came the news that we have claimed the Gol system, which would provide many more sources of mineral and energy with which to build and power the grand Brotherhood fleets that would be built in our future.


[Rhoth's Notes]  As Gol was already close to Scorom, and contained a fair amount of resources I chose that as our next claim.  Once the Torell system east of Gol was claimed then we would be able to lock down any entry into our spiral by possible denizens of the far spiral.  But meanwhile the systems on the other side of Meissa were starting to look tastier and tastier as well.  We still don't have a single system that has a large mineral wealth all by itself, but we have a lot of systems that have mid-range mineral wealth to go along with science and energy.  [/Notes]


More to come later...

Artwork borrowed from DragonSpirit at DeviantArt

Edited by Rhoth

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  Rhoth's First Turn (2200-2210) - Chapter 5



Though the current focus on the Brotherhood is upon Discovery and the development of superior technology, we have not forgotten about domestic matters either.  We have worked hard to unify all of our Brotherhood factions over the past few years.  In the past the Brotherhood chapters on the West Coast of North America did not necessarily see eye to eye with the leaders from the East Coast who espoused a more open relationship with those not of the Brotherhood, while the chapter near New Vegas completely isolated themselves in defiance of higher orders.

We are all part of the Brotherhood though, and many of the issues between the various chapters have been worked through.  Now we stand united in the pursuit of Brotherhood ideals.



While exploring the systems in our galactic east, the BoSS Ambassador has discovered many strange anomalies, including a ship submerged in a gas giant.  How it ended up inside of a planetary body one can only wonder.  Alas we were unable to attempt to raise it to study the technology in more detail. 

A short while later, in another system, the Ambassador happened upon the discovery of the remains of a gigantic skeleton, that could possibly provide great insight into various scientific discoveries, if we are able to establish a research outpost there someday.  Alas the system is quite far away from our current borders and it will be some time before we would be able to manage such an endeavor.



[Rhoth's Notes]  Expansion toward the west was beginning to look more and more appealing as we explored the systems there.  Cormaggion and Rotanev both contained a moderately high concentration of both minerals and science, while Meissa contained one of our tier 1 planets.   Toward the east, the systems between the two spirals contained a fair bit of energy, and was helped by the Gigantic Skeleton anomaly, but so far nothing worth pursuing heavily...[/Notes]


The Ambassador's remarkable run of discoveries continued apace as they soon discovered another planet much like our own Lost Hills in the Hemtares system.  Unfortunately the system is also home to more of the hostile organics we recently discovered in Trijam.


[Rhoth's Notes]  ...at least until we discovered a tier 1 planet.  Even if it's not large it would still be one to pursue, but it will take some time and a much larger navy because of the hostiles. [/Notes]


More to come later...

Artwork borrowed from DragonSpirit at DeviantArt

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  Rhoth's First Turn (2200-2210) - Chapter 6



It was time.  The Brotherhood must expand to other worlds if we are to survive and thrive.  A call for volunteers went out across Lost Hills and many have come forth, desiring to be among the first to settle on a planet that is not Earth or Lost Hills.

Our capital is named after the historic capital of the West Coast Brotherhood chapter, and where the Brotherhood was originally founded, back on Earth.  It is only fitting that with the various chapters reconciled now that we name our new colony after the capital of the East Coast Brotherhood.  Our new colony shall be known as The Citadel.

The Brotherhood shall thrive.


[Rhoth's Notes]  You can't tell from the picture, since there is no cursor showing, but I placed the initial settlement location down upon the energy tile between three food tiles.  There was no place where we would be able to gain all four adjacency effects on food, minerals or energy, so I chose the tile where we would get the most effect. 

If someone else down the line prefers to move the location of the initial settlement once we have cleared a few blockers, and before we build the Planetary Capital, then that doesn't cost anything except some time, but I still don't think we can get four adjacency effects without suppressing a natural tile yield.  I rarely move my initial settlement once it's down, but it is a valid strategy if there is a great tile that is currently covered by a blocker.[/Notes]


The BoSS Ambassador continues to find much in the way of natural mineral wealth and discoveries that will further our scientific accomplishments in the systems to the galactic east, if we can but claim them.


[Rhoth's Notes]  First the giant skeleton in the Hithram system and now Swirling Shadows in the Mothellum system.  Mothellum would prove to have a solid bit of mineral wealth, some energy and a future resource.  A one society/one engineering yield is always either Teldar or Yurantic Crystals, or Pitharan Dust.  In this case it's on an asteroid so it is certainly one of the crystal types as Pitharan doesn't show up on an asteroid (per the Stellaris wiki). 

You can also see the results a little closer to home with a solid, if unspectacular, mineral yield in the Bikhul system to the east of Meissa (partially blocked by the pop-up). [/Notes]


Though the populace as a whole waits with bated breath for the first new Brotherhood colony, our technological research continues as quickly as possible.  Our scientists have finished their research into both Blue Lasers and Ceramo-Metal Armor, which is only fitting.  The Brotherhood has long held a preference for laser and plasma weapons, and Power Armor, and outfitting our fleet with similar loadouts is only fitting.  Work has begun on the development of an Administrative AI, to ease some of the work the scientists must endure in their pursuit of discovery, and Afterburners to further improve our fleets.


[Rhoth's Notes]  In pre-2.0x I almost never used Afterburners.  Now that FTL speed is less important than sublight speed Afterburners has become my go-to for the utility slots.  I will occasionally use Regenerative Tissue if I have it (another item I almost never used before), but I still prefer Afterburners.  Now I almost never use Shield Capacitors anymore now that they have a different function (those are what I almost always used in pre-2.0x) since I tend to use more Armor than before, now that that works differently too. [/Notes]


More to come later...

Artwork borrowed from DragonSpirit at DeviantArt

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  Rhoth's First Turn (2200-2210) - Chapter 7



It was a dark day in Cormaggion when the Brotherhood discovered that we were not the only ones who had escaped from Earth decades ago.  Worse, the Institute, those synth-loving cowards were the ones we discovered.  Now they would be our neighbors once again.  We must not allow them any sway in the galaxy.




[Rhoth's Notes]  The original plan was to claim Rotanev first since it had a better overall yield than Saonus, but when contact was established I decided that I wanted to make sure we claimed Cormaggion before they could.  If I'd claimed Rotanev first we'd still be two systems away from Cormaggion, so I headed toward Saonus instead.  We can backfill Rotanev later. [/Notes]


With the discovery of the Institute close to our borders it was time to finally make full use of our technological discoveries and refit the fleet.  There are also rumblings of a few discontent citizens who have left our occupied space amongst threats of future violence toward us.  We must defend against all threats, both foreign and domestic.



[Rhoth's Notes]  So this was a bug in the fleet manager.  When I updated our corvette design to a new one, and renamed the corvette type, our existing fleet disappeared from the manager completely.  Usually it would still be there and available for upgrade to the new ship type, but not this time for some reason.  I eventually got around it by building a new, upgraded ship, and then joining the existing fleet to that ship, then upgrading it.

Also, I had previously hired a young Aggressive admiral for the fleet.  Now if he can just follow the track of one of my recent games where upon the first two level-ups the admiral gained some great free traits.  By level 3 that admiral had Aggressive, Gale-Speed and Trickster, which is in my opinion the trifecta of best admiral traits.[/Notes]


More alien hostiles have been discovered to the galactic East, in the Arich system.  The BoSS Ambassador continues to discovery many great systems in the adjoining spiral, though the planets protected by the aliens are not currently habitable for the Brotherhood.  With the appearance of the Institute, our march West will be halted, unless we declare war upon them.  But the East beckons...



[Rhoth's Notes]  And with that Cormaggion has been claimed.  It will be up to E_T to determine whether we attempt to claim any more systems near the Institute, or start heading East before those great systems are claimed by others, as well as filling in Rotanev and Bikhul.  The systems I've surveyed near the Institute aren't all that great so my preference would be East, but it's not up to me.

And now my turn is finished.  My apologies for taking so long.  I've been busy during the time I normally write updates, and then got sucked into some other games in the evening when I could have been writing about this one. [/Notes]


And on to another player...

Artwork borrowed from DragonSpirit at DeviantArt

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  Rhoth's First Turn (2200-2210) - The Save

I've attached the original start this time in case anyone wants to play from the beginning for an alternate start like Spaced did with the Calling of Nharr.



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Good job! I see you haven't posted the last two updates on the PIF, is that an oversight? :)


BTW, can you post the saves there too? I'm sure people would be interested to check out the game themselves there too!

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