Sid Meier's "Starships" announced for the "Beyond Earth" universe.

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Thanks Zkribbler!


Here is the youtooby version - which some of us find a bit easier:




Please let this deliver the violence, erm strategic warfare, it seems to promise

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Yeah. I posted in the Other games section, as it was not BE or a Civ game per se.:) Looks interesting, no?

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Looks interesting, no?


Looks interesting? No.


See what I did there? ;)

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Hmmmm, 4X game I am assuming. Judging by how they have gone, how much will be a copy of GalCiv?


Things I wouldn't expect (but would find a pleasant surprise):


3D & Large scale (500+ solar systems) maps

Ship design

Random encounters (space amoeba, etc.)

Tactical & Strategic gameplay

more than just a re-skin of Civ5

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From what I understand, it's probably closer to Ace Patrol than Civ5.

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Oh geez. Didn't Ace Patrol get a game metric of like 68-72 or somewhere in there?

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Sid does an extended demo of Starships here. There's a link to the actual game footage a couple of seconds into the video, so don't worry about the intial video length!




It looks like it could be quite fun, but in a limited 'ipad game' kind of way. I can't imagine getting more than a couple of weeks out of this title. Looks like civ lite meshed with XCom combat lite, without the soldier personalities to hang a narrative off.

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Here's what AriochIV had to say about it over at CFC:


It's essentially a cross between Pirates! and XCOM:EU... you're limited to a single fleet, and the gameplay is centered around hopping around from system to system performing missions. You appear to have little or no direct control over your planets, and infrastructure doesn't seem to account for much -- you can modify your ships or even purchase new ships at the start of each mission (at which point your fleet is usually not in friendly territory). There are only 9 different ship components; technologies appear to only increase the functionality of these components rather than providing new ones.


By Sid's own admission, Starships is not a AAA title; it was developed on a short schedule and a reduced budget. That's not to say that it won't be enjoyable, but if you're expecting Firaxis' answer to MOO2, I think you're going to be disappointed.


Edit: sorry, got interrupted before I could finish this. Anyways, maybe I am focusing too much on the second paragraph in regards to it being developed on a short schedule and reduced budget, but I think I am going to take a wait and see attitude on this one, and see what people have to say after they've played the game.



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