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Good morning,


Now, I already knew that creches actually lower morale when attacking from the base square, but there seems to be another difference between what they should do and what they actually do:


In theory, creches are supposed to remove morale penalties from units in the base square, that is to say that units get a +1 to their morale while in the base square if your MORALE rating is negative.


In practice, creches seem to nullify morale penalties for all units supported by that base, regardless whether they were built before or after the creche was built or where they are on the map. In fact, building an unit in another base and moving it into one which has a creche has no effect on its morale, but building it in another base and then transferring support to one which has a creche does.


I haven't tried what happened when you transfer support from a base which has a creche to one which doesn't, but suspect you will lose any morale boost you'd gotten.


How one facility can have so many bugs in it is beyond me...

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There is a mistake in the article: it doesn't matter where the unit was built, it matters where the unit is supported from (at least in SMAC, don't know 'bout SMAX).


Otherwise, it seems spot on.

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this means scient has resumed work on the project?

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Over on CGN, chuft reported that scient was seen on a chat channel. He hasn't posted on CGN yet.


Kyrub says that he fixed the Children's Creche morale bug in his patches. See his initial posts here and here. As I recall, he said the fix involved changing a single bit.

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I have been chatting with scient on #smac. We discussed some fixes he has already made which will be in the next release. But he will not have time to work on it much for another few weeks.


I will alert him to Kyrub's fixes to see if they are useful to him.

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