[Pitboss] A Call to Arms - Restart

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Yes, it was good of a game. Kudos again to 1889 for coming as replacement and playing it to the end.



It was interesting and educational game - my first and only team game.


Good game all guys!

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Hey everyone, I'm just checking in. Is the game over? How did things end up?


Did y'all find all the cool things I left for you on the map?

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Yes, the game ended in concede to Team Blackadders - Sommerswerd and 2metraninja just 10-15 turns before we could utterly destroy all left resiatance. The map was very very interesting and innovative I can say. The long distances and separated teammates were additional challenge and logistic alternatives. Some were more separated than others but this is understandable - given the RL Indonesia limilarity there could not be always 100 fair distribution of teams.


I was sad to see so much from the original players had left the game and teams parted, but that is life. Thanks Donald for the outstanding hosting and Ozzy for the great map.


Good game all!

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Early on I had kept a close eye on all the team threads, it took y'all forever to figure out it was Indonesia :). I loved reading people's theories on what the map was. :)

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