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[Echo] WPC... in Space.. [/echo]

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This is a secession Game using the Final Frontier Plus Mod to play a BtS Succession game mod. You need the plus Mod to play this game. Installing the Mods does not effect any of your regular games that are already in progress.


Download one or the other, depending on if you have the Final Frontier Mod installed or not:

Download Main Mod (1) (v1.7): This download requires you to still have Final Frontier on your computer.

Download Main Mod (2) (v1.7): This download does not require you to still have Final Frontier, but is larger.


Afterwards, Download and install the latest patch for this mod

Download Latest Patch Here (v1.73): This is good for either of the above downloads, but one of them must be installed first.


And, the BUG mod part of the FF Plus allows you to customize the info screens while in the game. I did a customization of the F1-Military and Espionage buildings screen part and the modifications are here

Download and copy/move to your Program Files/Fraxis Games/ Civ4 folder/Bts folder/Mods/Final Frontier Plus/UserSettings Folder. But this is NOT required to play, just a good way that I set up that screen to help with this game. Has no effect on the save, just your general gameplay


Game Settings:

All Victory Conditions

Wormhole Spiral Galaxy Map

Large - 6 other Civs out in the Galaxy

Normal Speed

Noble Difficulty (as there are a lot of people not familiar with this, need to be nice to them)

Wormholes are Labeled (so that someone doesn't confuse them with a Black Hole)

Order of Wormholes is random



Tech Trading but no Tech Brokering

You can Raze Systems (Cities), they can flip from culture (not likely in this game). No flippinng after conquest

Vassel States Allowed

Aggressive and Random Personalities AI

Barbarians (Pirates yes, but no Raging Pirates (you don't want to play Raging in this game, trust me).






Delayed Wormholes on - you enter the wormhole, you are sent to the other side at the start of the turn. If it was off, you would be sent immediately and might be helpless to anything on other side

Planets might be inhabited (No Aliens unchecked)- so make sure that you mouse over and check to see if so. If is, treat as any goody hut.

Starbases will produce 1 anti-ship missiles every 15 turns (each).

As the Pirates (barbs) can be tough and are a constant threat, No Experience Cap setting is on, so you can get over 10 Exp from the Pirates. A definite help.

Troop Transport On - Can only invade a planet with an Invasion Ship - A definite help against the Pirates.

Pirates sometimes Do capture planets, so they should be able to work on building it up for your eventual liberation of the system- so Productive Pirate Planets on.


Also, have set to do multiple builds if queued up and there is enough production for that to occur. it's a kewl thing to have multiple missiles spit out in one turn...



I wanted to get this started but won't be able to update the top post that much, someone else in a following post will have to organize any player order, etc... I won't be able to....


Players should play 2 years worth (24 turns) if possible, posting the January even year turn save for the next person. But not a requirement. Starts in January 2302 AD and I'll post the Jan 2304 AD (already played it, just got to post all of the stuff) shortly.


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Turn 0 - Jan 2302 AD




We start with Radar Polymers, which gives us scouts, Improved Sensor Part Upgrades and Research (for production). Starting research on Orbital Engineering, for Possible Wealth Value (religion) and the ability to later build Starbases. Our UB is Star Citadel and UU is the Battlecruiser


We only have one Planetary Defense Ship (PDS) to start with and have to build our scouts




Setting the research Queue as Orbital Engineering=> Space Exploration=> Survivalism=> Planetary Construction=> Gravity Training => Light Craft Manufacturing=> Synthetic Composites=> Military Academies => Galactic Epistemology => Ship Manufacturing


Granted, I'm not going to get though that queue in my 2 years or so turns, but I highly recommend it to my successors.




New Earth renamed to New WPC

[Note: all of the Planets that this civ builds have "New somethingname" for the naming convention. I suggest that any system names you put in there has New as part of the Nomenclature, but up to the players at the time[/note]


New WPC: 6 Planets - Original name: Vulpecula system

Influence 0:

Spinel - Base 2 pop - 2 food / 2 hammers / 1 commerce - no buildings

Imhotep - Base 2 pop - 0/2/5 - no buildings

New WPC - Base 2 pop - 4/2/2 - Capitol, Nutrition Facility (+1 food from planet base), Mining Facility (+1 Hammer from planet base).

Influence 1:

Tau - Base ?? pop - 0/3/3

Influence 2:

Demeter - Base ?? pop - 1/1/6

Sapphire - Base ?? pop - 0/2/5


The other influence levels become available once we build up our influence. Next level is at 50 and in about 25 turns unless we have something else that creates more influence, that's all that's available to us.


Until we can build any new Mil Units, we only have the one we start with, which will explore until we get to a point that we need him back to keep the planet safe and happy.


Setting any builds for now to be on Imhotep and 3 scouts in the Queue.




From the way the map looks, I can tell you that we are on the very east edge of the Galaxy and as this is a spirle, sending the PDS (renamed PDS Buncle) to the SW

Start screen.jpg

Start Location.jpg

New WPC - Jan 2302.jpg

Begining Research.jpg

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I hope I don't leave WPC for long...

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turn 2 - March 2302


PDS Buncle sees the outer planets of a system, heading there next.



Found a system nearby - March 2302.jpg

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turn 5 - June


Buncle finds Wine




in the

Diamond system - 5 planets - wine resource - Coordinates (-6,-5) from WPC


Influence 0: Base 4 pop - Max Base 6/9/9

Athena - Base 3 pop - 2/2/2 - Wine is on this planet

Poseiden - Base 1 pop - 0/3/3


Influence 1: Base 5 pop - Max Base 7/6/15

Kappa - Base 2 pop - 2/0/3

Alpha - Base 3 pop - 1/2/3


Influence 2: Base 3 pop - Max Base 6/6/3

Sigma - Base 3 pop - 2/2/1




Good to know this info as the system is limited in population until you get some influence going. and once you colonize the system, you lose the info as to what your base population on the upper influence levels are, until you get to those levels.


Plus, helps to establish priorities for later colonization, too. Some systems will have a good resource, but crappy lower influence planets and the resource isn't available until you get the influence to level 1 or 2. You also lose the bubble tag for that resource until you get the influence up, after you colonize.




System isn't inhabited, so no goody hut... we move on

Buncle finds wine.jpg

Diamond System.jpg

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turn 7 - August


The first of the Muppet Class of Scouts is built in New WPC - the "Miss Piggy", starting on next scout.

As the Muppet class of Scout has more advanced Sensors, it sees a Hut that Is just outside of New WPC's influence and heads towards it.

Buncle see some Space Debris (Hut) and heads towards it.

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Turn 8 - Sept


New WPC now size 3 - People sent to work on Imhotep to give us more commerce and slow the growth. PDS Buncle has 10 turns to get back before system becomes unhappy as we can only build scouts and they don't figure for mil protection..


PDS Buncle finds 36 Credits (we now have 46)

Miss Piggy spots the outer planets of a system to our Galactic north, still headed to the Debris

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turn 9 - Oct


Miss Piggy Scores with 100 Credits

Buncle heads back, taking the best route that still might find things for the scouts...


I'm thinking that we are in the South East Galactic Quadrant

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turn 11 - December 2302 AD


The Holidays bring us our newest Muppet Class Scout - the "Kermit", he heads out and finds some debris off to our NW.

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turn 12 - January 2303 AD


The New Year Brings in some good and mediocre news.


Miss Piggy finds a new system, but it's not inhabited.




Amethyst system - 6 planets - No Resources - Coordinates (0,8) from WPC


Influence 0: Base 6 pop - Max Base 12/12/6

Ra - Base 3 pop - 2/2/1

Isis - Base 3 pop - 2/2/1


Influence 1: Base 4 pop - Max Base 4/5/21

Aten - Base 3 pop - 1/1/6

Thoth - Base 1 pop - 1/2/3


Influence 2: Base 3 pop - Max Base 1/6/13

Poseidon - Base 1 pop - 1/2/3

Mu - Base 2 pop - 0/2/5

Amethyst system.jpg

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turn 13 - Feb


We complete Orbital Engineering first amongst our Galactic competitors, founding the Wealth Value


Both these together allow us to:

Build Stellar Markets (a wealth thing): (starts at) 45 Hammers, +3 Influance, +20% Credits for the system that it's built in. Can be built on every planet in a system. but the cost goes up for every additional one in that system (as do all buildings).

Build Advocates of Wealth to transfer our Value to a new system or Civilization

Build The Shrine of Wealth: 240 hammers, +4 Influence, +20% Credits, +1 Credit per system with Wealth and helps to spread Wealth randomly.

also can

Build Assault missiles - 2/1/4 range 11 Hammers


Also, once we get Construction Vehicles, we can build a Starbase (also needs about 180 credits per and uses up the CV).


Added A Stellar Market to the build Queue after our 3rd Scout.


Next tech => Space Exploration... for Colony and PD Ships.


We take the turn to convert to the Wealth Value (for +1 Happy in state Value systems...)


Pop moved from Imhotep to Spinel to spur the growth, as our happy cap has gone up now...Same Production, faster growth, less commerce.

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turn 14 - March


Kermit finds some local Star charts showing a new System that IS Inhabited and has Grain!!




Aquarius system - 3 planets - Wheat Resource - Coordinates (-10,4) from WPC


Influence 0: Base 4 pop - Max Base 8/6/14

Aphrodite - Base 2 pop - 3/2/1 - Wheat Resource

Amun - Base 2 pop - 1/1/6


Influence 1: Base 0 pop - Max Base 0

No Planets in this area


Influence 2: Base 3 pop - Max Base 2/2/1

Amethyst - Base 3 pop - 2/2/1


Mediocre System except for the resource...see how some are better than others...


Also notice that one of the planets has Rings. There is a later Wonder that can only be built on a planet with Rings...

Aquarius system.jpg

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turn 16 - March


Our 3rd Muppet Class Scout is built, the "Fozzy" and he heads ot into the vast unknown... New WPC starts on a Stellar Market



turn 17 - May


New WPC's Influence expands, new planets are now available to use for our Great System..




But only 1 of the other 3 is available... And a Maximum of 64 turns until our Influence goes to the next level of 500, unless we build more influence stuff, like the current Stellar Market under construction....


Tau - Base Pop 1 - 0/3/3


PDS Buncle arrives home, finding that he rushed back for no real purpose, but no matter...the people are happy to see him, we can grow to size 5 without any problems... At least in happiness, but we are at our health limit and will start getting unhealthy until we get some health resources and/or health buildings.... Hopefully Survivalism will bless us...

Border Expand.jpg

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turn 18 - July


Size 4, set for medium growth with the people on Imhotep and not Tau, need that commerce.


Miss Piggy is finding the Galactic Nebular Arm (impassable)



Nebula arm.jpg

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turn 20 - September


Kermit makes Contact with the Inhabitants of Aquarious System, they give him the Technology of Synthetic Compounds




We can now build Nutrition Facilities (starting at 50 hammers) and the Star Citadel, our UB, giving us higher defense and increased trade routes (like a Castle). Only one can be built in a start system.

Tech also allows Improved Stealth Parts Upgrade for ships (+15% Withdrawl, 1 Extra 1st Strike) and the Technocracy Civic (+15% Capitol Commerce, +15% Beakers empire wide). We change civics


Also allows diplo credit trade. This is a great find, as it was slated to be researched quite a few years from now...


We adopt Technocracy - one turn of happy anarchy

Synth Tech.jpg

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turn 22 - November


Space Exploration completed, we can build more PDS's and Colony Ships to colonize our area. Starting on Survivalism.


Putting Scout=>PDS=>Colony=>Nutrition (for Imhotep)=>Star Citadel into the Queue for now. One turn until the Stellar Market completes.



turn 23 - December 2303 AD


The Holidays bring in our first Stellar Market, giving us a big boost on our rate of influence and it's now a maximum of 42 turns (3 1/3 years) until our influence grows again.


Changed New WPC over to fastest Growth, the last scout (Muppet Class - Scooter named on contract) and the next PDS will finish at the same time we grow to size 5 and start on the Colony.

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turn 24 - January 2304 AD


The new year brings us bad news, As we were 7 months away from completing Survivalism, and founding the survival value, someone else has beat us to it.


Miss Piggy finds Some Space Debris, way off in a corner. She'll need to head to get it before she can look for a passage though the nebula to the next Galactic Arm. Kermit is also close to the Arm, but going to work out from the Nebula more, as he needs to find more systems Mostly South and West. Same with Fozzy.






The Contracted Scooter Scout needs to head towards South to find the Asteroid Rubble bands and the resources that are in them, so that we can plan for any future Star Bases.




After Zooming out, I can now see the Southern Map Edge, so we are definitely in the Galactic South East. And the Galaxy is a spiral, with bands of Nebula, clear Stellar areas and Mixed Radiation/Rubble, streaming out from the Center. We might have explored a 10th of the map and as the Scouts are only speed 1. It's not until the Delta Version do we get speed 2 OR you get a Part Upgrade for speed, so exploring is going to be slow, hence the 4 scouts...


IF the Overflow from the Scout build makes the PDS one turn too fast and not in sync with the growth, might need to push something else in there before starting on the Colony Ship.


When you find a star system, post the stats for it like I've been doing, Coordinates are X,Y from New WPC. This way, we have a record of what is available in this system. Because, if, say the system with the wine had the wine on a planet that is further out, then once we settle it, it stops showing up in the resource balloons UNTIL the influence grows sufficiently for it to be accessed. This will help with planing builds for that system by any future successors. Plus knowing things like max levels of food/etc helps when planning where to send the next settler (Colony) out to and where you need to place escorts or observers to make sure that the Barbs (Pirates) don't get it. If you encounter a Pirate Destroyer, RUN!! And be careful of Radiation Zones, a speed 2 ship can pass though them but a speed one ship needs to go around. So BE AWARE of potential Pirate Movements.


Once you get Construction Vehicles, escort them... Or have a ship close to watch over them. Be very careful of how you build Warp Lanes and where they exit your area of influence. The Pirates can and WILL use your uninfluenced Warp Lanes to get to you that much faster, and a LOT of times, the shortest route is NOT the best. If you can, before sending off your CV for other tasks, try to build an X (one tile away from System) for your Ships to use to help keep the Pirates at arm's length. Once you get some fighters, don't be a afraid to take the time to rebase and then wear down the pirates before they are in range of your warp crossed PDS's. One Invasion ship if good to also have, in case they stack up, it's like a catapult, collateral damage....but use sparingly, as they are the ONLY thing that can take another System. If need be, turtle and let the Barb Destroyers and PDS's ravage your Warp Lanes, they can be rebuilt, but keep the Invasion Ships away. And they can't keep you from using a Planet (No Choke Strategy here), so let them kill your warp lanes and move on, if anything if you hurt them, they say hurt as they DON'T stop to heal. And they ONLY kill warp lanes within borders and ONLY planet Borders. I have yet to see them kill an Extraction Facility or warp lane within the borders of a Starbase.


If you have a Figher in your system, don't set it for interception but use it to do recon for the Pirates, but be careful that you do a recon at one place and find that you needed to rebase it to another. Yeah, more MM intensive, but it will keep you connected with trade routes while the AI is still isolated. Also. be careful of any turn based resource trade with other Civs, via any trade routes, as they can be lost from them losing their warp lanes to Pirates and then blame you ... Besides, we have the only Fighter Based ship besides the Carrier, our Battle Cruiser, so you don't have to worry about Fighters or Bombers for a while.


Also, redundant exits from your influence to a single outside warp lane helps as the Pirates can get the one, you kill him and them rebuild without losing the trade and can wait to rebuilt for a close CV, especially if they are all far off.


Building a Starbase consumes the CV as well as 180 (or so) credits, so make sure you have enough in your treasury to cover the construction, when you get your CV to the Starbase Site. Your Starbase influence is a base 2 distance square (not the city type, but regular square) and you can have multiple resources in one Starbase's (SB) influence. BUT, it takes 8 turns for the CV to build the SB, so it needs to be protected for that time.. If you have any other CV's in the area, they can't start on the Extraction Facility until the Influence Border (and the SB) is up and running. But it can build the Warp lanes.... Also, if you need to, you can have your CV stop the SB build, move away to safety, come back and then finish up what it started at no extra cost. BUT, if it goes somewhere else and starts a new SB, it will be at full cost and time. And the Credits are used at the very beginning of it's SB build. I know that more than one CV can build a SB, but don't know if both are consumed or only the one, but it will speed the construction. And SB's have a range to an other's SB influence that prevents possible construction of yours, even if yours is already partway there, you lose it. And be careful of someone building a SB near one of your systems, because if so, expect an invasion and try to kill the CV before it gets the SB up and running (thus declaring war). Because, once one of those is up and running, they are tough and can stage fighters/missiles and hit you with it's weapon, if in the right position. Also, if an SB has a Wormhole in your influence area AND someone who doesn't have an OB with you, war is automatic, due to entering you influence by accident... so watch were you and others place their SB's (one AI was at war with 4 others due to this).


Getting Star Citadels going in all Systems is very important for defense, especially against the Pirates. Also can help shrug off an invasion from someone else. And just because they are across the Galaxy, does NOT mean that they won't send you a gift...


I've set the research Queue for what I know (I think) to be best for a good start up, and suggest that anyone whom follows keep it for now, but it's up to them, too. A good balance of Military and Planetary things to build. Some things have system wide effects (like the Stellar Market with it's pluses for Influence and Credits), even though you can build them on every planet. And some things effect that Planet ONLY, Like Nutrition & Mining Facilities (and other things still to be researched). And you have to tell the system to build on this or that particular planet. Like New WPC is set now, with the Nutrition Facility on Imhotep. And if you change to another planet, you start fresh, but still have the other planet's build socked away (but you will lose any production after a while, like in regular Civ). So, sometimes, if you want a Market on this Planet and a mining on this other Planet followed by a Habitat on a 3rd, you can't Queue them up like in Normal Civ, you have to finish one, change building to the different planet, build what you want there and then change again. More in the way of MM, but also less in some ways, too. But a lot more in how to build up your system and empire. If something is in mid build, shows up as blue. And if anything, you can always push in something else and the overflow will help what you pushed back.


Also, I have the game set to be able to build multiple things, in case the capability is there (like more than one missile in a turn, if you have a high enough output. So keep that in mind.


Your CV's don't improve tiles "planets", that is done with the different builds on the planets. But if a planet is a Base of 3 pop with a Moon and has say, 1/3/5, building one Mining, one Habitat, One Moonbase, One Nutrition, and a Mag-Lev makes a Planet that is a base total of 3/9/15 up to a max of 8/20/30 (when full with the 5 pop that can now be there) contributing to your system output. Also, sometimes, you don't want to put an improvement on a planet, at least not until later.



And that's it for now that I can think of, there is a lot more about this version of the game, but those are very hard learned lessons that I've learned about this mod.


And remember, Logistics, Logistics, Logistics....

Known on Jan 2304.jpg

What is seen - Jan 2304.jpg

Map Edge - Jan 2304.jpg

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Oh, and Asteroids can block the weapon of the starbase in different directions, so take care with placement

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I had thought that Kloreep would have played a bit of this by now, as he had stated that if one was started, he would play in it....

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E_T, I bet you'd like this; I've been meaning for years to do an Alpha Centauri mod called "Alpha Centauri in SPAAAAACE!" Real retro Flash Gordon/Buck Rodgers looks for all the faction leaders and stuff like that...

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I'd been meaning to, but have been knocked on my ass by a cold and haven't been up for sustained civving. Probably won't play until next week.

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NP, at least there is interest... :D Hope you feel better soon


As the FF+ games are typically longer, in Normal Speed than your Vanilla CIV BtS, this is a good long term game.

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Hey Kloreep, you going to play this?


I won'e be able to play this until Monday, at the earliest...

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So, is ANYONE going to continue this?

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