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A cool new village-building game, created by a single guy [but you'd never know it].


Both Quill18 and his mother-in-law AKiss4Luck have review copies and are posting Let's Plays. Quill18 has churned out 8 videos in three days, AKiss4Luck only 2, but IMHO, she has a better "feel" for the game.





AKiss4Luck [aka Eva]



In these games, both have ended up far from any river which could provide trade. IMHO, it's because both a playing on the largest possible map. I suggest you begin on a smaller one.

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What are your favorite things about this game Zkrib?

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The astonishing graphics, especially when you consider that they were all done by one guy.


The reasonably balanced gameplay, except things can blow up on you awfully fast--that why I emphasize: do not run out of tools!


I said above this is a village-building game. But it's really not. This is not an Anno or a Civ or a Sim City. It's a try-and-avoid-everyone-dying game.


IMHO, you should play with disasters turned off. A tornado ripping through your town pretty much means you're going to lose.


Admittedly, I haven't played the game, but those who have say it's incredibly addictive.

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