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I fly out to LA tomorrow morning, so tonight is going to be spent packing - I'm out.  I'll be back next Monday evening (LA for a couple days, then Arizona over the weekend), so it's going to be a while.

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I loaded it up and looked it over, not my start, never did many hyper-lanes and definitely not on a spiral.  Would have rolled over the guys to the north already and they are a block and the south option is a no go. 

Not sure how much I will get done before Friday.  Schedule is packed til then.  I'll consider myself the next player unless someone else can go before then...does not look like it, just saying.  Teh Cowgirl will be at the grand kids babysitting on Friday and Saturday, should have it up and done by then (Sat.)

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It seems you are the one up, Spaced. :)  Looking forward to your playthrough!

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I am having picture issues, that post should have had many pictures.  I might be text only. :(

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What kind of issues? Imgur works fine for me fwiw. 

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Transition 2 of the Calling – Spaced Cowboy's 1st Turn Part 1

His first tasks involve some clean-up and streamlining of the empire.  Nharr-Nharr Binks ascends to the position of the office of High Inquisitor.

“Mesa called Nharr-Nharr Binks. Mesa your new humble leader.”

Nharr-Nharr Binks notices that there is an unused constructor sitting in orbit around Zinix with no available work anywhere nearby, so he orders it to be scrapped to save 0.75 energy each month.  “Mesa lika energy.”

Moreover we are short on food and over our fleet cap (costing us 7%).  Sol III in the Sol system, Roich in Ziris system, and Groro in the Aphecca system do not have star bases. So that will be a priority.  This will fix our fleet cap problem.


Nharr-Nharr Binks looks over the state of The Calling. He notices that the recently integrated humans are being treated poorly.  And sets their living standard to the same as they have in The Calling.



Next he notices that research is progressing nicely, but some of our best scientists are out in the field and should be recalled in order to optimize the research effort.



He also noticed a young research genius, who he immediately hired as some of our scientist are getting a little long in the tooth, so we need some fresh blood.


On the diplomacy front, we have strong neighbors to our south guaranteeing our independence, friends to the west (Ess’Jaggon Hegemony), and the Syldeaen Regime to the North.  Except for the Southern expansion sector near Sol, we are boxed in.   

I saw an opportunity to establish a research agreement with our Southern neighbors for an active sensor link, star charts (big deal), and a small amount of (one time) energy.


It looks like there will be no harm in declaring a rivalry with the Syldeaen Regime as they have already rivaled us and we get 0.6 influence per turn for it.



Additionally their fleet was visible on the map so I was able to get a scouting report.



They have a two star admiral who is in process of clearing some random aliens and our admiral is a 1 star rookie, so we will need to do the same.  We see no fleet strength advantage over them at the moment, so we will move the fleet to the Southern sector to help clear aliens and give our admiral some experience.

Meanwhile in the Southern sector we are building a frontier outpost in the Siet system.  I’m concerned that the outpost envelope will not encompass enough systems and Siet is empty otherwise.  …Time will tell…


(Thanks to Nik on the image site, can some mod delete my first post?  FYI Photobucket is borked).


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Nharr Nharr Binks??  :lol::lol::lol:

:b:  Looks like we're going to need the PD from the destroyers Nik started building if we're going to fight the Syldaeans.

Oh, and deleted the original per your request.

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Time did tell, the placement was optimal (Does the game show the area affected now?  Or was that just in a development diary?)


Nharr-Nharr Binks officially takes office.


Nharr-Nharr wrestled over this decision for quite some time.  So many good choices, but his desired to directly control more planets made him think that finishing the Expansion tradition was the best choice.


Starting engineering research for Advanced Spaceports


Special project completed, 200 experience gain and three fodder ships added.


Nharr-Nharr’s 5 start science leader died, must have been the drugs.  He put the old leader in his post and started assisted research, which will be needed to give his scientists experience as the galaxy (near The Calling) is almost fully revealed.  Additionally (not shown) Star bases have been started at every planet.  Nharr-Nharr will start solar panels at all of them for the energy boost.


Another anomaly explored.


“Wha…wha…Energies production, mesa likey.”


“Mesa really likey.”


“OMG whas is it?”


“Okay, lesa check it out.”


“Okay, oh, the Sweet”


“Letsa improve the research.”




Tough choice here.  “Letsa go for bigger guns.”


“Letsa do it.”


“Oh noes!!!”


“Yousa declare on me…”


“Isa declare on you.”


“Oh noes, there goes that idea.”  War ideas need to change.  Can't take on both of them.


Only one option left now. :(”  But 10 years wait. :(


Another research agreement acquired.


One more while we are at it, mineral production is good.



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We must find out...is Nharr the Worm?

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The Worm? Isn't that part of a DLC?:) Are we playing with them on now?

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I turned all of mine off to start the game, so someone must have turned it on.

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Yeah, I turned them all off before loading. But IIRC Horizon Signal is in the free DLC we got last year?

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I'm not really sure actually.  I've purchased all the DLC so I don't know what it's a part of.

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I just looked, it is part of the free DLC as is the Arachnoid portrait pack.

I've never had it in a game before, so not sure when or how.

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Heh, then I'd bet you were the one that activated it, as it's technically DLC so I deactivated it.   I remember seeing it in the list of DLC and all were deactivated before I started.

The Horizon Signal is a really fun event chain.  I won't spoil it (though you might have read about it in one of my prior posts), but it leads to some interesting stuff if you chase it all the way.  I always seem to get it with a Spiritualist empire too, which, ahem, causes some difficulties (nothing earth shattering...which I guess is good since we own Sol ;)).

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Well sorry then, I assumed since I had bought no DLC, that I did not need to disable anything. :(


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No worries.  We'll just need to make sure subsequent players know to activate it.

Like I said, it's a fun event chain so it's worth it to finish it out.  The payoff is nice too.

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Transition 2 of the Calling – Spaced Cowboy's 1st Turn Part 3

Nharr-Nharr Binks wanted more direct control of his planet's development.  He did not like the way the "sector" governors were ruling, as well the choice do have specialized research labs is not energy efficient.  Energy is a problem for us.  Lastly we wanted to do the fastest research possible as we really need more tile blockers cleared.


The Horizon signal is burning for another sacrifice, okay!


Research choices have been bleak for Nharr-Nharr, not what Nharr-Nharr wants, so he'll get another pick in the mix.


Nharr-Nharr gets something back from the hole..."but whas it is?"


Nharr-Nharr drones on about this next choice, but you get the picture.


Meanwhile we found some kind of "loop temple."


One of our scientist studies a ceramic object and we got a nice research boost out of it.


What a bunch o' crap, Nharr-Nharr really wanted cruisers to pop back up.  Maybe if we can find some of this stuff, we can trade it?




"Wesa need fancier dodads for our navy." 


Well that will help Nharr-Nharr to drag them into a war with them.


"But mesa really liked you. Sad."  Looks like they were running low on influence, they still like us, but won't even budge on a defensive pact either.


At this point, border range will pull in more systems with resources.


"oh, sure buddy."  "Mesa like you."


Cruisers, FTW!  [Just noticed that my research percentages are very high on the lower two, wow.]


Way on the far side of the galaxy Nharr-Nharr was trying to slip his trapped science vessel around the edge and ran into this FE.  Ended up scrapping it, bring the scientist back, and build a new ship.


Need more capacity, pondered habitability.


Still cleaning up research projects that were visible on the map.


"Mesa thinks everybody happy now."







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There's this world...it's called Pristine Jewel...Gaia world...I think we should settle on it...


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4 hours ago, Rhoth said:

There's this world...it's called Pristine Jewel...Gaia world...I think we should settle on it...



In other news, I'm back from my trip.  I need to catch up on this thread.

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16 hours ago, Spaced Cowboy said:

Okay, world series and Halloween, no play tonight.

But what about today?:)

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