Discover Age of Nations Episode 113: "Loyalties Questioned"

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Furthering the (re-)discovery of the machinima and live-action blended series Age of Nations (AoN), this week's focus is on Episode 113: "Loyalties Questioned". In addition to being able to download the episode in Windows Media (WMV) format from the course website, you can also

off of YouTube. Set in the Rise of Nations universe as the first Real-Time Strategy (RTS) machinima series and first for the game, AoN ran for one season of 14 episodes and ending with a featurette released in July 2007.


As described for the series' thirteenth episode:


Questions are getting answered, but how they are received on all sides of this tireless and tiring war is not so forthcoming.


To this end, growing desperation leads one ally to turn on another and then point elsewhere for the cause.


From the now defunct game developer Big Huge Games co-founded by Civilization II and Alpha Centauri Lead Designer Brian Reynolds, RoN worked to incorporate Turn-Based Strategy (TBS) elements into an RTS environment.

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