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FB recently attracted me towards a relatively new but otherwise mostly unadvertised browser game.


It's not quite civilisation in a browser (other games have come closer), but it has potential to be interesting for those who like their slower paced in you can pop in and out of the game rather than sitting infront of the screen for hours.


You start off by creating an account and selecting your location and race, there are only 3 races Indians, Europeans and Asian and they do get unique units and bonuses and a unique wonder, you then choose your starting location...ish, it's still random but will have an effect upon how your city generates resources.


The game then takes you through a lengthy interactive tutorial whish is effectively an "old hermit" guiding you throguh the games basic resource generation and different early buildings. The game is time not turn based as so far there are only 3 kinds of resource generation, Farmers, Workers and Sages (scientists) that you have 3 sliders bars to adjust.


All construction at this point is done via food and wood (generated via population against farmers and workers or the number of "Collectors Huts" you have built and their level).


Research is a bit odd as you can select a research topic (one you've got to a certain point in the old hermit's quest chain), however your sages then research points towards a knowledge pool, which you then transfer into the research topic.....but this is most efficient once the pool has reached a certain number, otherwise you lose some of the points you've gathered....not sure why the people behind the game have done it this way the FAQ doesn't explain it. However researching topics not only unlocks new buildings, but it also increased the maximum level of existing buildings so that you can upgrade them and thus increase their effectiveness. You can also queue your research topics....but again I don't see why as the knowledge pool does not get automatically transferred once it's full...apparantly the points are just.....lost. (so will require logging int othe game a couple of times a day to check in your pool)


I've not yet got as far as combat, got another couple of techs to research first which barring any bonus tech points from the hermit quest chain will probably take me a few days, I've also not got into communicating with other players....although there is an odd feature of leaving messages for other players on the world map?


Anyway if anyone else fancies giving it a go my invite link is apparently I'll get a few "luck" coins if you get far enough through the "old Hermit" chain...Luck coins give in-game bonuses, from what i can tell you get minor bonuses to various things or handy tools, not so much that it becomes pay to win.


Oh one nice little random feature is that as you leave the game running (either online of offline) resource drops appear on your city screen (somewhat like civworld), they usually only contain between 1 and 3 items, but useful none-the-less.


Another nifty feature is that along side the current basic resources of food and wood you also get given and can presumably generate in the future bonus resources, so far I've been given Fish and fruit, they allow you to add a % bonus to various things, only one at a time though, so fruit gives me a 20% bonus to population growth and fish gives 15% growth and 5% research...however the resource gets consumed at different rates on a per-hour basis.


Seems a lot of thought has gone into the game as it also appears to be quite well written.

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Seems the game isn't 100% translated, one of the sciences give a knowledge transfer bonus, but to find out what that bonus was I had to translate from the native tongue of russian....thank goodness for google translate. However that impresses me more as the last russian game I looked at had quite poor translation, this game apparantly has quite good translation.


The game also promotes players in a local area to work together by allowing you to create a "country" (guild/alliance). It appears that countries offer benefits to it's members such as the unification of science (basically every member is brought up to the same level of technology as the highest member) and then the joint research of each technology after that, given that the game adds additional points onto the total tech points requires for each research topic (E.G. the first 4 topics each cost 250 points, once the first one is researched the next three are still 250, but with 80 added on top, the next tier techs cost 500+80...not sure if this is +80 per researched tech, or if it grows exponentially, however it does seem to indicate that creating/joining a country is not just wise, but mandatory!).


The Countries leader can then assign roles to it's various members as follows:


Leader — governs the country, appoints players to their positions, determines country’s enemies and allies.


Sage — sets the research sequence, observes the scientific potential of each player.


Battlemaster — observes the troops and military events of all members, coordinates military operations.


Battlemaster’s assistant — appointed by the battlemaster, has the same functions as the battlemaster.


Treasurer — sets taxes, manages the treasury, collects taxes and distributes subsidies


This somewhat indicates that whilst the Leader controls the contry as a whole, he must delegate other decisions out to other players....and therefore you hope that you are not giving that control over to a player who has no desire to play the game properly.


Somwhat annoyingly there are 2(3?) requirements for joining a country, 1 have an embasy (which even before it can be built requires you to research 3 techs), 2 have enough Diplomacy points to create or join a country and 3 the countries leader has to be within a 10 square radius of your first city. Given that the link in my first post has the potential to put anyone using it into a 15 square radius of my starting location then it is entirely possible that anyone joining me on this game may not be able to join the country I create or join myself...which is a shame.

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Still playing this....still way back in the stone age, research is slow, but that is expected.


In my current visible map (roughly a 5x5 square) there were about 10 other there's only 2, one of whom has not responded to any message I sent them, which may be a cause of concern once I'm out of the 10 day new player protection as I cannot build any combat units.


Now I'm researching fishing to make use of my single river plot (any maybe generate fish which is a bonus resource to improve pop growth and possibly useful for trade) and then writing (which allows me to build an embassy and start or join a country).

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When the hermit gives you the quest to look in the forums to figure out when the world began, what did you do. When I click on the forums link it doesn't work. How were you able to get past this part of the hermit's quests?

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Whoa.....I actually managed to convince someone to play :-D


The forums aren't working at the moment however the answer (to the irritation of some) reguarly appears in the chat screen, I believe it's "01.09.2009"


And you didn't use my invite link.....not that it matters, you're likely to be no-where near me due to how the game puts new players further away from older players.

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This game is getting more interesting all of the time. I've formed a country and now have another player joining it, so we are going through "Union", this is the process by which our sciences are matched, I get all of his, he gets all of mine, the time it takes to unify varies depending on how far apart the country and the new member are in tech. Once completed we'll know the same stuff and can see everything around each-other cities.


However the same thing can sort of be achieved by trading, if i send resources directly to someones city (not via the trade market) then they will see around my city and vice-versa.


One unexpected hiccup of the country though is that only the person with the highest science potential (generates the most knowledge points) gets their full research bonus, everyone else gets a much reduced amount.

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Still playing this, my country is now up to 4 members (including myself) each of us with 2 cities. One of my members is generating a pretty high amount of research points so we are virtually racing throguh the tech tree (that is a new tech every 2-3 days).


Military wise we're okay, but no-one near us appears to want war and are quite content to trade and research.


I have to say after playing this gam for about 3 weeks now, if you're a Civ fan you must give this a try, it does require patience, but for a free browser MMO it's darn good.

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