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Good news....date night went well......

And tomorrow I am "working from home." ;)

Hopefully I can make some more progress.

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We probably don't need an AAR from date night. :buttdance:

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I think I have a little too much info on what Rhoth does on his date nights..... :buttdance: indead.


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Transition 2 of the Calling – Spaced Cowboy's 1st Turn Part 4

Nharr-Nharr Binks' renamed science vessel "The Founding" has found something...something...


One of our old admirals is calling us.  "Lesa see whasa he wants."

In other news, one of the empires SE of us got wiped.


Interesting little conversation, basically 3 research gains then ship went hostile and all Nharr-Nharr had nearby was a science ship (who bailed).  He started building 4 corvettes at Sol to handle the threat.





Nharr-Nharr has a defensive pact with one empire and now that empire has another defensive pact with someone else.  Luckily, he did not end the pact with Nharr-Nharr.


Then our ally entered another non-aggression pact with our neighbor to the north (which he broke a few years earlier).


One of our science vessels found an Irassian artifact.


Something about a messenger...what was it?  Nharr-Nharr say, "I donna know at this point, Imma just pressin buttons."


"More betta research...yeah!"


So the ship did not complete construction in time to challenge the old admiral, so he blew up his ship, then we sent in a science ship to study the remains.


"Oh noes, that was our way out of this trap.  Lesa see what the outcome is." [Really could not do anything here since still in cool down from non-aggression pact.  Wanted to pull the League in as an ally and vassalize them, or at least that was the plan.]


Another anomaly, moar science!


"Some Old Gods.  Lesa go find dem."


Finally! A tile blocker.


Really?  18 minerals in one spot, wow.


"Me ship powa needsa upgrade."


"Ohsa my God, whasa Ima doing.  I donta know, just press the button."


Another anomaly


"Wesa studied, and wesa got good energy."


Re negotiated the research agreement with the League.


Finally the tile blockers I've wanted and one planet is out of space.


No good choice here, so I went for the shortest duration.



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So does that system with 18 minerals have a few other asteroids with large mineral deposits?  If so, umm, watch out.

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22 minutes ago, Rhoth said:

So does that system with 18 minerals have a few other asteroids with large mineral deposits?  If so, umm, watch out.

Hmmm, what is it?

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3 hours ago, Nikolai said:

Hmmm, what is it?

Sometimes you'll run across a system with an asteroid ring.  It usually has 4-5 deposits of 8-10 minerals each.  That's when you get excited.

Then you start mining it and a surprise pops out and that's when you go "oh shit". ;)


It's not a super powerful problem, but if you come across it in the early game (as I did the first time I encountered it) then it's tough to reclaim the system and you spend a few decades anxiously eyeing that system that has 40 minerals all by itself.

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Transition 2 of the Calling – Spaced Cowboy's 1st Turn Part 5

Nharr-Nharr Binks looked at this peoples.  "Whas the Fark?  Theysa changed."  [But I'll take the research boost.]


Another research choice.  Stronger ships...yesh.


With no external expansion opportunities, we'll have to go internal.


Well this looks interesting.


Waiting for battleships, so this is the cheapest.


Another tile blocker, yes.


Another choice of no battleships, Nharr-Nharr takes the cheapest option.


Nharr-Nharr is riding close to the ship cap, so this works.


Absolutely riveting read...err, sorry I mean fascinating.


Now that we can develop our planets, this might come in handy.


Not this, battleships, get it. :(


Nharr-Nharr renegotiates the other two research agreements.



Apparently, they don't get it.  Nharr-Nharr does not like robots.


Nharr-Nharr was considering going on a little war by himself against them while the League was at war with them, but they did not lose their fleet yet, now this makes it moot.  The Kingdom is way bigger than us.


End of the Old Gods, Nharr-Nharr took the energy.


Finally, "my precious."



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Transition 2 of the Calling – Spaced Cowboy's 1st Turn Part 6

Nharr-Nharr Binks starts his last turn by researching another tile blocker.


Then another strategic resource.


Then he trades these useless energy crystals.


He sends his fleet to clear the monsters in Devil's Maw.


We can always use more energy and it is cheap.  Should help terraforming efforts later.


Our deep probes finally located the other Stagnant Empire.


The war has ended.


In Soviet Calling, the research agrees to you!


When there is no other way to say....You're next.  [Good luck to the next player.  I was not able to get any DP with anyone or improve with this guy]


With this we can terraform to our type.


Another offer for our strategic resources.


Moar research.


Everybody wants a research agreement now.


The last anomaly we will likely see.


+35% naval capacity, that might come in handy.


Moar research.


Maybe we can form a federation and save ourselves?


Moar Powa!


And the state of the Calling.


Edited by Spaced Cowboy

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Good work, Spaced! :) 


So who's next now? Arnelos? Or?

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Nice work Spaced.  Looks like the Ymaceras will be our target since they split up our empire and wrecked our friendly neighbor. 

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How strong are they compared to us, though?

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OK, I can try to play.  But I need to know the DLC's that are active so I don't mess it up for anybody else.

I just opened it up with the last DLC (synthetic dawn) turned off to check things out, but I am sure that isn't right as I see that we can pick up Ascension Perks still.


We are at Fleet cap 121/121.  Fleet is at current tech.  7 cruisers, 28 destroyers, 34 frigates and 3 raiders (frigates from the event that cannot be upgraded).  We have an army in orbit of 20 ships (looks like basic assault armies, nothing special about them).  

The Ymacera League has 2 vassilis, both adjacent to us and the Ymacerians.  The vassilis are distractions / speed bumps - easy to take out.  The Ymacerians are Superior in fleet wise due to superior naval capacity, but otherwise our equals (so, at a guess, probably a single fleet in the 10-12k range).  

We are at +28 power and +173 minerals, and our entire space appears to be developed.  At only +2 food it will be hard to build up a decent surplus.  

Diplomatically our two immediate neighbors dislike us - but they don't appear to like each other either.  Doesn't mean that they won't help each other out.  Everybody near our neighbors dislikes them, but nobody looks like they are about to come to our aid either.  So, time to build up our fleet me thinks and then start to grow.  All of our space stations are at L5, so should be quick and easy to upgrade them to L6, and then add a few battleships.  


We need to be able to enlighten the primitives to the greater nature of our Nhar Nhar ness, so we need to change that social policy.  I think I would upgrade our food to be a balanced stockpile, as right now the loss of a single one of our food worlds would cause significant hardship and suffering.  Might want to turn on slavery, as that is about all that is good for the non-believers until they have learned the true faith.... but will debate that for a bit.  


Our lack of Edicts, particularly with our huge surplus of influence, will need to be corrected.  It is a bit late to add in Map the Stars, which would have been great in our discovery mode.  But, droning Optimizations for the +10% minerals and grand fleet in a few short months for +35% capacity will be well worth it, and should both be doable with a few minor rivalries declared.  We also have some planets that could really benefit from infrastructure Projects, to build out the infrastructure.  Just have to remember to properly mothball the structures that are not yet populated to keep them from costing too much.  

I see we started down the path to forming a federation.  Not the route I normally would have gone, but something I am willing to try.  Typically, I would have gone towards prosperity to just be able to afford a bigger fleet than my typical cap, and to be able to build it quicker.  Surplus energy is easy to trade for minerals, even if you might just be stuck with the crappy 50% from the trade federation folks.  No biggie, though, as it will be fun to get some of these fools into a multi front war and see what happens.  

It looks like they broke the non-aggression with us about 3 years ago, so we get another 7 IIRC before they can attack us, although we can start it early if we see advantage.  

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DLC was none, but IIUC Spaced accidentally turned on the free DLC. 

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We need to take out the Ymacera. I suggest build ships. A lot of them. Going above the fleet cap is not dangerous, as long as we have the economy for it. And we do. :)

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Unfortunately, Ymacera also has a DP with the large neighbor next to them.  It would be easier to be aggressive to the north.

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Hopefully this weekend I can spend some time, figure out what DLC is free and included on the save, and then play.  However, I will be at a conference all day Saturday (giving it, so not like I can just sit in the back and sneak out early) so not sure how much time I will get.

If Arn or someone else wants to go, please do so.  I don't want to hold up the game.  

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You and Arne are the only ones who haven't played yet so it needs to be one of you.

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