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Strong Son of God, immortal Love,

Whom we, that have not seen thy face,

By faith, and faith alone, embrace,

Believing where we cannot prove;


Thine are these orbs of light and shade;

Thou madest Life in man and brute;

Thou madest Death; and lo, thy foot

Is on the skull which thou hast made.


Thou wilt not leave us in the dust:

Thou madest man, he knows not why,

He thinks he was not made to die;

And thou hast made him: thou art just.


Thou seemest human and divine,

The highest, holiest manhood, thou.

Our wills are ours, we know not how;

Our wills are ours, to make them thine.


Our little systems have their day;

They have their day and cease to be:

They are but broken lights of thee,

And thou, O Lord, art more than they.


We have but faith: we cannot know;

For knowledge is of things we see

And yet we trust it comes from thee,

A beam in darkness: let it grow.


Let knowledge grow from more to more,

But more of reverence in us dwell;

That mind and soul, according well,

May make one music as before,


But vaster. We are fools and slight;

We mock thee when we do not fear:

But help thy foolish ones to bear;

Help thy vain worlds to bear thy light.


Forgive what seem'd my sin in me;

What seem'd my worth since I began;

For merit lives from man to man,

And not from man, O Lord, to thee.


Forgive my grief for one removed,

Thy creature, whom I found so fair.

I trust he lives in thee, and there

I find him worthier to be loved.


Forgive these wild and wandering cries,

Confusions of a wasted youth;

Forgive them where they fail in truth,

And in thy wisdom make me wise.

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This is going to be a gameplay AAR in honor of Maggie Thatcher - a WC as the United Kingdom. Very Hard/Furious. Vicky 1.04. I felt it only appropriate to bring the entire world under Rule Brittania. :)


First order of business - Queen Victoria elects to make Maggie Thatcher Prime Minister and the Tories are now the ruling government!



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Ok, first things first.


I have to figure out the budget so that we start making money instead of spending it.


The nice thing is that I start with 25k, but that will go quickly once the wars start.


Raise Taxes on everybody up to 49.9. This is so I don't devolve my craftsmen or upperclass.


Social Reforms?! You have to be kidding me! Really? Ok. We have Trinkets for Unemployment and Trinkets for safety.


The goal here is to do all the political reforms, which for the United Kingdom means Universal Suffrage and free speech. It also means 2.5 million dollars! So it's not going to be in the picture for awhile.


Looking at what we have and what we are using.











Steel and Lumber are important, but not now. Right now the only resources that count are:



Canned Food


Regular shirts

Clipper Transports


Bonus points to anyone who can figure out why. ;)


Surprising the UK has exactly zero reserve armies. All we have are regulars.


We're going to take this glorious navy and cut it to the bone. :( Sadly, as nice as the ships are, we can do better things without than with them.


Total army for our far flung and glorious empire is 35 divisions, with 10 divisions of transports.


That should be enough for a few 'adventures'.


So - people of Albion - where should we invade first?


Post your choice! The world waits!

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This is awesome Ben, thanks for doing this. I've never really paid much attention to Vicky but am definitely interested.

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So pick some weak loser nation you want to see crushed by the big red machine. Some AARs are about a titanic struggle in the face of adversity. This is not.

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:bounce: Ben Kenobi sighting! :)


...Total army for our far flung and glorious empire is 35 divisions, with 10 divisions of transports.


At the outbreak of the American Revolution, the British Army had only 12,000 troops, 3,000 of whom were stationed in Boston.


So pick some weak loser nation you want to see crushed by the big red machine. Some AARs are about a titanic struggle in the face of adversity. This is not.


Russia :expect:

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****. Ok. I can do Russia. Then. I will crush puny nations in the order listed in this thread. Since Russia appears to be the first nation on our hit list - I will have to build up our boats and our ground troops until I can launch a significant invasion force. Because, let's face it 10 divisions just isn't going to cut it. This also means waiting for more boats to become available on the WM.


Running through the extra cash I manage to pick up enough shirts to fix manpower problem and 250 each of guns, wine and canned food. About 1/4 of what I'll need to take on Russia. So, now I wait - save up and spend to buy as many guns as I can while upgrading our reserves. The big bottleneck is the boats, so I'm just stockpiling now.


Victim list:



Papal States.




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Egypt is always useful, for the Suez channel eventually.

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Don't you dare conquer Norway! Wait. Swedes are ruling Norway. Go take it. :D

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Ok, the first part is really boring, but I should have an update by tonight. :)


Thatcherite program:


I shut down the gun, artillery, and explosive factories for being money losers right now. I kept the machine parts open along with the steamer transports.


I cut social program funding to the minimum. Crimefighting is at maximum and education - all of that is going to buy guns. And tins. And more guns. And boats (which aren't available). And more guns. And wine.


Has anyone figured out the strategy yet? ;)

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:idea: I'm guessing your plan is to shoot lots of Russians. :nod:

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For those of you who haven't figured it out - Vicky 1 is all about 'strategic projection', and 'force concentration'.


The goal here is to get 100 clipper transports with 100 divisions of native cavalry troops. This allows us to deploy 100 divisions, anywhere in the world.


Normally I have to staircase up to get this amount, but since I'm starting as the UK - I can cut some corners and go right for the big numbers.


And those numbers? 400 clipper transports, 10 manpower and 50k gold for the flotilla. 400 at 150 is about 60k gold for the clippers.


The Army?


1000 guns (usually at 150 apiece), so 150k for guns off the WM.

1000 wine (usually about 20 per), so 20k for wine

1000 canned food (usually about 10 per), so 10k for canned food.

100k in gold.

Plus, 1000 manpower.


Now, to get 1000 manpower, you'll need to buy 20 shirts, and convert 20 units of population.


20 regular shirts = 20x50 = 1k for shirts.

750 per conversion, so 1k plus 750x20 = 15k in gold.


Then, you'll want sufficient leadership so that you can effectively command the group. You start with 40 leadership, and you'll need quite a bit more for effective leadership. You want 10 decent leaders. You'll need to convert 2 large stacks of British into Leaders, which should generate you sufficient Leadership.


That's another 6k, plus 20 paper, 10 Luxury Furniture, 10 Luxury Clothes, 20 guns and 10 precious metals. We have sufficient quantities of everything save luxury furniture which is another 10x150 or 1.5k.


Bringing us to a total of:


150k for Guns.

100k for Army cost

60k for Clipper transports

50k for Flotilla costs

20k for wine

15k for soldier training

3k for officer guns

1.5k luxury furniture

1.5k luxury clothes

1.2k Precious Metals

1k Regular Clothes

.6k Paper


Total cost:


Roughly 400k gold.


At 200/day, that gives you roughly 2000 days or about 5.5 years to accumulate all of this stuff. Then you have to wait another 2 years for the flotilla to be built, and another 6 months for the army to form up, so closer to about 8 years.


The result, is to go from a force projection of 2 divisions (with a 6 month delay)! To 100 divisions (with zero delay).


We went from 2 divisions prior to reorganization. After Reorg- we went from 2 (consolidating boats, and units), to a mobile strike force of 10. Not great, but at least you can do something with it. Boats will come quite soon, so we'll go from 10 up to around 35 or so. Once the armies are in, we'll be up to 100.


It's all about the numbers. It doesn't matter how many elite artillery units they have with poison gas and stormtroopers if I've got enough Indians. :D


How do you get there? It's simply a matter of time and money. Since we're the UK, we don't have to worry about the number one problem for small nations - becoming the latest snack for a larger nation. This give us our most precious resource, which is time. Given enough time, once we are making 200 a day, we can afford anything we want off the world market. It just takes awhile to build it up. So, for the meantime, we will be maintaining 'Splendid Isolation'. We'll avoid entanglements.


So far we have been requested to join Belgium (which I declined).


We signed the London Treaty, recognising the independence of Belgium (but we don't have a defensive alliance).


We decided to crush the Canadian rebellion, while the United States (thankfully!), decided to go with neutrality in the Caroline affair.


The Ottomans are whining about Egypt, which normally I would be more than happy to join, but since Zkribbler wants me to take down Russia, I have my hands tied.


Boats are ordered.

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Post Thatcherite Economic reforms:


Cut education to zero, and cut social programs to zero. Crime fighting at maximum and naval spending to zero. Army spending to full. I will eventually cut the spending on the regular units a few months prior to deployment of the 100 divisions. This will cut my spending on regulars to 1/10th. After restoring the funding, then full deployment, my cost to maintain the army should be fine. Each unit of native cavalry costs about 1 pounds a day. At 200, I could support an army of 200 native cavalry, but I don't need that many. Regulars are 10 per turn.


I have shut down about 5 factories, and rebuild steel, lumber, cloth and one wine factory. This gives us access to all our most demanded goods, and helps with the shortages, which have been cut in half.


Economically, Britain is chronically short Fabric, Lumber and Steel. She is also short Cotton, which is why Britain is converting to Steamers now. After the Thatcherite reforms, we will only be short on Steel - once we convert our naval yards to steamers. We need more workers, but I am not going to spend on conversions until much later in the game.

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Ok - we are nearing the point where intervention is possible.


China started the Opium war, but we declined to join - since the rules didn't have me taking China on first. Even after the murder at Canton.


America had the Aroostock event- which we also declined.


Finally, probably the most difficult event - we got the Chartist petition which would fix two of our social reforms for 75k! We can pay it, but it would delay war with Russia. Thought about it for awhile - but decided not to take it.


We have now researched our 5th tech and exhausted our free tech points - find a trading partner for 5! military techs - including strategic mobility, muzzle loaders, etc. for naval professionalism and other naval techs. Landlocked small German nation - so it won't hurt us at all.


This is a real help - because it is going to take awhile before we can upgrade our military - and now we have a top of the line army. We also got Clauswitzian, which is great - it will help us recover morale and make it easier for us to destroy the morale of other troops.


Everything is mostly prepared, we have about 95 percent of what we need to start war with Russia.


Mexico annexed Texas! :(


The US has offered us an alliance! I have declined to take, as I have no quarrel with Mexico.

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Reflections on the Revolution in France




Edmund Burke


November 1st 1790


IT MAY NOT BE UNNECESSARY toinform the reader that the following Reflections had their origin in acorrespondence between the Author and a very young gentleman at Paris, who didhim the honor of desiring his opinion upon the important transactions whichthen, and ever since, have so much occupied the attention of all men. An answerwas written some time in the month of October 1789, but it was kept back uponprudential considerations. That letter is alluded to in the beginning of thefollowing sheets. It has been since forwarded to the person to whom it wasaddressed. The reasons for the delay in sending it were assigned in a shortletter to the same gentleman. This produced on his part a new and pressingapplication for the Author's sentiments.


The Author began a second and more full discussion on the subject. This hehad some thoughts of publishing early in the last spring; but, the mattergaining upon him, he found that what he had undertaken not only far exceededthe measure of a letter, but that its importance required rather a moredetailed consideration than at that time he had any leisure to bestow upon it.However, having thrown down his first thoughts in the form of a letter, and,indeed, when he sat down to write, having intended it for a private letter, hefound it difficult to change the form of address when his sentiments had growninto a greater extent and had received another direction. A different plan, heis sensible, might be more favorable to a commodious division and distributionof his matter...

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November 1st 1842.


"It is appropriate - that on this day - we, this Glorious Nation of Britannia - should seek to undo all that has been pilfered by the perfidy of France in our Recent Wars.


We shall start with the only power who dares oppose us, Russia.


I have passed a resolution outlawing Russia - forever.


We begin shelling in 15 minutes.

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I don't know this game at all, so I can make no reasonable prediction.


But wait, there are two scarlet bars underneath your fleet, both on the far left. I don't know what they mean, but they can't be good. :scared:

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