WPC Democracy Game Team looking for players - Come one, come all!

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Hello all,


The WePlayCiv team for the upcoming Inter-Site Democracy Game would like to invite you to join us. What's a democracy game, you ask? It's when a group of Civ players get together and all play one civ at a time, the goal being to pool everyone's thoughts and strengths and play a particularly good game of Civ. If you like Civ, it's a fun time: the builders vote for more Libraries, the warmongers vote for more swords, and conmcb25 votes "banana." Sometimes we go off-topic and discuss cookies, too.


This particular democracy game, being organized at Civilization Fanatics Center, is going to be a multiplayer, inter-site game: all civilizations in the game will be played by a human team, and each team will be from a different Civilization forum. Our team would be happy to have you in any capacity you're interested in, from simply watching to being an active member of the team. Civ and forum veteran? Great! Have you been lurking here as you're just getting into civ? Please join the fun! All are welcome and encouraged to join. As one of our members put it:


"Welcome to the easy life-style at WPC. Lurkers are welcome. Drinks are free!*"


*Drinks may in fact not be free. Drinks may in fact not exist on the internet to begin with.


(Original team formation thread)

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Kloreep, could you point to the other thread and Rob, could you Stiky this, please?

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One epic lurker signing up.


I guess I'll need to perma-tab the team page, so I'll check it for sure.


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Hey Provi, please post in the Welcome thread, once you get access and hope you have fun!! :D

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