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I fixed the teleporters to work in both 1.10.2 and 1.12 - well 20 / 24 of them at least - 4 can't work because the buildings housing them were wiped off the map or would teleport into a block.

Made me wonder what happened with the level 11 tunnel system - turns out most of the tunnels west of 0 z were wiped out except for the portions between -1500 and -3500 x (that's about 11 to 15 thousand squares of tunnel that was wiped out lol).

Also most of the northern tunnels north of spawn except for those up to -500z and the tunnels at 8000-9000x from +800z to -1700z were also wiped out. This map shows what's left (as compared to the map near the bottom of page 12).

Fortunately, only one base (Kebeo's) was wiped out - the others are entirely intact.



Realms World 1.12 tunnel map.png

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Slowly been working on restoring the world to close to its previous state for the past few weeks.

Filled in the gaps in the level 11 tunnel system.

Completed the nether tunnels/bridges/rails and portals for all of the areas east of -3500x.

Extended the west line back to -4500x to reconnect 2 villages (which seem depopulated) to the line.

Extended the northwest line up to -2700z as the 1.10 areas (areas within the purple lines on the map) don't have any blaze spawners but the 1.12 areas do.

Built a blaze farm designed by Snocrash which has been updated to 1.12.

Built a 2nd stone generator at spawn which is more modern than the previous one (kept the previous one there though).

Started work on the Donut 2 gold/xp farm by Snocrash (the previous gold farm Donut 1 by Snocrash doesn't work in 1.12 reportedly). Only got 2 of the 3 platforms built so far so it will take a while.

After I finish the gold farm and add a couple more things, I am planning on uploading the save to google drive to be able to share it with the players that played on the server if they are interested in it. I would need to have your google gmail address to be able to share it with you. Probably looking at least the end of August or by Labor Day for that.




Realms World 1.12 tunnel map.png

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Got the afk gold/xp farm done (Snocrash's Donut 2 version) with some 1.12 updates. Here's a picture of it - and my xp level after just a couple of minutes of operation (from level 26 to 56). Think I will try a full sized enderman farm next or a smaller project like a sheep or sheep shearing farm.



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Since it was a long weekend here - got two things done.

Built an enderman farm in the void between end islands (design by ilmango).

Also built a quasi wither skull farm designed by Tango Tek to make it easier to gather and kill wither skeletons. You just run down the path of daylight sensors and only the wither skeletons should be aggroed. Then you fight them at the end of the path. The farm has a connected ladder area to level 126 for a safe wither killing area. However, you would have to place the skulls and soul sand horizontally as shown in the picture below.

Also added a teleport system to one of the larger end cities.




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I've been slowly adding things to the world.

But I had to solve my lag problem first - fixed that by increasing the amount of memory allocated to Minecraft from 1GB to 4GB. Otherwise the game was stalling (at near 0 FPS) whenever I teleported, flew for more than 1000-2000 squares or using too many nether portals.

Added a one hit rabbit farm (Tango Tek's design), a sheep shearing farm (Fed X Gaming design), sheep cooking farm (Serpent Dagger design) and more level 11 and nether tunnels. Also repaired the cactus and sugarcane farms to properly work in 1.12 and got rid of them and the hostile mob farm from hopefully stopping as I switched from a hopper clock to a decaying comparator clock instead.

Starting to work on a possible guardian farm - but that may take a while.

Here's the current tunnel map attached.

Realms World 1.12 tunnel map.png

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Completed the guardian farm (also acts as a mini ink farm). Took a long time to clear out the water and deconstruct the underwater monument - but ilmango's flying machine water remover really helped speed things up.

This farm is from 100% awesome's youtube website - reportedly the optimal afk point is at y=150 so I put a platform up there.

Also found out that the northern level 11 tunnels actually mostly survived intact except for 2 500 square gaps - so I filled in the gaps and have been working on putting in the nether line and portals for it.




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Completed a witch farm from sZPeddy's youtube site - here is a picture of it and the items I got while building some of the storage system so far:




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Completed a flower farm (design from K1 Inc. youtube website)  - uses a lot of bonemeal so I put it in a location where there is a skeleton farm 50 or so blocks away.

Also completed an AFK fishing farm (1.12 version) - design from xisumavoid's youtube site. 

Originally I was going to do these plus a flying machine elevator and then finish off, but I may try to build a couple more machines such as a dedicated creeper/gunpowder farm and an automated brewing system as well.



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Completed the flying machine elevator in the nether for the gold/xp farm (from ilmango's youtube website) - it works but it is slower than the minecart elevator.

Also completed an autobrewer (from mumbo jumbo's youtube website) at spawn - haven't tested it yet though.

Also completed an AFK creeper farm at spawn (from Logical Geek Boy's youtube site) - I messed this up a bit as I built it 1 square too large - still works but provides gunpowder at roughly the same rate as the witch farm and hostile mob item farm - maybe a bit slower due to my error.

Also completed an AFK ghast tear & gold nugget farm (with some gunpowder loot too) (from ilmango's youtube website) - works well - but I built the small version and the one that uses flying machines instead of ghasts to push the mobs so the mob loot drops are slower. I think you get about 50-60 ghast tears per hour afking at level 255.

I think an attempt at another AFK tree farm will be my last project in this world - though I am tempted to try making tango tek's new iron farm - the iron phoenix. 

Especially since the Windows 10 version is the main version of Minecraft going forward and the java version is only secondary but they say will still be receiving updates.

Picture 1: Autobrewer Building at spawn

Picture 2: Ghast/Gold farm 

Picture 3: Creeper farm (using spectator mode)





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Completed a small tree farm - tutorial on 100% awesome's youtube site.

Small sample of a dozen trees made averaged 20 bonemeal per tree - but the complex is on top of an AFK skeleton farm - so plenty of bones available. Still have to chop down the trees manually though.

Might attempt ilmango's larger tree farm version - which does the "chopping" of the trees automatically with a TNT explosion in that large polished andesite area outside the building - but it looks big and complicated.




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Completed a couple of projects:

- Did a farmer-driven AFK Wheat farm near spawn (tutorial on K1 Inc's youtube site) - works well, but when I tried to do a similar design for beetroot - that one didn't work.

- Did both a small and large chorus farm near spawn (tutorial for small farm on RabidSmore's youtube site and for large farm on cubfan135's youtube site).

First picture is the wheat farm and a 4 floor building I did to make it easier to access the elevated rail and the quartz ruin.

Second picture is the small and large chorus farms.




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So I think I am taking a long break with Minecraft - might play it again at Christmas - not sure as I am more than a little burnt out on the game hehe.

These are the list of automated/afk/one hit/farmer driven farms, machines or command block items in the current server world save:

1) Teleporters (at least 24-28 of them at the spawn base)

2) Gold/XP farm

3) Iron farms - small and medium ones near the ground and a larger one way up in the air

4) Blaze farm

5) Enderman farm

6) Cow farm

7) Pig farms

8) Rabbit farm

9) Sheep farm

10) Sheep shearing farm

11) Guardian/Ink farm

12) Cooked chicken and feather farm

13) Sugarcane farm

14) Cactus farm

15) Hostile mob item farm (provides drops from witches, spiders, zombies, creepers and skeletons)

16) Villager breeder

17) Skeleton farms

18) Bread/carrot/potato farmer AFK farms

19) Melon/pumpkin farms

20) Autofiltered silo storage

21) Rotating lighthouses

22) Wither skeleton farm

23) Slimeball farm

24) Cobblestone generators

25) Stone generators

26) Witch farm

27) Tree farm

28) Flower farm

29) Chorus farms (small and large)

30) Wheat farmer AFK farm

31) Ghast/gold farm

32) Auto brewer

33) AFK fish farm

34) Creeper farm

I thought about building an ice farm, a semi-automatic netherwart farm, a couple of mushroom farms (one for lots of small red and brown mushrooms and another for giant mushrooms) and Tango Tek's latest iron farm but I couldn't build up the enthusiasm or energy to do it now :lol: .

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Here are some photos of how spawn looks - plus one of the flying machine elevator near the gold/xp farm. Also a final tunnel/nether tunnel system map:





Realms World 1.12 tunnel map.png


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Aside from the topic, but minecraft-related: I'm finally getting my son interested in this game - at least in terms of watching me fly around in creative mode and show him things.  He's also started getting much more interested in playing with LEGOs.  It begins...

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Wow, just loaded up a new world for hoots and giggles... the lag at night was so bad I died 3 times and then gave up.

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19 minutes ago, godking said:

Wow, just loaded up a new world for hoots and giggles... the lag at night was so bad I died 3 times and then gave up.

Did you increase your RAM allocated to Minecraft to half of your total RAM ? That helps with lag a lot!  The game used to stall every time I used a teleport, but after changing the RAM I rarely even stuttered anymore. The game defaults to only use 512MB-1GB of RAM which isn't enough really. 

I attached a youtube video showing how to do it in that PM I sent the realm server players.

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Ya, I need to do that.  Was just hoping that they fixed things on their end.

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Ooh, I need to do that as well.  Where do you set that setting?

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Realized that I hadn't updated the ingame map of the core with the changes to spawn and Arnelos' place (the changes Arnelos made not me hehe):



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Decided to play "tourist" in the realms world save:

Some interesting pictures (think the villager in the house on the 3rd picture should watch out - it is a long way down once you go out that door ;) - 100 squares down that is )





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Found a very interesting spot in the realms world save:

Doesn't look like much - but this desert village sits right on top of a stronghold (about 20 squares downward) - with a decent sized abandoned mine beside it - with a skeleton spawner and zombie spawner nearby as well. Plus there are 3 other villages about 500 or so squares to the south, west and southwest of this village. Also the savannah to the west contains sheep, cows and chickens.



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Found out that the item transportation system I had in place to move the slimeballs to the silo storage and to provide "fuel" for the larger iron farm doesn't work anymore.

I suspect I would need to implement some sort of workaround to get the iron farm working again and an item elevator for moving the slimeballs.

I can't be bothered to do it right now though - besides there is already around 30,000 iron ingots and over 15,000 slimeballs, so it isn't as though I will run out of either anytime soon...

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This is perhaps the highest floating island I've seen so far from the realms world - also there is a savannah mountain a couple of hundred squares south that goes continuously from ground level to about the same height (240ish):



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Minecraft 1.14 update will be an aquatic update sometime in 2018 - 1.13 will only be a technical update. All Minecraft versions will get the update at the same time.

Dolphins added - will lead players to treasure

New weapon - trident added

New enchantments for the trident

Coral added

New kelp plant on the coral ?

Warm ocean and cold ocean biomes

Fish will be in real world - capture via a bucket - perhaps more types of fish added

Wood buttons, trap doors etc will match the wood type used

A lot of automated farms will be broken due to changes in water mechanics

Shipwrecks on ocean floor

Icebergs - packed ice partly above but mostly below ocean surface

Flying mob - "Monster of the night skies" was voted to be added

More types of half-slabs will be added but unfortunately not vertical half-slabs yet

Likely nerf to off-hand items - no bows, torches or blocks in off-hand

Video - short version (8 minutes) then long version (29 minutes with some speculation by the creator)



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