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Hello there!

I would like to introduce you new browser (HTML5), CIV-like game - The Fate Of Nations.

It is quite interesting and addictive game for a browser-type.

You can play short demonstration mode before you will decide to register or not.

Check it out, it is absolutely free!

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Demo looks kind of interesting, but the English translation is awful and the demo appears to stop after telling me to build a *could* be a decent civ style browser game, but the bad English is actually more off putting than the poor demo

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Right....I took the chance and signed up to the game, I figured that the post from Stelio wasn't the typical spam message (although it may still be a bot of some sort...)


The demo plays at ultra high speed and doesn't really help you understand the game.


However upon signing up to the game I can see it's potential.


The english is still poor, but you can get a reasonable idea of how things work, you start with a city in the stone age with 1 hunter garrisoned and 1 hunter out in the wild, you move units by clicking and dragging them to where you want them to go, they then move there....slowly as the game appear to play in a kind of real-time state.


Construction is similar, the in-game tutorial suggests you build a pallisade except the game calls is a Paling, this initially told me it would take 4 hours to build, after moving my citizens about in the city screen (which is accessed by double-clicking on the city) I lowered this to about 2 hours....still a long time to wait!!


Exploration is VERY manual, you have to move your unit about and open up the map slowly, so far I haven't met any other players or cities, I cannot tell if I'm playing on my own or against other human players, but there is a ranking list.


Tech tree is somewhat like the civ we all know and love, you can choose your currently research tech, otherwise the game does it automatically, not sure if it continues to research or produce while your offline, the auto-selection suggests it does, or if city production is automated, the fact that you can queue stuff suggests not....odd contrast


You can improve plots and technologies unlock units, buildings, improvements and global bonuses (like tiles producing extra food or production ETC).


Clearly remains to be seen if the end of the stone age tech tree results in further civving or if it's some elaborate way of getting my e-mail address....from what I can tell, it's ggenuine....but then I don't know how to find out if it's not!

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Wow....okay clearly a long term game, not sure if the number of workers makes a difference, but I set 5 workers to build a stone mine....apparantly it'll take 2 days and 9 hours to complete.


I have also discovered that some building require these special resources to build (stone, clay ETC), but you have to build storehouses to keep them in....for example the forst wonder (A megalith) requires 200 clay and 500 stone, 700 resources total, the first storehouse you can build only holds 50 goods, so that means I'll have to build 14 storehouses at least.....if not more in case I gain too many of one type of far it's not clear if I'll need these special resources for normal buildings too, I imagine I will, but not in such a great quantity.


Tech tree gets slow too, left the game over night and I gained 2 more techs, the next one is going to take about 6 hours to complete and so far I haven't gained any building that will speed this up.


So slow game....but somewhat more interesting because of it....I think I'll need more workers!!!

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Okay...another little surprise, the game unlocks advanced features as you play, whilst you cannot set a unit to auto-explore you can set a number of way points so that the unit came move around and explore while you are away....a little misleading as the ability is called "Hunt" which I believed meant I'd be able to hunt the dear that the technology revealed....turns out for the moment they just give extra food for now.


Additionally you can stack your citizens in your city, for now this is up to 3 citizens working 1 tile, however it does mean you get more out of high production tiles (like the stone I have in my borders).


I'm enjoying this game so far and I'd honestly recommend that the other civ-fans here give it a try....just prepare to be patient!!!

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Turns out that the first post was not sanctioned by the game's creators, a pair of creative Russian individuals.


So far there are only 2 ages, with the thrid being worked on at the moment.....although judging by my progress through the stone age era they have plenty of time.

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Been a bit quiet here as to be honest nothing has happened of note up until now.


A recent server reset has now explained the meaning of one of the purchasable bonuses (this appears to be how the developers plan to support themselves, through game-shop stuff). There is an option in the accounts menu that for a certain amout of "credits" will give you a full-screen map. Which I thought was odd because when I started playing I already had a full screen map.....however after a server reset I now have a limited map of about 8*8 tiles....restrictive and annoying, but not game-breaking and perhaps understandable....?


Still working my way through the stone age tech tree, but I only have 1 item left now, "Wall" which apparently give me a new building........a Wall!!


Then it'll be the tech that takes me to the next age, which they've titled "ancient greece" a civ player that doen't seem, like the right sort of name for the next era, perhaps just having it as "Ancient" would be best?


I have also experienced combat, which is slightly odd. I've not been able to tell if it is possible ot pillage improvements, or directly attack workers, but it appears not, a nearby player tests my 200+ hunters with about 60ish of his hunters...I won, but with losses, I was down to 164 in my city (which were defended by wooden walls 25% bonus to defence)....silly me decided not to ramp up my hunter production and continued with building other stuff.


The player then came back with 500 Hunters and wiped out my entire defensive army, stole some resources and production/food points and due to attacking my city he now gets 10% of my production (both building and food)....however that appears to be it.


Whilst annoying that I lost it's nice to see a game in which combat can be rewarding for the attacker, but the looser isn't put into a position where he can no longer do anything (AKA Farming)......mind you, I'm not sure what would happen if several players attacked me, or kept attacking me, presumably only 1 player can "lord" over my city and of course if players keep stealing my resources then I'll struggle to build the more advanced buildings and wonders (which do not appear to be unique...every player can own a wonder I think?)


What isn't clear is how I can free my city from the attacking player, he has no units stations in my city, so it may be case of attacking his city to turn the tables?


Fortunately whilst buildings do not auto-build, units do, the game will attempt to continue building the same unit over and over unless you give it other instructions or you run out of rations (city size and building control how many units you can own, and how big an army you can create)


So again some interesting and unique ideas for the civ style genre

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Starting to spot some flaws now.....or perhaps many browser based game it IS prone to farming. You are required to gather resources to build various buildings and wonders.....however the only way to protect these resources is with an army.


As noted above if you win a battle you do not appear to loose any troops....however if you lose, then you do, at which point ANYONE with even a small army can attack you and steal your resources and it takes time to build up a decent defense again.


There's always going to be a bigger stronger player about, but in a game that appears to be played over weeks and months, you'd think there would be some kind of anti-farming measure involved.....still early days for the game I suppose, but as I'm a builder at heart I am finding that I'm being put off the game now, research and expansion take too long in comparison to a normal game of Civ and considering that for the moment there isn't another era after the one I'm in then it's all starting to feel a bit pointless.....after all I'm now at the mercy of pretty much any player that fancies attacking me.

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This just sounds terribly like ´Travian´. Right down to the limited map-view for none-premium-members. That´s not exactly unique or innovative - it´s a tried addictive concept, which i´d advice everybody to steer clear from, unless it´s being played in ticks (like 1 turn = 1 hour) and on a local server (your timezone) with barred hours (to get some sleep, without getting torn apart, by super-ambitious freaks, meanwhile).


But if you really want to play such a game, i guess ´Travian´ would be the better choice, since it´s been around for quite a while now and rather ´complete´ and not in some beta phase.

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Mr. Scruffy has a point, at the moment there is A LOT of reason not to play this game.......but it is not a clone of Travian either, it does play more like a browser game of Civ, but also with a number of differences that make it a different game to play.


What matches civ is the concept of cities and cultural borders, you have your usual 20 tiles (city tile not included) that can be worked, difference here is that you can assign more than one citizen per tile.


You also have the fixed tech tree with pre-requisites, many games that are in the Travian style either have no tech at all, or a number of named tech that increase the effectiveness of various aspects (like 1% to income or attack values ETC).


There are specific strategic and useful resources that can be discovered and mined, stone, clay, grapes ETC. You can also improve the land with mines, farms, roads and such-like in a similar manner to what Civ does (unless it's changed recently, Travian doesn't allow this).


However the game breaks away from civ by running in real-time, the higher your production, the quicker things get built, cities are limited in their number of units by a "supply" amount, such factors do lead towards a culture of the super-ambitious-freaks that Mr. Scruffy mentioned. Game-play mechanics also allow for farming, which a MP game of Civ does not. If you have managed to spend hours/days building up and army of 900+ Hunters (the most basic combat unit) and then 1 powerful player, or even several not-so-powerful players decided to attack you whilst you are offline, then you may come back online to find that not only has your entire defense force been wiped out, but all of your resources have been taken AND the last succesful attacker is reciving 10% of your food and building production points into their capital for the next few hours or so.


As far as I can tell other players cannot pillage your tiles, so you will start to build up the resources for building the more advanced buildings again, but wonders are generally beyond a player who cannot protect themself by being online make it worse the length of time that research takes and getting through a building queue does not make the game encouraging to remain online for long periods (but maybe kept on in the back-ground).


After my initial excitement at some of the game features I'm now thinking to agree with Mr. Scruffy's post......but Travian it isn't, and with a bit of polish it could be a very good game.....but unless the designers can think of a way to discourage farming, then I don't think I can be bothered to play it anymore (and that doesn't say much for the game really doesn't it?)

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