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E_T recently contacted me and asked me to reprint the message here where his friends could see it.


I've been working for just over a year now, I celebrated my 1 year anniversary on the 17th.


In the last year, I have taken 3 more IT courses: COMPTIA Security+; Cisco CCNA & Cisco Security. I'm just about to take my COMPTIA Network+ exam and my A+ Certification is 1 year old now..


My Job has been with Telephone Tech Support with a worldwide call center company and I have been supporting calls for a major fruity mobile product Company and associated computing interface equipment (hey, who took a bite out of that logo... :wink: ).


My hardest thing is getting my average time per call (AHT) down to where the client wants it, even though they also want us to be more touchy, feelie with the customer. That and supporting multiple devices and cases for the customer, but to still handle that within the 15 minute limit... That and drop the call as quickly as possible, so that the clueless customer who had called in, who had waited a long time on hold to get me, now has something to accomplish that is going to take a few minutes for the current process in the fixing of the problem (like backup or transferring of lots of purchases to their computer or reinstalling of the device operating system), and that they will have to call back once they are ready for the next step and again wait more time on hold. An aside, the company has a limited number of call out slots available in any 15 minute call out time slot and the latest that we can set up a call back is 9:45 PM EST, so, if you call in the evening, Eastern time, you will very likely have to call back, if you have to do something that takes time to accomplish.


And they practically beg me to stay online, to the point that once I'm finally able to break from the call, the task has been accomplished and they are ready for the next step... and once the call has been finished, their device is back up and running, the customer is glad (gushing at times) and the total call time has raked up to 60+ minutes. Then, they get sent a random survey that asks about their satisfaction of support for my advise and assistance. Often times, the customer gushes about my level of service to them, but they also put in the survey about their hold times or other overall dissatisfaction with the overall process (like previous advisers who don't have a clue and give the wrong advise OR did not position the full expectation to the customer as to what is going to be likely, possibly required to correct their problem OR ... ) and they give an overall lower level of satisfaction (Very Sat, Sat, Neutral, Dissatisfied, Very Dis) for the process, but they give me the VSat on my part....but the DSat counts against ME, because, I was supposed to make the customer a promoter from a detractor, fix their problem, hold their hand, educate them on features of the device that they might not know about, etc.... all within 15 minutes....





anyways, with the new product launches, I've been putting in a ton of OT. I don't know if and when you will be in town (soon, if you follow your normal pattern), but if so, I might be but not very likely to get with you, due to work schedule (I work the closing shift and earliest that I get off work is 11:15 PM ET - later to finish out the queue and the last call).


(for the WPC crowd) hey, if ya'll want to leave feedback with this massive fruity company about how YOU feel about this, please feel free to go to wwwDOT[fruit]DOTcom/feedback and give them your feelings about you feel about this....



anyways, have fun and I'll try to keep up with ya'll


Oh, and I got an apartment in April, so I'm no longer living in the "Homeless shelter"



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