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Crusader Kings II: Things I Love and Hate About This Game

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In my current game I'm the King of Ireland. I control all of the Emerald Isle plus a chunk of Scotland. Things are going great for me. I've had several successful kings in a row. My current one has had a highly productive reign only slowed by the unlucky length of time it's taken me to get some fabricated claims on Isle of Man.


I had a mediocre heir who was totally eclipsed by his younger brother. So naturally I arranged for an accident to happen to him. My new heir comes of age and holy crap... 25 Diplomacy! Score! Well time to marry him off. I ring up the Dating Agency and see that there's this beautiful 17 year old with a claim on the Kingdom of Denmark. Her Diplomacy... 29! HOLY ****!!! Soon the wedding bells are ringing and I'm feeling great about the future of my realm. :cool:


3 moths later she gets ill and dies. ****!!!! **** **** ****! GODDAMN THIS GAME!!! :mad::rant::wall:


Anyway, she was a twin. I marry my heir to her sister who has the same claim on Denmark and has a 21 diplomacy. Still great but after seeing her awesome sister she'll always only be second best. :crying:

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For some reason, that reminds me of a scene in the ancient Bruce Dern movie Smile where Bruce Dern is trying to teach his suicidal friend the secret of happiness:


Dern: I had a date with Elizabeth Taylor once.

Friend: [disbelief]

Dern: Really. When I was in college, I was in a class with her cousin, and he fixed us up on a blind date.

Friend: So, what's Elizabeth Tayor like on a date?

Dern: I dunno. She never showed.

Friend: WTF??

Dern: You're missing the point. The point is how can I be happy with my wife after having a date with Elizabeth Taylor. That's the secret to happiness. You just have to be willing to settle for less.

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Too bad BigDork! :(


At least in 1.05 you would have been able to see why she died...... :intrigue:


Can you be sure she died of her illness? Or was she bumped off?


Best thing I love about this game is how bloody paranoid it makes you! ;)

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She had the ill modifier so I'm pretty sure it was natural causes. But yeah, I love how you just never know.


Very early in my game I had a problem where my infant niece and nephew (dynasty thanks to a matrilinial) were bumped off by their paternal uncle because he wanted to inherit. I almost lost a duchy out of my realm because of it. LOVE THIS GAME!

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They are only virtual children. Reminds of the GTAs-influence-on-people debate...i think if time travel is ever invented, anyone that ever played CK will be banned from travelling to the middle ages.

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I also have a tendency of offing wives when they get older if I discover a younger, well statted lady out there. Might be a double homicide if she's already married.


Let's just say I tend to have cruel kings. ;)

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Unlucky you BD.;) But such is life in medieval Europe.;)

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