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Welcome to the WPC Covered Game Competition!


As you no doubt know, Civilization: Beyond Earth is due this Fall.

WPC has decided to celebrate this by holding a competition based on Civ:BE, but also any game covered by the site. The theme of the competition is a simple one - create something based on the game you choose to cover. This can be fan-fic, an After Action Report, a Let's Play, or anything else you can imagine(please keep within decency ;) )!


Entry eligibility starts June 1st 2014, and will continue to run until July 6th 2014, so you have six weeks to get your entries in. Public voting will then take place over the seven days following the closure of the competition.


Contestants are able to enter as many AARs/LPs/fan-fic as they like, the only stipulation is that it must be posted in the right forum here at WPC and linked to the main thread in Site Feedback & Community. You can use any medium for your submission (text, images, audio, video -- or any combination thereof)


The prizes will be:

1st place: A game of your choosing on Steam, up to a value of 65 USD.*

2nd place: Two pieces of DLC to any game on Steam, up to a value of 10 USD.*

3rd place: One piece of DLC on Steam, up to a value of 5 USD.*


So, to recap, this is the small print:


Competition lasts from June 1st to July 6th 2014.

Contestants can enter as many entries as they like.

Entries must be posted in the forum of the chosen game here at WePlayCiv.

Entries can be submitted using any form of media.

Mods can be used while playing the game. If a mod is used the name of the mod must be stated in AAR and the mod developer credited for their work.

Voting starts on July 6st and lasts for 7 days.


Good luck and have fun! :D


*value of the game is according to the NZ steam shop

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Due to it being summer and only three submissions have been given, we extend the competition out August.

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