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Continental Consciousness - 4 times Huge size map, After Action Report

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I played the Cybernetic Consciousness on a 128x256 map, a size I call "Giant". A Huge map is 64x128. I modded the world generation parameters in alphax.txt to produce big continents, so that the AI factions would have lots of room to grown in. It worked: even though I got a perfect start, they completed a lot of Secret Projects before I could even get the techs for them.

Eventually I did win though. Diplomatic Victory, 4930 votes FOR, 1599 votes AGAINST. I could have Transcended and chose not to, as I'm morally opposed to it. I was a few turns away from Economic Victory as well. Final score 4195 points, 389% Alpha Centauri Rating. Sounds impressive, don't know what it means.

So ended the 39th After Action Report I've written. It was by far the most epic, and it may be the last one of that size I ever write. I can think of play tactics I'd do differently, but I'm not sure I'd take quite so much time to write about them. The game took me eight days and I played more than full time. I could have collected 2 paychecks producing this AAR, not calculating overtime pay. If you have any interest I suggest you take a look, because you're not likely to see something this long again. It's the AAR equivalent of playing Space Invaders until you drop dead.

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