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Rodina - the new Elite space trading and exploration game?

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So the tech demo vid for Rodina looks very interesting, huge scale, all realtime flight model from space to planet and back again. It sounds like quite a promising project imho. So i'll be keeping an eye on it and seeing how it developes :b: Fingers crossed between this and Notches own space/exploration/trading game Elite genre fans have some good stuff to look forward too :nod:

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Wow....watched the tech demo, very interesting....I wonder what spec of computer the game is designed for?

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I loved Elite, back in the days of my BBC Micro!


If only something similar was available today.......

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I've tried most of the new 'elites' (Privateer/the 'X' games etc), but in general i always found myself drawn back to the later FFE (elite 3), even though it is pretty flawed in aspects of gameplay (it's sandbox and generic atsmosphere can leave you working hard in your imagination to 'create' the world around you), and the most buggy of the Elites (use autopilot with caution!).


So yeah it will be very interesting to see where this goes. Sadly there is not alot of info yet, but the overall ambition of the project seems to be in the 'right' direction so fingers crossed it will pan out to provide a good 'elite' type game :)


Again not much info on specs or anything, but the guy is an ex bethesda programmer. So with that in mind i suspect they will be quite high at release ;) I could be completely wrong on this off course.

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