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Yep, that's the point. Just look at all the different interpretations of Christianity. Or atheism; there is quite a difference between the atheism of Bertrand Russell and that of Stalin...

I tried to stick to the text (for Christianity) and logical conclusions (Atheism & Demonism) for the various choices. And I agree, there have been many situations when people and/or countries heralding a cause have actually broken the rules behind it.


Hitler was happy to describe himself as a Christian - when speaking to Christians. I think he wanted to gain support from any group in German society whose ideaology, in his view, wasn't directly opposed to his own.

That's typical of any leader wanting support and not particular to any belief system. Everybody is willing to adjust their own behaviour somewhat to fit into a crowd or be liked more, to some extent. So yeah, I completely agree there--it would have been foolish to try and turn the Christian sector of Germany against him if it was possible to get them to either support him or be neutral about it, same goes for any sector. My other main mod project, a total conversation for Command and Conquer, is a dark mod where the player goes to take over the world as one of the campaings, so I'm aware of the manipulative sorts of tactics leaders can try to pull.


I kind of wondered myself, the thinking behind the research loss on atheism and the population growth penalty on Christianity...

The growth penalty for Christianity was intended to contrast with the overt sexuality that's present in my culture, particularly TV and movies. The research penalty for Athiesm is due to its fusing with Police State; high levels of control discourage free thinking.


To speak from experience, I go to University (very athiest). I am aware that they heavily discourage religious views, just by the way they speak. They encourage "critical thinking" which are code words for "think the way we want you to think". Fortunately I only had to put up with that sort of teaching for a short while due to the nature of my degree (Computer Science/Games Tech), but yeah, was interesting.


In America it is usually Christian groups that oppose research usually citing morale reasons or a bible verse. I am not saying Atheists lack morales or anything but I never seen a group of them get together to oppose research of any kind.

As I mentioned in my last post in this thread, I've heard of athiest scientists getting together to stonewall scientists of faith, usually in areas that wouldn't support evolutionary concepts. I don't know how true that is; it's not the sort of thing that would appear on the news if it was happening.


I am aware that Christians have moral reservations on some areas of research, for example stem cells made from human embyros. However this these were stats pulled over from Lost Eden, which has a mediveal setting, so those sorts of reservations don't really come into play there. In SMAC they might though, like Mind/Machine Interface. So fair call for those sorts of things.


I know a few older Catholic people and they have told me directly before that the bible forbid the use of contraception of any kind. One of the ladies had 8 kids by the way. I can't really speak on their interpretation of the bible, since I haven't studied it and haven't been to a church since I was a small child.

Contraception isn't forbidden in the Bible, neither is masturbation. Where the common misconception (pun? oops haha) comes from is a passage where a husband died, leaving his wife a widow with no children. God asked his brother to go and help the wife out and have some children for her, but the guy withdrew mid-course before any babies could be created. God wasn't happy because the brother didn't do what he was asked to do; not because of the act itself.

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Kil, didn't you say there was more story to come? Gimme gimme gimme!

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I'm working on it man! :D I'll try to get something done on Saturday. :)

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Ain't no party like an L.A.N. party, 'cause an L.A.N. party don't STOP!, huh?

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Haha I've been home since about 6 (11:30 now), but I've had to cook, clean, record a video for tomorrow and catch up with emails since I got home... I keep those LANs sane. :eek: Sanity!

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And now the thrilling conclusion! :D


Tristan climbed the many steps leading to Miriam's Headquarters in New Jerusalem. Everything, so far, had proceeded according to plan. His forces had smashed the Believing war machine but left the civilian forces intact. As he approached top of the stairs, he outwardly appeared calm, hiding several concerns. Aware of the many lies that have been no doubt spread about him he knew that his next move was crucial.


With a flourish of his cape, Tristan entered the room. Miriam was seated on her command chair, held there softly by a few charmanders. Miriam's intelligentsia and aides were gathered in the background, knowing that they had lost. Upon seeing Tristan, their gaze shifted to him.


"Greetings my family", Tristan spoke, shattering the silence. "I trust you have not been harmed." Murmurs of shock and disapproval uttered throughout the small crowd. "You have been told many things about me. Remember what the Word says, that we are called to be what we are meant to be. Form your opinion of me based off my words and my actions, not hearsay you have heard in dark corridors. My name is Brother-General Tristan. I am the leader of the Realm of Light, a faction who seeks to restore God's family to the love of Jesus and the truth of the Word."


"You monster!" Miriam retorts.


Tristan turned slowly with a sly look. "You have acted inappropriately, Sister. Our conversation now could have been held without any bloodshed. Yet still I do not absolve myself of the responsibility of this war." He turned to the crowd again.


"Brothers and sisters in Christ, please forgive me for the part I played in this confrontation…" A tear formed in his eye. "I did what I could to minimise casualties… but sometimes these things get… messy." He shook his head, wiping away the tear.

Miriam watched as the totodile appeared genuinely upset over what had happened. Could it be possible that this creature means well and that he was taught poor doctrine?


Tristan continued. "I have no intention to subjugate your people. They answer to you and to God, not some random totodile from another world." He moves slowly towards Miriam, stopping a few steps away from her. "There is, however, an opportunity."


"An opportunity?" Miriam hesitantly responded. Tristan reached out his hand towards her.


"All have sinned and fallen short of God's glory. Both of us want to follow God's plan for getting back into a relationship with him. Let's work together to pull our people closer to the truth of the Word."


Miriam took his hand. Finally, peace and unity prevailed. Discussions of doctrine and protocol soon took place, allowing Tristan to achieve his goal: of injecting some sense into the Believing regime.


There was, however, a problem. Meora has remained a complete enigma. There has been no definite sign of him at all, even after the Believer skirmish. Maybe he never entered the portal and he doubled back, preventing himself from being seen by Tristan's party. Perhaps it was God's will for Tristan to arrive on Planet, so that he could save Miriam's Believers, and ultimately, bring lasting peace to the world.

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Just so people are aware, I'll keep entries open for this month as well. :) This came out late anyhow, and currently, Imagine is going to win by default. :D

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Which is frustrating, as it's been downloaded five times that don't show in this thread. 17 people have tried it and not given us any feedback. It's always that way, you know, but it's still agravating.

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The standings will be calculated using the following criteria (in this exact order):

- difficulty level;

- number of turns needed to reach the objective;

- total population of the Believers (the more, the better).



The games played on lesser difficulty level won't be able to beat a superior level.

On the same difficulty level, the scenario completed in less turns will outweigh the others.

If the objective was reached in the same number of turns, the total population of the Believers will be the tie-breaker.



The three best results will receive points for the 2012 GotM Competition:

The best result will bring you a 'Gold victory' :1st: and 4 points in the 2012 Game of the Month Competition as well as a special badge visible in your profile and your post bits.

The second best result will bring you a 'Silver victory' :2nd: and 2 points in the 2012 Game of the Month Competition.

The third best result will bring you a 'Bronze victory' :3rd: and 1 point in the 2012 Game of the Month Competition.



The winners of the 2012 GotM Competition will receive prizes consisting of downloadable games from gog.com.


All gog.com prizes are courtesy of alphacentauri2.info.



1) Download the zip file (at the bottom of this post) and place it into your main game directory. usually this is: C:/Program Files/Firaxis Games/Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri/

2) Unzip it there. Confirm overwrite if asked (ONLY FOR WINDOWS USERS)!

3) Start up SMAC, then select "Scenario", "Play Scenario", and then go to the subdirectory "LEGotM" and choose the scenario.


Download link for Librarian difficulty level: http://alphacentauri2.info/downloads/?sa=downfile&id=29


Download link for Transcend difficulty level: http://alphacentauri2.info/downloads/?sa=downfile&id=30




*Important: for everything concerning submissions, AARs, prizes please use this thread: http://alphacentauri2.info/command-nexus/january-2012-lost-eden-gotm-stranger-in-a-strange-world-(smac)/ or use this email address: submissions [ @ ] alphacentauri2 [.] info


*Kind of important: please use the [ spoiler ] [ /spoiler ] tags if you want to talk about strategies. some players want to give it a try before reading the others' experiences.

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