Tool for fixing the factions Icons on Scenario game and to replace human players

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Hi there, The base's icons keep changing every turn sin a scenario game, switching from the icons of the Angels or The Morganites when you're the Hive, or a random faction... does somebody knows a tool to fix the factions Icons on Scenario games?


There is also another tool to replace human players to computers wich I have been looking for, I think that might be a great tool to let people surrender without ending the game and let the other players continue the game... Anyone would know this?



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It is a known bug, that the multi-player (or scenario) games do not pickup the correct faction graphics files, they use the previous entries from your Alpha_Centauri.ini which is set by the previous single player game you played. The way to work-around this bug is that you once play a single player game that matches the setup of your PBEM (you only need to make it to planetfall, then you can quit the game or SAVE it), that will alter the ini file. Then you can save a copy of it under a different name, then each time before you play your PBEM, you copy the saved ini file into Alpha_Centauri.ini. There is also a GUI utility to automate this switching process, called Iniswap by Mart:




Alternatively, if you saved the normal (single player) game, you can also just load up that save before loading the scenario or MP game.

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You can find here the thread were it was originally posted by Mart.



This small utility can store a 'Alpha Centauri.ini' file for each of your SMAX PBEMs in a separate folder "Iniswap" in the root game directory. Each file is supposed to have the correct faction order declared for a specific game.

The utility can swap the correct 'Alpha Centauri.ini' file just before you load your PBEM to ensure correct graphics in game. It is designed to fix this SMAX bug (you don't need it for SMAC PBEMs) as effortlessly as possible.


Should work under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 and XP, although not all of these operating systems have been tested.



Step 1: Download

You can download the version 2 of the Iniswap tool here: http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/showthread.php?874-Tool-for-fixing-the-factions-Icons-on-Scenario-game-and-to-replace-human-players&p=149645&viewfull=1#post149645


Step 2: 'Installation'

Unzip the archived file and place iniswap.exe into the SMAX root game folder

(that's usually the 'Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri' folder).




Step 3: First execution

During its first execution, the utility will ask you for permission to create "Iniswap" folder. Do that.




If you refuse it will quit. It's designed to work only in the main game root folder. The utility will not work otherwise.


Now you should have an empty 'Iniswap' directory like this:




Step 4: Saving an 'Alpha Centauri.ini' file with the correct faction order


4.1 Find out the correct faction order in you game:

- if you have a CMN (and he didn't post it in the setup or in the TTT thread), you should ask him.

- if you don't have a CMN you'll have to figure it out all by yourself.


4.2 Modifying the .ini file (you have 2 options here):

4.2.1 use SMAX to modify the 'Alpha Centauri.ini' file

Start a regular game with the seven factions in the correct order (size of map, diff level etc don’t matter) then exit just after the colony pod has landed. This way your .ini file now records the seven factions that you want in your game. Now, you have to start the iniswap tool and use the 'Add existing file' button of the application.




This will open a new window where you can enter a name for the .ini file.

In this case I will call it 'WePlaySMAC' so I can remember to use it for the WePlaySMAC PBEM.




4.2.2 use a text editor like Notepad, Wordpad,.. to modify it by yourself.


[coming up later]


Repeat Step 4 for all your SMAX games.

This way you will have a ini file for every SMAX game that you are playing.


Step 5: Using the stored ini files

All you have to do is forget the way you were starting SMAX before and instead open the iniswap tool and double click on the name of the ini file with the correct faction order for the game you want to play. In my case this will be: 'Alpha Centauri_WePlaySMAC.ini'




This will start SMAX and when you load the game you'll have all the faction with their correct graphic set.

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An awesome post!

Thanks a lot from all computer nuts! :clapper:

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well, it's not finished yet... :blush:

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You can find here the thread were it was originally posted by Mart.


Step 1: Download

You can download the version 2 of the Iniswap tool here.


The download link seems to be broken... anyone has the file?

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I hope we can download zipped exes on this site.

it's working fine. :b:


the link in post #3 was updated!

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