Can't get Alpha Centauri to run. AT WIT'S END. Windows 7 x64

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I've been trying to get SMAC/X to run on my machine. It's not working and I am getting quite agitated.


I have the Planetary Pack.

I've tried the complete installation.

Tried running terran.exe without the compatibility patch.

Tried running terran.exe with the compatibility patch.

Tried running terranx.exe without the compatibility patch.

Tried running terranx.exe with the compatibility patch.

Tried running the game off the latest unofficial patch. And tried original.

Comparability modes Win9x/ME & XP

ForceOldVoxelAlgorithm= to 0 and 1.

DirectDraw= to 0 and 1.

ds3d= to 0 and 1.

eax= to 0 and 1.


They ALL end with "terranx.exe has stopped working" crash when I try to launch.


This problem is maddening, what can I do to make the game work?





Event viewer error log:


Fault bucket , type 0

EventID 1001

Event Name: APPCRASH

Response: Not available

Cab Id: 0


Problem signature:

P1: terranx.exe


P3: 31313931

P4: StackHash_5bd0


P6: 00000000

P7: c0000005

P8: 02580b16



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Hi lobski,


Welcome to WPC! Thanks for providing information about what you've already tried. That's very helpful. SMAC/X will run on Win7 x64 (that's what I have). The most likely causes of your problem are either a corrupted installation or some incompatibility with your specific system. Let's first try to rule out an installation problem: Uninstall the games and manually delete any files that are still left in the SMAC/X folder. Next, follow the installation instructions in this thread. Ignore the stuff about Hamachi; that's for multi-player. This stands a good chance of solving your problem. If not, please post again and we'll go from there.

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