Gaian Luck - scenario for Gaians (December 2014 GotM)

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Gaian Luck

by Mart

Shortly after planetfall, you could review reports about surrounding terrain. There is abundant plant life, fertile soil, rivers and sea coast. Not only you grabbed with Deirdre more landing pods from U.N.S. Unity, but also will be able to establish a colony in a very good location.

Other mission officers could not be reached by radio. They have either equipment malfunction or they did not survive this emergency landing. While regretting loss of life, you are not that worried about getting all those wrong ideas for future of this human colony out of your way.

Just last corrections on the tabview and report will be ready for Lady Deirdre Sky. Living these past days in almost constantly moving escape pods has become unbearable to large portion of the crew. Decisions needed to be made.


This is vanila SMAC game. No expansion!



Unzip the folder "gotm-2014-gaian-luck" to the "scenarios" folder inside the game folder.


Start SMAC game, choose:

Scenario > Play scenario -> and find the folder as described above. Select "Deirdre-2101.Sc" file.


About game settings:

Standard size map.

Dense cloud cover (more rainy conditions).

Abundant planet life (mindworms).

Transcendence - the only victory condition enabled.

No restart of eliminated factions.

Random events are ON.

Librarian difficulty


How quickly can you transcend? To complete this scenario discover all technologies and complete Ascent to Transcendence Secret Project in the smallest possible number of turns.

In case of a tie, Victory Points will decide the winner.

Save and submit your game the turn before completion of the Ascent to Transcendence SP.

Attach your save here in this thread for standings on Apolyton.

Deadline: March 31, 2015

After this date, you can submit your game for consolation standings.


This scenario is the December 2014 Game of the Month on another site, where it can be downloaded:




For After Actions Reports, please use other thread and keep this one for standings only, thank you!

When doing AAR, please remember before March 31, 2015 to write spoiler warning to players, who are going to play this scenario. They should not read such AAR before submitting.


Good 'Gaian' luck! :cool:


= = = = = = = = =



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