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Crusader Kings II Mods

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I know we're mostly all new to this game, but is anyone running any mods for their Crusader Kings 2 game? If so could you please provide an everview of what the mod does and what you like/dislike about the mod.


I'm not a huge fan of mods myself, especially those that mess with the core game too much, but I've got an eye on a few myself and would like to see if anyone else has any experience with any.


For the record, I'm keeping a close eye on:


Balance mods

Balansegang: A Balance Overhaul

While I've been playing, and compiling information for my guide, I've noticed various small things that annoy me in the game. Everything from ahistorical succession law, to pagans getting destroyed in decades.

As such I've over time made many small changes to the game which I've been using both to play on my own, and to play with friends. Some of these changes I've already released as mini-mods, but now I'm releasing a compiled version.

The focus has been on not changing the base game by much, merely tweaking various figures to attain better results. Another important focus has been improving how long pagans survive for, as they currently get destroyed quite fast in CKII.

"Bella Gerant Alii" - A Balance Improvement Mod for CK II

This mod should help to iron out some flaws and balance problems with vanilla CK2.

It will also add new stuff - current additions are only buildings, but decisions, events and plots will follow.

New mechanics

Better rebels. No more whack-a-rebel!

This mod if for those who think rebel system in CK2 is boring and pointless.

Now they will not spawn and wait to be killed. Instead, you will get nasty province modifiers representing peasant unrest. Also, there is a chance to be killed/wounded/maimed by revolting peasants and a chance that they will burn a building in province.

Battle Resolution enhanced

This small mod attempts to resolve some of the issues I have with the battle system that Paradox have presented and the 98% of the time, foregone results that come from it. Although not a modder (some Total war), I have based my changes on what I feel is right after playing wargames for many, many years.

The mod is now available as 3 types;

Lite version 1.5: Mod friendly....no changing of files.

Siege events 1.5: Six siege events to add a bit more variety.

Full version: W.I.P. Next version will add full culture specific armies and tactics.


[Mod] Campaign Map - Culturally different cities.

This mod changes the buildings at the campaign map to be different according to culture. Eastern European cities will be different of their Western versions. Also, I've modified the Castle, Church and the Mayor's house of the Western culture, as well as the textures of the Muslim buildings.

Currently, there are 6 graphical culture types, 4 being the new ones: Eastern european, Mediterranean European, Persian and Moorish.

All models were in the game, unused, but I retexturized the buildings of the new graphic types.

There are 2 versions of the mod, that change (or not) the size of the main provinces' building (that is, the Castle, Church or Mayor's House):

A:It tweaks the size, so that it is easier to identify and tell counties/Prince Bishops/ Republics apart.

B:Uses the original game settings.

Both include the new cultural buildings.

I was following this with lots of interest, but it has been largely replaced by the updates made to v1.05 of the main game.

[Proto-mod]Death causes

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Not doing mods on CK2 so far. Most of my time I play the beta build, so that's not possible.:) I know CK2Plus is popular though.


The Master Mod List is always updated btw, good source for finding the mods you "need".:)

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