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Our latest hunting expedition had gone well. Nat and I had managed to complete our contract with the minimum of fuss and we were heading back to the core worlds to deliver the breeding pair of Muffalo to their new owner. These core world elite sure do pay handsomely for live specimens, all indigenous wildlife had long since been exterminated on those worlds. Junior had even got in on the action, stunning a Racoon and trapping it, for sale to some upwardly mobile collector no doubt.


We were relaxing over a fine dinner, and getting ready to enter cryptosleep for the long journey home, when a huge bang errupted from the rear of the ship. The emergency lights switched to red and the warning sirens screamed. Nat ran to the bridge to check the readouts, while I collected our survival gear and headed with Junior to the escape pods. Nat soon joined us and it was evident that the situation was critical - catastrophic damage to the engines, the ship would blow at any minute.


We rushed to the escape pods and frantically stowed our essentials. Junior bolted to his bedroom, soon returning with Struggle, his beloved pet wolf! Nat slammed the emergency launch button, the pods shot out and streaked across the blackness of space towards a nearby planet. After a bumpy ride we breached the planet's atmosphere and plummeted towards the ground.

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We came down in the northern reaches of the planet, in amongst a dense coniferous forest studded with large hills and extensive swamplands. Underfoot is mostly rich, loose soil, much of it lichen covered and their seems to be an abundance of raspberry bushes all over the place, as well as assorted other bushes and wild grasses. I'm not sure we can survive on a diet of raspberries alone, but thankfully there also seems to be a variety of native fauna too - elk and caribou wander around nearby, while numerous small rodents scurry amongst the undergrowth. Hopefully there weren't any nasties out there in the woods too, but Nat and I are expert hunters, so we'll probably be able to defend ourselves reasonably well. There are a couple of nearby ponds, so we should be OK for drinking water, so all we'll have to sort out in the short term is some sort of shelter, so that will be our first priority no doubt.


There are a handful of rudimentary structures dotted around, made from slate or limestone. They are all in a state of disrepair and seem to be abandoned, but someone or something definitely used to live around here. No sign of anyone now though!




Swamp is dark green

Hills are dark brown. Those edged in a light beige are limestone and those edged in dark brown are slate.

Shallow water is light blue. Deep water is darker blue.





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Our emergency pack consists of survival rations, herbal medicine and some silver. The escape pods also contain a survival kit consisting of miscellaneous tools and seeds, all the basics for getting by in the unfortunate event of catastrophic failure of your spaceship. How convenient!


We'd also managed to grab Nat's and my hunting rifles, Junior's pistol and a plasteel hunting knife. The ever thoughtful Junior also stashed some pet food for his beloved Struggle!


Time to find somewhere to take shelter.



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After some discussion, we decide that our best chance of immediate survival is to camoflage our existence and blend into the surroundings as much as possible. Building structures in the open would possibly draw attention to ourselves and we don't want that. We have no idea who or what might be around, so best to hide ourselves away as much as possible.


We settle on digging into the hill to our south east. The swamps to the west and north of our chosen location will provide some defensive protection from any potential threats. They'll either have to approach via the forested channel between the two swamps, or from the forests to the east. They could wadw through the swamps, but it looks slow going in there! There's also some nice hard slate ground nearby, so we'll be able to utilise that area as some sort of yard while we dig into the hill.


Lastly, just to the east of the slate patch is a steam geyser. Hopefully that will provide us with hot water, or help to keep us warm if temperatures drop too low.



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Nat dug into the side of the hill while Junior and I collected up all the useful things we could from the escape pods and cut down a couple of pine trees, so we'd have some wood to utilise. Nat and I equiped ourselves with our trusty hunting rifles while Junior holstered his pistol. Once a small room had been dug Nat built a couple of wooden beds for us and a a wooden door to keep the elements out. It's obvious that Nat hasn't done much woodwork before, but they're better than sleeping on the floor! While Nat was providing us with some creature comforts Junior and I tidied up the place and shifted all the mess outside. We'll no doubt be able to use the excavations some time in the future. Junior also rescued the larger steel fragments from the escape pods. Everyone is thinking for the long haul!


Nat and I started work on a second room while Junior set up a spot for Struggle. This unexpected emergency has certainly brought us together as a family. If we're to survive we'll have to work like a well oiled machine!



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Nat finished digging out the second room, which we designated to be our food and medicine storage area. We don't want the local fauna helping themselves to our meager supplies. While he was busy inside Junior and I cleared some of the land in the immediate vicinity. It looks good rich soil, so hopefully our emergency seeds will take root and provide us with sustenance, once our emergency rations have run out. We planted rice, corn and cotton and left a fourth patch fallow for the time being. We had to clear some raspberry bushes to make way for a plant beds, so the fruit harvest was added to our food stocks, for treats at the end of our long working days.


Junior noticed some nearby veins of compacted steel and components, so we mined a bit of those out too, once everything else had been done. Who knows what we'll be able to make with those. Ever the planner, Nat showed us his plans for the further development of our little settlement. We'd been here a couple of weeks already and we'd not spotted anybody around. Who knows how long we'll be here? Best make ourselves comfortable in the meantime.



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I decided that we'd probably need some more crops, so extended the three beds and planted some more of the three seeds. Nat dug out a third room, which would be our general purpose room, to live in and cook in for the near future. While Nat and I were doing this Junior kept himself busy tidying up the place and keeping Nat supplied with wood for the doors he was also making.


To our suprise we were visited by a couple of wandering traders. They weren't particularly chatty and wouldn't tell us about the bigger picture, but were willing to exchange some simple rations and a medicine pack for some of our precious silver. Nat did the bargaining, but even then it took quite a chunk out of our emergency funds. Still, better safe than sorry and at least there are some friendly folk somewhere out there.


Nat set about building and butcher's block and a cooker, while I tried to cobble together a rudementary solar panel. My initial attempt was an abject failure, but I succeeded on my second attempt. At least we'd sson have power during the day.


We made plans for a battery room, so we could store any excess power we'd be able to generate, and also for a small table and some stools, so we'd be able to eat and relax in comfort. We'd also need to come up with some sort of way to keep the perishables cold, otherwise things would spoil much too quickly. Things were starting to come together for sure, but we had a long way to go.



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Nat managed to bang together a cooler unit for the food storeroom and we managed to get it down to -4'C, so our concerns about food longevity were put to rest, at least partially. It kept the food cool during th day but things warmed up over night. We'd need batteries to keep it powered overnight before we kep any raw meat in there. While Nat was busy with the chiller I banged together a table and three stools and salvaged a light bulb from the escape pods to provide us with some illumination. I even managed to cook up our frst proper meal - raspberry pie. Not my greatest attempt at cooking, but I didn't have much to work with!


We got our first kill also. An aggressive hare decided to help itself to some of our corn plants, so Nat took it out from the entrance to our hideaway. Hare stew was on the menu next!


Junior dug out a small room to store some batteries then Nat had a go at cobbling some together from more escape pod parts. His first attempt was a no go, but he too had better luck second time around. Struggles pet food was running low so I had a go at making some up from the hare scraps and rotting raspberries. Struggle looked unimpressed, but he still gobbled it down.



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Encouraged by his success with the first battery, Nat knocked together a second one, to make sure we'd have enough power storage to cater for our future needs. While he was doing that Junior and I started work on excavating a room, so Junior could have a space of his own. Things had been getting a bit strained recently. We'd been cramped up in our bedroom for almost a month and there simply wasn't room for the four of us. Nat had been getting very amorous since we'd crashed landed and it was getting awkward. I don't know here he gets his energy from, as we were spending long hours on setting up our home, but the old flame of our romance was certainly burning strong!


No sooner had he finished the second battery and we were half way through Juniors bedroom, than we were suprised by another wanderering gentleman. A elderly tanned gent, bare chested and clad only in tatty synthread jeans, Dustin's upper half was covered in horrific, long since healed burn scars. He looked decidedly down on his luck and begged us for shelter. We tried to question him about what brought him to these remote parts but his story was somewhat confused. All we could glean from him was that he was 55 years old and he used to be a travelling saleman. Years of excess had given him a 'dodgy ticker', but he was determined to make a clean start and get his life back on track. He wouldn't talk about his scars, but said that he had a real fear of fire - I can't blame him! He said his lifelong passion was working with animals and Struggle certainly seemed to take a shine to him straight away. Dustin said he had some extensive experience in the construction industry and would certainly be able to pull his weight in our little venture.


After having a private chat, Nat and I agreed that we's take Dustin in with us. He'd be another mouth to feed, but, if his promises were true, he'd certainly be able to help us get established a lot quicker than the three of us could. Looks like Junior will be sleeping with Nat and I for a bit longer still!


The three of us finished Dustin's room and knocked together and bed and door so he could have some privacy and comfort. Junior sulked and spent the time outdoors chopping wood, digging oyr steel and component deposits and picking raspberries for Africa! We promised him we'd start on his room next. Teenagers! Junior did brighten up when he found out that Dustin had quickly taught Struggle how to stay at heal and protect his master. Junior had been trying to train Struggle for a couple of years with no luck and Dustin had managed to make progress in a week!


While Junior, Dustin and Struggle were busy keeping themselves occupied Nat and I had some privacy to ourselves and made up for lost time. Nat got so carried away that he proposed that we reaffirm our marriage vows. I told him that there were more pressing uses for our time and that such frivolities could wait. Nat sulked. Men!



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It's a great game. A narrative evolves so naturally and there's always just one more little job to do.....

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I checked the crop situation this morning as we have been here for a month now. The rice looks like it will be ready to harvest soon, the cotton is about half way grown and the corn looks like it has a long way to go still. I hope we are growing enough food to get us through whatever mother nature can throw at us.


Nat finally put a front door on our settlement, which should provide some more security and keep out the cold at night. Everyone seems to be feeling the chill at night, but there are more important things to consider at the moment than heating. Come autumn and winter we will definitely need to come up with a solution, but for now we'll just have to suck it up. While Nat was busy with the front door, Dustin rigged together a light nearby, to make getting around a bit easier, while Junior set up a horseshoes pin out in the yard, so we could all get a little R&R. The initial euphoria of surviving our crash landing has started to wear off recently and the strain of reality os beginning to show.


While Junior was out on his woodland errands he spotted a crazed looking man creeping towards our camp with an evil looking knife in his hand. He did the right thing and ran back to tell us. Making sure Junior, Dustin and Struggle were safe, Nat and I went out to challenge the intruder. When he refused to cooperate and started to sprint towards us waving his knife we had to make a split second decision. We fired at the same time but Nat's shot struck home, right between his eyes, sending him down into a crumpled heap.




I spent the remainder of the day on guard duty while the three gents just about managed to finish digging out Junior's new room, even if they didn't have time to clear up after themselves afterwards. At least Junior would finally have a room of his own. As luck would have it they even managed to dig out some sizeable lumps of silver, so if those traders make their way back through we should have a bit more bargaining power!



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After the drama of the attack, it was good to return to the routine of everyday survival. Nat and Junior continued digging out living areas, so we could start to focus beyond merely existing. I spent the majority of my time cooking meals, to make sure everyone would be happy in that regard at least. Dustin started to train Struggle to become a rescue dog, but, after his initial success at training, he was finding further progress somewhat lacking.


The rice finally started to reach maturity, so it was all hands on deck to harvest it before it spoiled ar was eaten by the local wildlife. Looks like I'll be spending the forseeabel future stuck in the kitchen. Still, if we haven't got food for our stomachs then we're bot going to lat very long. I just wish the was more variety, I fear we're going to get mighty bored of rice, raspberries and whatever meat we manage to kill.


We struck another milestone too. Nat set up an office area, so we could start to make some long term plans and work out how to maximise the resources and opportunities that present themselves to us. The first order of importance is working out what to do with all the rocks we're digging out from the hillside. Dustin's put in charge of that connundrum, as he claimed prior experience in the construction business.



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Our fears about the wildlife helping themselves to our precious garden were finally realised when I awoke to find a pair of elk demolishing a good portion of our cotton harvest. We had no option other than to shoot them, but we'll really have to think about walling the garden in at some point, even if it was our wish to keep as low a profile as possible. At least we now have a freezer full of elk meat, but my list of cooking jobs looks like it is going to take up the rest of the month!


Everyone seems to be settling into something of a routine now. Dustin spends most of his time in the office, busily scribbling away at his notes. Nat is working away beyond our bedroom, digging out another room for a more permanent bedroom for Junior. We've decided that having the table in the kitchen isn't ideal, especially when I'm butchering huge elk right next to it! Junior seems to have settled into doing the heavy lifting for Nat, cleaning up after him and doing any outside jobs that come up. I think he suffers most from being stuck indoors, not like us old ones who seem quite happy to beaver away inside.


Just as well Junior was doing his rounds outside because he had a very close encounter with a wild cougar! He was digging out some steel deposits to the south west when he heard it growl behind him. Junior sprinted into the woods and thankfully the cat didn't follow him, but Junior did run into three huge chunks of what looks like our old spaceship! Making sure that the cougar was nowhere near, Junior managed to dismantle some of the salvageable componentry before heading home. Once we found out about the cougar we made going beyond the swamp a no go area for Junior!


We had our first rains since we set foot on this planet. It brought the temperature down quite considerably and it looks like we'll have to think about heaters sooner that we anticipated.



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We had another nasty visit from the west, this time two rough looking buggers, one with a rifle and the other with a pistol. Nat and I headed out to confront them with our huning rifles, while Junior hid close by with his pistol. He's going to have to grow up quick in these parts, that's obvious, but we'll have to get him something more useful than his pistol for sure. We once again challenged the intruders as they approached the swamp. When they didn't respond and we had no other option Nat took out the front man with the pistol, flooring him with a single shot to the sternum. His mate with the rifle immediately bolted back into the woods. We thought about chasing him down but thought better of it.


Nat stripped the body and headed off into the woods to bury the corpse. While he was away our neighbourly cougar made himself unwelcome and started to help himself to our crops. I immediately instructed Jumior, Dustin and Struggle to stay inside while I kept a look out. The last thing I wanted was for Nat to stumble across the beast on his way back from burying the thug. Luckily Nat was wise to the situation and took cover behind a large pile of rocks near the northern swamp. He fired of two shots at the cat, but still it sprinted towards him. I rushed out the front door and took aim, bringing the beast down, just as it was about to leap at poor Nat! A bit close for comfort I think!




We are definitely going to have to think about securing more. These thugs out west are going to be an ongoing nuisance for sure, especially as one got awy this time. There also seems to be no shortage of wild animals around too, which is great as sources of food, but we're going to have to be very careful untl we can make things safe for Junior. Thankfully Dustin came up with a good way to work the rocks into useable blocks, so we're going to have to prioritise some protective walling as soon as possible. All desires to keep a low profile have long since been dashed, so we might as well start to dig in!


Dustin arrived in a somewhat dishevelled state and Junior's clothes are starting to show signs of wear, so we start to harvest the cotton and think about making some new clothing for ourselves. The list of jobs are really starting to gorw now and all of a sudden it looks like the four of use are not going to be able to cover all the bases. We'll have to work out a priority of needs for sure.



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Nat finally finishes Junior's new bedroom and we move him into it and move the table and stools out of the kitchen area. Half way through digging out Junior's room the slate gave way to limestone, so any firther excavations should be a little easier going. Without taking a break Nat presses on with a general purpose workshop, so we can get up a place to make some new clothes. Dustin is working out how we can set of a smithy too, so we can make some tools and basic weapons, so I guess that will do in the same area too?


Junior has taken on the responsibility of going out on patrols, to make sure we don't get any nasty surprises and came running back with news that what looked like an escape pod came crashing down to the north. I went out to investigate while the gents prepared the base in the event of any survivors. Sure enough I found one survivor in rather a bad way. I carried him back to base and I tended to his wounds as best I could. He had a nasty gash to the chest and left leg and his right thigh seemed to have some sort of fracture. I did the best I could, but I'm not sure if he's going to pull through. The boys only managed to set up a temperary room for him in the office, but we'll need to do something more comfortable if we're to save him!



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Hello dear reader. I find it hard to write this entry into my diary as I have terrible events to write down, but I feel it best that I share them and hopefully, in some way, ease the pain I am in. We suffered another raid, this time two *** holes attacked from the north. They look like they are all from the same gang, as they all share a distinctive tattoo. One was armed with a pistol, but the other had numerous molotov cocktails, which caused us quite a degree of trouble, as I'll relate.


Initially only Nat and I went out to deal with the incursion, armed with our trusty hunting rifles, but we struggled to get a clear shot at the thugs through the dense woodland. The one with the molotovs kept chucking them in our direction, forcing us to break our aim and run for cover. Junior soon came to join us and we attempted to outflank them, to try to get a clear shot from the swamp. We were still having no luck getting a shot on target and to my horror I turned to check out how Junior was doing to find his t-shirt on fire, the flames licking up towards his face. Thankfully he fell to the ground to smother the flames and was soon up and rejoining the firefight.


I finally got a shot on target and killed the pistol man with a shot to the heart, but the fire wielding bastard was still throwing the firebombs around with abandon. It suddenly dawned on him that he was alone and he started to make a dash for it. He charged through the middle of us and all guns were blazing and we floored him before he could get far. We cheered in triumph, then when our cheers subsided we heard Junior whimpering behind us. We turned to see him slumped up against a tree, his t-shirt smouldering and his left arm contorted and mangled.


I picked him up and rushed inside with him so I could treat his wounds. He'd suffered severe burns to his chest, neck and right arm and had massive trauma to his left arm. There was no way it had been caused by a pistol shot, it must have been from a high powered rifle and I have the sickening feeling that it was me. I tended Junior as best I could but I was unabel to save his left arm - it was far beyond my medical skills.


To make matters worse, the fires caused by the molotovs were burning out of control, so I had to go and help deal with them, otherwsie we might losse everything. Nat and I fought the fires while Dustin chopped down trees as quickly as he could, to try to form some sort of firebreak. Even then the fires came right up to our garden, but thankfully we didn't lose a thing. I really feel for Dustin, it must have been hell for him to be so close to the flames. The memories of his own horrible scaring must have been bubbling over all the time. The fires are still raging to the north, but we had to retreat to the relative safety of our settlement. We were exhausted, hungry and we had to tend to Junior, as well as Booker, who still hadn't made a complete recovery from his traumatic experience.


I'm not sure when I'll write again next. I have to tend to Junior and help him make as good a recovery as possible, then I'm going to have to deal with the guilt that is already gnawing away at me already.



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Hi! Nat here. Lew's in a bit of a bad place at the moment, so I thought I'd pick up the slack and keep this journal of our new home up to date in her place. Junior's doing OK too I guess, but the pair of them have a long way to go before getting over the recent events.


The five of us decided to hold a little meeting so we could all clear the air and get our concerns and worries off our chests. Turned out we all had a lot of the same gripes, so it was good to see where everyone was at. With autumn on our doorstep everyone was concerned about the imminent change of weather and the chilly nights, so heating was our top priority. Lighting was also an issue, so we'd address that at the same time. These two issues would mean we'd need more power, so Dustin said he's get a second solar panel up at the top of his job list.


The general squalor of our living conditions is also something that is getting everyone down, so we're going to address that issue as soon as we get the above sorted. Dustin also mentioned that he felt his room was inferior to everybody elses, so we'll see if we can change that issue too. Junior and Dustin were also suffering with their clothes, so Junior is going to have a go at making some t-shirts and hats, then some sort of winter jacket to help us through the cold seasons.


Once we've done all that, we are going to set up some sort of indoor storage area, so we can be totally self sufficient and stay indoors, if needs be. We'll also work on a permanent medic station and some sort of facility to keep anyone we manage to capture. We're hoping that the next time these bad guys come visit we might be able to take one alive and get some information out of him.


Other than that, the only news I have to report is that a thunderstorm swept through the area and thankfully put out the forest fire. We had given up trying to control it, we figured we'd let it do it's thing as long as it didn't head our way. Turns out it was a good decision to make as there is now a nice clear avenue of approach to the north west, where we'll be able to pick off anyone who comes from that way. The only other way to attack is through the swamps to the west and north. We're going to address the issue of an easterly attack as soon as possible, but that might have to wait until later, possibly even after winter passes.


Lastly, we had a couple more escape pods land, one to the north and one to the east. I checked out the one to the north and found a load of gold, but I haven't had a chance to head out east yet. I'll fill you in on that next time maybe.



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Hi there, Nat again. Just a quick update to let you know the great news. I decided to get everyone together for a party and things went great, well mostly. Lew took me to one side midway through the festivities and asked if we could follow up on the previous idea of reaffirming our marriage vows. After everything we've been through she thought it would a good idea. Of course I said yes, so once we get these important jobs done we're going to have a little ceremony. Unfortunately Dustin wasn't so chuffed with the good news, he'd been flirting with Lew recently, and made his feelings clear. Lew laughed it off, but it pissed me off no end. I guess being the only woman here, and an attractive one at that, she is bound to be the centre of male attention. I'll have to keep my eye on Dustin going forward I think.


Other than that, things are going great. We've all got heating and Lew came up with the idea of putting pot plants around the place to brighten things up a bit. We're going to put a small table and chair in each room, so people can get a bit of privacy if they want, so hopefully the social dynamic gets back on track after the recent events.


Oh, I managed to get time to head out east, to check out the crashed escape pod, and found some wool, which will be of great help to Junior when he starts making the winter clothing.

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Can you build either wood or stone walls on swamp? You need a few thins before winter:


At least one Windmill. You can build a solar bank in front of and behind a windmill, after it has been set down for construction, but not before, i think. Also, you can plant low things (i.e. not trees) in front of and behind a windmill. Can also use the area for storage


leave room for your geoplant in the future.


starting from current house hill's furthermost NE corner, go east enough for windmill (s), then north and then back west to connect to the hill next to the swamp. Then West from the hill and then south to the most Northern point on the home hill, west of the crops. Put in a long corridor, parallel to the wall with strong doors and pitfall traps that will help crush your opponents and drain their strength. put sandbag firing lines with your gathered debris to slow them and allow you to shoot them up and even a fall back position... can you say KILL ZONE... :cool:



NOTE!!!: Make sure that any outside "enclosure" that is supposed to be open sky (like the above area) is set to NOT auto roof, or you will have a mess to clean up that will take huge time....


Ah, and make a walled enclosure between your hill and the big one next to you...


Inside corridors should be 2 wide and with alternating groups of debris to act as movement hindrances to unfriendlys, too. and long firing zones...


Cut 2 to 3 wide firebreaks in the forest, as much as you can...

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Interesting pose E_T, thanks! I thought I was the only Rimworld WPCer, although I see godking now has it too. Do you have the DRM free version?


Can't build walls on swamps. I've usually built a swamp by now but for some reason haven't got round to it yet. I've never got as far as geothermal, so thanks for the tip.


I'm trying to roleplay the scenario, rather than min max it with the knowledge I have acquired so far, so that is the main reason why you're seeing less than optimal play. I think it makes for a better story.


I've never got round to completely fortifying a settlement, this is my seventh game and the furthest I got was late spring after a summer start. I love the beginnings of games most, the struggle, the exploration. The numer of Civ games I abandoned by medival times are beyond counting!


My first few games had 2 wide corridors (leart it from Quill) but my last few games have had 1 wide corridors and I haven't noticed a differnece. What's the story?

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Everything is ticking along nicely and there isn't much to report, so I thought I'd check in on everyone and see how they're doing. Lew is in a much better place and Junior has all but gotten over his traumatic incident. He spends most of his time making clothing and his disability doesn't seem to effect him too much. We'll have to sort him out with some sort of prosthetic arm at some stage, but he refuses to wear a hook of any description! Dustin and Booker are getting along well and have now firmly integrated into our community, so we have a pretty tight little group now. I still catch Dustin checking out Lew every once in a while, and his insult still stings me, but there isn't too much we can do about it at this stage. Hopefully our reaffirming of our vows will put an end to it.

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Autumn is on our doorstep, so this will be the last update of the summer. Work is going on well with the settlement. We have started work on the indoor storage rooms, with a carcass and raw meat store off to one side of the kitchen and a clothing store being built next to the tailoring station. I've made lots of plans for other areas around the settlement, so there should always be something going on inside the base. Junior has finished work on warm hats for everyone (I think I'll stick to my stetson for now) and he's now working on some stone blocks, so we can get some walls up outside to protect our crops and base. Once he's done that he'll start work on some winter coats.


Booker has taken over cooking duties as it turns out he used to be a chef! He loves his new chiller and looks set to churn out a real production line in the near future. Lew is so happy about this as it frees up time for her to hunt and to tend to the gardens, which look just about right to harvest. Booker sure is going to have his work cut out!


Dustin is going to concentrate on construction and digging out new areas, with a little bit of research in any spare moments me has. For my part I will be acting as back up for everyone, filling in where needed and making sure everything ticks along nicely.


The main thing to report this period was the sighting of a huge, shaggy, ivory coloured beast with a razor sharp horn protruding from its head. It looked docile enough but we all agreed to steer claer of it. Since the last raid things had been nice and peaceful, and that's how we'd like to keep things around here.


Lastly, we had another powercut recently so I'll get Dustin to have a look at the power situation. I thought we had enough power but we have been busy upgrading facilities recently. With winter approaching maybe we need to look at alternative sources of energy. Who knows what the winter is going to be like?



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I have been watching the two different Quill ones, which he is playing concurrently, just watched the most recent one....


Too bad you can't record and post yours online...


I don't have it...

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You wouldn't want to watch me online, trust me. ;)


Thanks for the heads up, episode 16 had me in stitches, off to watch the next one.

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