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Does anyone know of any random flash/java game sites, the sort that a small developer puts their stuff up on but might not be easily found unless you know exactly what you're looking for.


As an example what I'm thinking of is stuff like which is a small and unfortunately incomplete flash based rogue-like, it is playable and if you know the right path you can survive for quite a while (I have spent an entire 8 1/2 hour shift playing this game with 1 character), however the appeal dwindles after a while.


So I'm looking to see if anyone know of anything else that's out there but wouldn't be found on the usual flash game sites like Kongregate (there's also a chance that such site I can still access from work :-D...kongregate and other similar sites I cannot, but Thetombs I can!)


Another example is which is another flash roguelike, very promising, but like the tombs may also be dead (last release update was in 2010), the game is playable, but as you do not level up and therefore cannot improve your base attributes then feels a bit pointless, which is shame.


I'll admit my interest is RPG style game or adventure/strategy, but given the title of the thread then anything that anyone considers a "hidden treasure" would be welcome!

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Caravaneer is a good little flash game (until you know where everything is, like pretty much any RPGtype game). Kinda old and maybe too well known for your point?

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Nope, if you can find it on regular flash game sites, it doesn't count. I'm looking for the ones that cannot be found on Kongregate, armourgames, bubblebox etc.


I recall finding a TBS style RPG a few years back, work in progress, I played through what had been made so far ans was quite impressed....unfortunately all I can remember is that it was a sci-fi genre and I think it started with the letter D....not very helpful eh?

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