The Calling of Nharr - Stellaris Succession Game AAR

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Also, finished research on Holotemple.  Starting research on Sacred Nexus.

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September 2303:

- We've caught up to our allies in technology!  Tech income has improved substantially and the expansion of our power production means that I'm able to re-purpose at least some land from power production to research.

- Building holotemples across the empire has also greatly improved our unity income.  We're now only 1 tradition short of finishing off the research tree.

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June 2304: Finished Fortress research. Started Mining Network IV & V research.

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Late September 2306: Damn it.  This is how things went horribly last time.  The Tebadoran Combine has declared war on the Jas'Gavaz Hierarchy.  If things go according to script, the Ymacera will now sense our weakness and declare war.

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It's now May 2307, but I need to help put the kids to bed.

We're right on the cusp of Zero-Point Reactors as well as Mining Network IV & V, so I'm trying to stockpile minerals for the fleet upgrades and expansion to our mineral income.

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June 2307: Finished off Zero Point Reactors and started on Satramene Gas (resource for +10% Ethics Attraction).  It's a quick research one to get out of the way and see what other options pop up for us.

October 2307: Finished upgrading the fleet with zero-point reactors.  Finished Mining Network IV & V.  Starting Battleship Assembly Yards.  The sector governor in Highness started colonization of Alphecca 1a (the last non-frozen world to be colonized in our territory).

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February 2308: Finished research on Sacred Nexus (3rd level temples).  Started research on another +10% in fleet capacity (which would be rather handy for building more battleships to complete the fleet composition).

June 2308: Finished research on Satramene Gas.  Started research on Shield Capacitor.

Working on building the level 3 temples on as many planets as possible while also building out the level 4 & 5 mines.

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June 2309: Colony established on Alphecca 1a (renamed 'Grraw' by the sector governor).  Expanding this new colony's starbase should allow us to expand our fleet (along with the fleet cap tech we're researching).

October 2309: Finished Shield Capacitor research (which should come in handed added to our warship designs).  Started Blue Laser (only 7 months, should get the next High Inquisitor better options).  Started refit of some (not all) battleship & cruiser designs to add shield capacitors (next High Inquisitor is free to re-evaluate the mix of shield capacitors vs afterburners, seeing as shield capacitors are more energy hungry).

November 2309: Finished Battleship Assembly Yards research (and started building one above Rethellia).  Started Kinetic Artillery research (finally!!!).

December 3rd, 2309:  High Inquisitor Zarakh's term is finally at an end.  The election of a new High Inquisitor is upon us:


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Unfinished plans (for consideration of the next leader)...

- Built up the cruisers in the fleet (taking advantage of the leader ability, plus we clearly didn't have enough of them).  Also some destroyers and corvettes.  The fleet is now shy of battleships.  With the battleship assembly yard coming online in a couple months and minerals to spare (courtesy of all of the economic development), I'd highly recommend focusing on building additional battleships.  With naval capacity research almost done and a new colony available to build up its starbase capacity, we should have some extra cap to devote to it.

Beyond that, we need to keep pushing tech.  We're right on the cusp between "Equivalent" and "Inferior" behind our allies, though I suspect still a good bit behind the Ymacera (who are already fielding fleets filled with plasma cannons, disruptors, and proton torpedoes).  The new research on kinetic artillery may help to give us a fleet upgrade when it's done, but we really need better tech for penetrating hull (plasma cannons would be ideal).

As for geopolitics, our defensive alliance with the Qell and the other ally (blanking on the name at the moment) are highly useful, but they can't reliably reach us through neutral (unfriendly) territory.  A federation may or may not be better than the current defensive alliance, though the additional fleet might be decent (though if it's on the far side of the galaxy and our own fleet cap is lowered, that's not much help).

Not much else to add at the moment.  Best of luck!

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Still on my anniversary weekend so it will be at least until tomorrow evening before I can start my turn.

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A Look Around - Rhoth's 2nd turn Part 1

First I'll spend a few pictures on a recap of where we are.  Currently our nations is split in two because of the aggression of the Ymacera in conquering the Ess-Jaggon territory, and then becoming hostile toward us.  It makes a few things more difficult as right now the only way we can get our fleet to the Sol sector is if we're at war with the Ymacera.  At least our fleet is all in one spot.

The Ymacera are obviously our biggest threat right now, buoyed by their defensive alliance with the K'Taknor Kingdom (who unfortunately uses the same color as us), but the orange Federation to the north (comprises of the Combine of Syldus and the Screk High Kingdom) is also a large threat and also dislikes us greatly.  Right now, the reason we probably have not been declared on by that Federation is because of our defensive alliance with the much-superior Tebadorans to the east (the blue guys in the upper right of the first picture).  Unfortunately we don't have a clear path to the Tebadorans right now, or the friendly Qells (the brown nation to the right in the second picture), because of the hatred from the orange Federation.

From the second pic you can also see we are paying a lot of influence to run two edicts, but both of them are absolutely necessary.  We need the bonus fleet cap from The Grand Fleet as we are already over fleet cap even with the edict, and Droning Optimizations is pretty much a no-brainer to run whenever possible as minerals are king.  Luckily our largest faction is happy (the Conclave of the True Gospel, our religious faction), as is our peacenik faction.  What?  We have a peacenik faction?  We're militarists!  This can't be right.  But yep, our peacenik faction even has more members than our militarist faction, and both have less members than our xenophile faction.  This will not be tolerated.  We're the Calling Of Nharr.  Our mandate is to spread the worship of Nharr through war, not sit back and let the peaceniks and xenophiles take over.





Unfortunately for the militarist faction, the current galactic political structure of alliances has prevented us from expanding more.  We have already settled all planets in our borders except one (currently settleable by humans from Sol, but with massive happiness penalties due to it being the wrong habitability).  Some of our current settlements are also quite unhappy because of the habitability cap.  Unfortunately a few desert worlds were settled by our ocean-going Nharrs instead of our desert-dwelling uplilfted race, the Yeon.  I'm hoping those were settled before we gained the use of the Yeon, or because we couldn't get the Yeon over to that area (because of the Ymacera split), and that it wasn't just an oversight.  Either way, we need to let the Yeon move to the desert worlds so the prohibition on resettlement was removed.  Our relatively new settlement in Esmyke (in the Highness sector) would be especially useful to have Yeons arrive as it has Betharian stone and several other energy producing tiles, and the Yeons have a bonus to energy production.  Building up that planet and getting Yeons to arrive would go a ways in helping quell our energy problems.

As for tech I did a quick movement of scientists as our Materials specialist was doing Society research instead of helping with the Kinetic Artillery, and our Military Theory specialist was not working on the Fleet Doctrine.  We absolutely need both as quickly as possible.  The Kinetic Artillery are a big upgrade for our Cruiser-Killer battleship class, as well as our Ship-Of-The-Line cruiser class, and obviously we need a higher fleet cap as soon as possible.  Researching the Blue Lasers would also allow us to eventually research Plasma guns, which would go very well with our future Kinetic Artillery.



And finally our new ruler.  I declined to choose the new ruler and abstained, as I didn't want to waste much of the rest of our dwindling influence on an election.  If I had chosen I would have chosen Cax, the current governor of the Sol sector, both because his specialty was a fleet cap growth modifier, and because he was certain to not die during my reign, as was the slight possibility with the re-election of Zarakh.  As it turned out Cax won anyway, so I was doubly glad I didn't waste the 200 influence to secure the guy I wanted.




More to come later...

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Small Tweaks - Rhoth's 2nd turn Part 2

Because our governors are super cheap there was no reason not to immediately hire a new governor for the Sol sector.  Not only would it help boost the output of the sector, but we needed to start training some new governors as Moz, the existing governor of the Core sector, was getting up there in age.  I chose Xirgliss, the retired fleet officer for a good reason.  We'd soon have a higher fleet cap once our Fleet Doctrine tech finished, and we would need to build battleships.  Our mineral production is actually not all that stellar right now (nor is our energy production, which was why I wanted to turn Esmyke into an energy production planet).  We need to save as many minerals as possible right now, which means a bit of micro-ing.  Moving Xirgliss to the Core sector every time I want to build a battleship meant it would only cost 1066 minerals, as opposed to 1208.  That's nearly a full month of mineral gain saved.



For the same reason I also removed the battleship assembly yards from the queue in Rethellia and replaced it with an Engineering Bay.   Previously the assembly yards reduced the cost of the ship, but that was nerfed a while back and the assembly yards now only increase the speed at which a ship is built.  Right now, with our energy woes we don't need battleships faster at the cost of 4 energy maintenance.  We need battleships with 5% less upkeep.

My final ship-based tweak was to improve the combat capability of our Carrier-class battleships with Amoeba Flagella, as opposed to the Scout Wings we were using.  With no other types of strike craft researched there was no reason not to use the Amoeba, which were a clear upgrade.




And the last thing I did before really starting was to force-re-settle a pop onto Hisch (the planet in the Esmyke system) in order to get its Planetary Administration building built sooner so that we could build the Betharian power plant and get that up and running to help our beleaguered energy.



Soon after starting the clock rolling I made the next decision on traditions.  I felt I had a choice to make.  We could either finish the Discovery tree which would give +10% to all research as well as giving extra unity for the four science ships that were assisting research, or we could finish the Exploration Tree and take back control of two planets from the Highness sector (so those two would be full producers, and not have 25% going to the sector).  While the latter was certainly intriguing as I wanted to make Hisch an energy production planet without having to fight the sector governor, it was really a no-brainer to finish the Discovery tree and gain the extra research boost and unity.  Because of the skill level of our scientists that gained us nearly 40 points per month of unity.

Speaking of sectors, I also revised both sectors so that they would not build their own defense stations and other space construction, and so that they would not redevelop an already developed tile.  Not sure who turned those on like that, but I consider it blasphemy to give sectors that much autonomy. :p



More to come later...

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The Build-Up - Rhoth's 2nd turn Part 3

With the Fleet Doctrine tech finished and our new ruler boosting fleet cap, we now had quite a bit of room to upgrade the fleet with new battleships.  It would be costly though, and we needed more energy production soon too.  With that in mind I pursued Orbital Hydroponic Farms as our next society tech.  Not only would it be super quick this late in the game, but it would allow us to place nearly 40 food production onto spaceports, which would free up some of the lesser food tiles on the planets (the ones that were only worth 3 food with a hydroponic farm) for energy or mineral production.  It would mean a small bit of redevelopment, but that's the reason why I always restrict my sectors from doing the redeveloping on their own.  I want to be the one who chooses what, where and when to redevelop.  Oh and I also switched a scientist over so one of our geniuses was running society research for a bit, since our Biologist was also our Materials specialist and still working on the important Kinetic Artillery.

When the Orbital Farm research finished I switched back to a Fleet Doctrine tech for more fleet cap, and switched my genius out for the Military Theory specialist.  I was quite happy we had so many different types of science specialists, and during this time two of our scientists leveled up and both gained new traits (one Maniacal and one Statecraft).  Having a wealth of +15% research specialists, and all of them of high levels thanks to our long-lived-now-not-turtles-thanks-to-the-Worm, as opposed to just using the +10% to everything geniuses.  A little more micro this way, but I find it to be part of the fun.




And speaking of the Worm, we had no Loop Institute to study it.  I asked Arne about it and he didn't realize this, so I'm assuming GK and and Spaced didn't realize either, but in order to continue the Horizon Signal event chain you need to research and build a Loop Institute somewhere on one of your planets.  This is probably what trips up a lot of people that aren't familiar with it, as there is no direction that says you need to build one.  It doesn't come up in the planner at all saying "hey you need this to continue the event chain".

It doesn't have to be the capital, but you do need a Loop Institute somewhere.  And it's actually a pretty good improvement anyway with the +8 base society research and happiness boost.  I chose to develop it on a crappy food tile on Zichlash in the Yon system (one of the planets I wanted to take over from sector control eventually).  I'd actually probably want to build more Loop Institutes elsewhere too, but I kind of got distracted a bit later on.  Maybe someone else will build more.  You only need the one to continue the event chain to the next stage though.


And that next stage came up right after I finished research on Hyper Shields for our ships.  Researching (and then building on your capital planet) an Omega Alignment is another of those steps that is not detailed on the planner, but has to happen to continue the Horizon Signal.



While all of this Horizon Signal stuff was going on I was also quietly upgrading our fleet with new battleships.  Every time it was time to build one I'd move our retired admiral governor over to the Core sector, queue up a battleship, then move him back to Sol since we needed our regular Core sector governor to remain in power because of his level that boosted the Core sector output.  Without him in charge then our energy production would shoot down to negative numbers per month.  I was really hopeful that he wouldn't die any time soon, because he was definitely getting on in age.

To facilitate some of our new battleships, I re-upped some deals with our friendlier neighbors, selling off our extra strategic resources for upfront minerals as opposed to minerals per turn.  This was done in part because I wanted the minerals now to build battleships, but also because in the case of one of the trade partners, the K'Taknor, they were a defensive ally of our rivals the Ymacera and if they ended up attacking us then we'd have already gotten their minerals.



Another way to save precious minerals was to research the Refill Standards Doctrine, which would be very quick.  With the newly researched Hyper Shields and the Kinetic Artillery coming in 6 months we'd have a lot of upgrades ready for our ships.  Combined with the Grand Fleet edict we were running this would save us a small bundle of minerals, which were still in short supply.   It was difficult to continually pass on the cheaper war demands and cheaper leaders society techs, but we needed more fleet, cheaper fleet upgrades, and the orbital hydroponics (which had now been implemented in most of the spaceports).



It was also time to give our fleet a different type of upgrade and hire an Aggressive admiral.  Though he wasn't the youngest leader available I consider Aggressive to be one of the two best admiral traits (the other being Gale Speed), and actually better for me for later game fleets since I usually go battleship-heavy in the later game.  Our current admirals had no work to do and were both also level 1 so there were no worries there about using a level 1 admiral instead of a highly promoted admiral (which have their own fire rate boosts).  Plus our primary admiral had the Unyielding trait.  That's fine for when you know you're going to win a battle with no issues, but if you're not sure you can win a battle then that trait could end up costing you your entire fleet since you can't retreat.  I did leave our Unyielding admiral in charge while in port, since he also had the Fleet Logistician trait to help our bottom line, but as soon as we were at war then our new admiral would be in charge.



And then we finished research of Kinetic Artillery and I finally did my round of ship upgrade pre-work.  I removed the Auto-Upgrades, since sometimes they end up upgrading to something I don't want.  As usual I prefer to control it myself (so anyone who comes after me and likes the Auto-Upgrades you'll need to turn it back on).

All of our ships were upgraded to new shields, our destroyers, and half of our carriers were upgraded with flak batteries (higher tracking) instead of barrier PD (most of our visuals on enemies point to them using swarm missiles), changing out the afterburners for shield capacitors on our cruisers, and replacing all of our large weapons with Kinetic Artillery.





More to come later...

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Never researched loop institute, was trying to play the diplo game and rebalance things too much.  Arn I believe did research it, so ya, definately need one to continue the chain.  

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An Opportunity - Rhoth's 2nd turn Part 4

With the completion of the Refit Standards Doctrine a succession of rare techs appeared for me, starting with the Galactic Stock Exchange, a very necessary tech with our energy woes.   The next stage of the build-up was to actually refit all those ships with their new shields and guns.  I measured the "strength gain" and when complete our upgrades added an extra 20% to our fleet strength.

The important thing though was the Screk High Kingdom (part of the orange federation) declared war on the Ess Jaggon Imperium, which was protected by the K'Takons (the defensive ally of the Ymacera).  Now here was a potential opening.  Either the federation would get weaker, or the Ymacera ally would get weaker, or preferably both.  No matter what, as long as they actually tangled and didn't dance around, then this could only be good for us.

I ended up paying the Ess Jaggons for another 30 years of sensor link, just so I could see what was happening with the war because I wanted to keep a very close eye on it.




I was able to get current information on the armaments composition of both nations, though that didn't end up helping as much as I'd hoped.  Both were running a mixture of weapon types.  The K'taknors were running lasers, plasma, disruptors and whirlwind missiles, while the Screks had a slighlty similar armament but with carrier battleships and mega cannons.  They had roughly similar strength numbers, but the Screks still had their other federation member as well as the federation fleet that had not made an appearance yet, while the Ess Jaggons could only field about 11k.  I later learned that the federation fleet was sporting Particle Lances.

No matter what, it did reinforce that we wanted to keep our flak artillery loaded in our destroyers and carriers.





The other primary item that happened in 2314 (five years after Cax took office) was that we finished another tradition tree.  Last time I chose to finish the Discovery tree and it was the correct choice I believe.  This time I chose to finish out the Exploration tree to gain the extra two core sector worlds.  I immediately removed the planets in the Yon and Esmyke system.  Zichash in the Yon system was more built up, but it was a large planet and I wanted the full effects from it.   The other was the planet I was grooming to be an energy producer and wanted more complete control for that.  It no longer costs influence to remove from a sector, so that's nice.  And if we wanted we can always put the planets back if necessary.



We soon started research on our own Mega Cannons, though at this point it was more because they were necessary in order to reach Giga Cannons.  Two Kinetic Artillery actually has more damage potential than a single Mega Cannon, though the Mega Cannons have greater range and accuracy.  A Giga Cannon though is only slightly less damaging than two Kinetic Artillery and has the same better range and accuracy as the Mega Cannon.

It would be a while before we finished any of our current research though.



Unfortunately the Screk war was going nowhere for a while.  The K'Takons reinforced the Ess Jaggon capital, but went no further, and the Screks had not made their way south yet.  It was a stalemate, which meant nothing good had happened yet.



More to come later...

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The two desert worlds in the highness sector were both settled by the sector governor, actually.   I had hoped to bring Yeon colonists over there, but couldn't get them through.  I was inclined to give up on t he project until the next war (figuring I could escort 2 colonists over while disracting the enemy with our main fleet elsewhere), but the AI governors settled it before I could get around to that.

We don't have resettlement permitted right now, but that might be worth considering - at least temporarily - to get some Yeon over where we need them.

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3 minutes ago, Arnelos said:

The two desert worlds in the highness sector were both settled by the sector governor, actually.   I had hoped to bring Yeon colonists over there, but couldn't get them through.  I was inclined to give up on t he project until the next war (figuring I could escort 2 colonists over while disracting the enemy with our main fleet elsewhere), but the AI governors settled it before I could get around to that.

We don't have resettlement permitted right now, but that might be worth considering - at least temporarily - to get some Yeon over where we need them.

Ah that explains it.  That's part of why I don't allow sectors to settle or build space construction.

I did change the law to permit resettlement and started getting Yeons over there.  They were quite helpful with their bonuses to energy production.

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As for re-development for the sector governors, I also turned that off!  I wonder if that's something that gets automatically re-activated somehow in passing the save.  We probably need to double-check that crap every now and then, just to be sure.

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What Was Shall Be - Rhoth's 2nd turn Part 5

I realized we only had two rivalries going, one with the Ymacera, and one with the Screk.  Since our other neighbor, the Syldaeans, already hated us and was in a federation with the Screk there was no reason not to rival them for the .6 influence gain.  Plus it also pleased our under-represented militarist faction to have three close rivals.



I also continued trading away our excess resources any time the opportunity came up.  I preferred trading with our defensive ally the Tebadorans whenever possible, and garnered an extra 2200 - 2400 minerals for 30 years of the resource each time.  I then used those minerals to continue bulking up our fleet as well as working on building up Esmyke for energy production to offset the greater loss from the larger fleet.  Battleships can be costly.



With the Omega Alignment finished another rare tech popped up, the Interplanetary Research Initiative.  A good one to have.  I started building the Omega Alignment on our capital, overwriting the weakest food tile we had. 



Perhaps we could love the Worm.  Is the Worm Nharr?  We must find out.  The entry point was soon generated




We consent!






And the Worm...Nharr...entered our plane of existence and changed the Nharrians once more.  Rethell became a black hole, but now all who lived in Rethellia could withstand the gravitational pull.  And several planets in the Rethell system became tomb worlds inhabitable by our Rethellian Nharrs.  Also the alpine world in the Sol sector was inhabitable by the Rethellian Nharrs (to the tune of 55%) though they won't be able to get there until we do something about the Ymacera.

There was one downside of course.  Our religious faction doesn't like the fact that we are now settled on a tomb world, so we lost the influence gain from them.  However I thought it was absolutely necessary to gain more planets to settle and grow our nation.  Normally when I reach a certain point I like to start settling Habitats in order to fix any energy issues I might have at the time, but that's not an option in this game as its vanilla.  We also can't really expand outward at the moment as our two neighbors are both larger and stronger than us at the moment, and the federation war was going nowhere fast.  We needed more planets.  The unfortunate thing was that we didn't get LARGE planets.  In the past I've gotten several size 20 and above planets from the Horizon Signal.  This time it wasn't so great.  But still...four more planets is four more planets.  We need both the mineral and energy production to grow, and the higher fleet cap from building four more spaceports.



A colony ship to settle the tomb world of Xortesh was quickly put forth and soon we'd have more Nharrians growing in the black hole of Rethell.  One of the interesting things about the new tomb worlds is that they are often completely barren unless they had minerals or science that was previously minable (Habitats are like that too).  Which means they can be easily tasked to any production type you want without feeling like you need to preserve the existing tile output if it's not one you want.  Xortesh would be tasked for energy production (and a temple to Worm-Nharr), while Cirtish would be tasked for mineral production (and a temple to Worm-Nharr).  The final two would be tasked as they were settled, though now that our influence gain was no longer quite as high and we had a rash of scientists die and need replacement, we would need to be careful with our influence.




More to come later...

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Fortune Favors... - Rhoth's 2nd turn Part 6

The research into a Galactic Stock Exchange was finished and another rare technology came up: the Ministry of Benevolence.  Not quite as useful, but still its something that should be researched when it comes up.  Meanwhile we used yet more of our dwindling influence to build the Galactic Stock Exchange on our capital for the +10% empire-wide boost to energy production.



And then it happened.  The Screks and the K'Taknors finally started tangling.  I was actually rooting for the K'Taknors to beat the Screks, but they started losing the battle.  But the Screks were down to only battleships, which can potentially be bad if they're getting focus-fired by a lot of ships at a time.  The Screks ended up retreating despite technically still having a larger fleet





I spent a lot of time pondering what to do right here.  The Screks still had a fleet, but it had been heavily damaged by the K'taknors (and further by the retreat) and all of their support ships were gone.  I now had vision on the Syldaean ships, and they had overall less fleet strength than us, and their weapons loadout was widely scattered (not necessarily a bad thing) as opposed to ours which was completely focused on mass driver damage with a few carriers and some torpedo boats. 



Should I attack the Syldaeans?  Could I take one or more of their planets before their fleet returned from the west?  What would happen if we tangled?  Would the Ymacera decide to attack us if we started a war in the north?  Would that be the end of us completely if we were in wars with more powerful nations both in the north and south?

I brought our ships and many of our attack armies (now promoted with the psi warriors attachment) up to the north in preparation.  Taking the fleet out of port immediately set us down into negative energy flow, but we had over 4k built up, and our two sectors could be drained as well (though it cost the full 100 influence to drain one since it would be an offensive war). 

And still I pondered for a while.  No one else would join an offensive war for us (no one that could provide any actual fleet of consequence that is, as the Tebadorans weren't even an option to ask).  It would just be us against a federation, one of whose members was bigger and until recently had a much larger fleet, while the other had a fleet only a bit smaller than ours.

Would I be dooming us?

**** it let's go...



More to come later...

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The War, part 1 - Rhoth's 2nd turn Part 7

The first target was the closest occupied system of Horschim, which was also the planet we wanted the most out of any peace deal as taking it would mean that the Syldaeans could no longer prevent us from reaching the Qells (though I realized later that Syldaeans actually hold another chokepoint off to the east that will still block us from reaching the Tebadorans).

Horschim fell quickly, about 4 months after the start of the war.  I quickly headed toward the Syldaean capital of Syldus.  Combined with the previous battle over Horschim and our new admiral Cathlox gained his first level advancement.  Every level means a better fire rate so it's important to have highly advanced admirals.  Fire rate is a key part of a strong navy.



It was time to choose our next tradition.  There were plenty of choices.  The Supremacy tree already had a few unlocks finished, and it has a +15% boost to fire rate as the finisher.  I decided to keep going through that tree rather than the Harmony tree (+20 leader lifespan would be really good though) and chose to improve our army damage.  We have a lot of armies so that wasn't completely necessary, but the other perk was for cheaper war demands and I'd already started the war.



With me working on assaulting their capital the Syldaean navy finally took notice and began to head back toward their home, with the intent of taking back Horschim.  By now I had about 10k fleet power more than them, but I wasn't super ready to attack them.  Their federation fleet and federation ally were still out there too, and there was always the possibility that the Ymacera would sense weakness.

Luckily for me though the federation fleet managed to get itself knocked down a few pegs in a fight against the Ess Jaggons, which was helpful.  Less ships for me to have to worry about.

Then nearly 10 months after the start of the war I captured the Syldaean capital.  Things were moving well so far, but would that continue?




After finishing out the battle for the Syldaean capital I headed west toward the Raxum system which contained two of their planets.  Meanwhile the Screk showed up again.  They are still heavily damaged but have a powerful fleet roughly equal to our own.  But they were still somewhat focused on the war they had started, which was part of what I'd hoped for when I declared the war.



I went on to capture the first of the planets in the Raxum system, while the Syldaeans spent time trying to reclaim their capital.  I decided to let them as I didn't want to fight their navy yet.  I was hoping that they would then leave much of their army troops still in the capital and then I could come annihilate it that way.  If they don't have an army that can capture a planet then often their navy will just sit around bombarding a planet and not do anything else.  Unfortunately that didn't happen as they brought all their army with them when they headed south to Horschim.

That was kind of odd.  After I had taken the planet they flew in a construction ship and built a full-on fortress, not just a petty little speed bump.  I definitely didn't want to try to take that one out, as while I had far more power it would cost me ships.  I had to let them retake Horschim with little fight, and proceeded to lose the 8 armies I'd left there before they built that fort.  Things weren't looking quite as rosy now.



While the Syldaeans were busy in Horschim I took the second of the Raxum planets and then headed back to their capital with the intent to try to take it again if possible.  I'd lost sight of their navy with the loss of Horschim, which bothered me a bit, until I saw it heading for my own territory.  This would not do at all.  Maybe it was time to go try to smash their navy, before the Screks decided to join in.  I pondered it, but ultimately decided to finish taking their capital back instead.




That ended up proving to be a boon as it lured the Syldaean navy back to their territory, with their transport ships following a little bit behind.  I was originally going to finally pull the trigger on attacking their navy, but by a stroke of luck their faster movement in their own territory allowed their navy to escape my trap.

But their transport fleet walked right into it.  They managed to escape, but they had fewer armies now, and it meant that for a while I didn't have to worry about their navy in orbit over their capital as it sat there bombarding with no troops to occupy the planet.  Things were looking up again.



More to come later...

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The War, part 2 - Rhoth's 2nd turn Part 8

While looking around while trying to sell terraforming liquids we'd picked up (no one was interested) I discovered that the Jaz'Gavaz held an extra source of Teldar Crystals.  These are the resource that boosts mass drivers...the gun type that comprises about 90% of our navy.  I gave them everything they wanted for it.  Combined with Cathlox going up another level for more fire rate our navy was looking pretty good now.



With the Syldaean fleet cooling their heels over their capital I moved east to Saoezuno, but I kind of managed to mess that up a bit, which cost some time.  I bombarded the planet down to near zero and then left a single battleship in orbit, or at least so I had thought as the defenses started growing again.  I then tried to capture the planet with only half of my remaining ground troops that were in the area, having left the other half in Sylda Prime.  I failed.  We didn't lose any troops as I retreated before that happened, but it did end up costing me time as I had to bring my fleet back to bombard the planet again, as well as bringing up more ground troops from Rethellia.



I haven't really talked about domestic matters much since the war started, but we received some events from our new tomb worlds.  One involved clearing space debris (gave 500 minerals, handy) and the other involved an 8 point physics research particle accelerator appearing on the planet.  Not bad.  I had originally intended to settle all 4 planets, but because our influence gain was now so small I didn't want to risk going under 100 in case I needed to drain some emergency funds from a sector.  Our energy was still decent, but the reserve had now fallen to just under half of where it was at the start of the war, and the war wasn't close to ending.

In the same vein, even though we finished researching both the Ministry of Benevolence and the Research Lab, I did not build either one yet as they both require 85 influence in addition to the mineral cost.  I wanted to build the Research Lab, but it needed to wait.  On the plus side though we were 8 turns away from the 3rd tier of Hyperdrives, and 26 turns away from Giga Cannons.  I had put together a new battleship class, the battlecruiser, which contained a slot for XL weapons, and started to build a few of those with the intention of future upgrades to the Giga Cannon.




After the first hiccup in Saoezuno I made sure that this time I had plenty of ground forces for the attack, as well as leaving my fleet in orbit until it was done.  Saoezuno was definitely one I wanted to take in the peace deal as it was nearly a full size planet and would be great to own.

And just as importantly we made it to the threshold of white peace.  As long as we didn't start losing the occupations then no matter what we could get out of the war.  I definitely didn't want white peace though.  I'd already spent quite a bit of extra energy and minerals on upkeep costs for being out of port and I wanted to beat the Syldaeans.




Another boon of the war was reverse engineering some of the Syldaean technology.  It wasn't much at first, and I wasn't able to gain any from Horschim, but it was a start.  We had yet to actually tangle with the Syldaean navy, which was why there weren't any weapons in the tech haul.



And then things changed when the Screks showed up with a navy to match my own and a 9 star admiral with a fire rate trait.  Hmm...



More to come later...

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