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Super Brothers: Sword and Sorcery ep

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Looks really interesting! Does anyone have it for the PC, and what's it like on the iPad BD? Any other 'different' iPad games you can recommend?

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Theres Only one IPAD game isnt There (Angry Birds) Just sayin. ;)

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I got it on the last Humble Indie Bundle offer. I loved the look of the graphics when i first read about the game, kinda reminded me of really good C64 graphics, and now i've been playing the game over a few days i've got to give credit for the sound and music by Jim Guthrie, it really makes the whole game shine. I also got the whole music tracks as seperate mp3's on the indie bunlde, so all the tracks have now been added to my huge 'computer game music' player list.


The game is typically Indie, in that it doesn't require hardcore game playing skills to do well at it, but is obtuse enough to stop you being able to get through it without thought. A few times i got stuck and had to go away and do something else before coming back to it. Infact the game will encourage you to do this, it says ok take a break and come back later every now and then at the end of each section.


It's 'arty' in that it mixes some high-culture (you know who the Scythians were right? well you play one of them, a girl) with some low-culture (it uses terms like cool and you know just hangs out to chill out for a while) type familiarities.


It's a bit 'hippie' in places, but it fits the developing story realy nicely so you won't notice it too bad.


The key game mechanic, which is where it gets it's title (EP) from, of flipping the record between the A side and B side of your game worlds story is very interesting, and that whole depiction really goes well with the centre piece music that plays most the time.


I haven't finished it yet, but it's not a huge game - i've done maybe 3 hours and it says i'm 60% of the way through. So yeah if you like arty type games that do things slightly differently and are not too demanding, then it is worth a shot. I'd have bought it just for the music alone, but like Botanicula it has enough of an odd-ball game behind it to make it worth the price of entry imho.


It won't knock your socks off, but it is a thoughtfull and well made indie effort. 8/10 if the genre is your thing. 6.5/10 if it isn't. 9/10 for the music :)

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