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This thread is the central repository of links to information on Civilization 4 here at WePlayCiv.



Civilization IV Forum - WPC's main forum, for general Civ 4 discussion. You'll find a wide variety of Civ 4 topics here.


Below are a few links to some of the key threads in the main Civilization 4 forum.



Civ 4 Multiplayer Games and/or Players wanted thread.... - Want a new MP game of Civ 4? Looking for players to join a new or existing game? Look no further.....

A.W.O.L - Going to be unavailable for a prolonged period? Let your multiplayer gaming buddies know here!


Artemis: WePlayCiv Pitboss Server - WPC's very own resident Pitboss server, for all your Pitboss hosting needs!

Artemis: WPC Server maintenance thread - Problems with your Artemis hosted Civilization 4 game? Report them here.


Setting up a Pitboss server - Helpful advice on setting up a Pitboss server. - Successor Site to CivStats: Track Pitboss Games Online! - Make tracking your Pitboss game quick and easy.


Succession Games:

We Pass Civ - Read all about the many rulers of India, their trials and tribulations and then become the ruler of India yourself!

Destiny of our Dynasty - Being a tale about WPC's first Civ IV Succession Game and it's many Russian rulers.


Team Games:

A Call to Arms!!!!!!! - Watch, read and contribute as six 2 player team battle it out to the end......

Herald of Arms - Edition 1 - A lighthearted newspaper for the A Call to Arms team game!


Team threads below (NOTE: Rule on Public/Private Team Threads here. Use caution when clicking on these links.)

Diplomacy Games:

Civilization IV Diplomacy Games subforum - A Civ 4 subforum for Diplomacy games, where role-playing and story telling are as important as gaming skills.


General PBEM and Pitboss Games:

Civ IV Multiplaying subforum - A Civ 4 subforum for general multiplayer threads, including PBEM (play by email) and Pitboss



Modding tutorials and guides - A collection of modding tutorials and guides available on WePlayCiv.

Civ4: Mod Availability Thread! - A selection of mods, ready for you to expand the possibilities of the standard Civ IV game.


Desert War for BtS - A mod all about the war in North Africa during World War II.

[btS MOD] Planetfall - A mod by Maniac for Civilization 4 that uses the storyline and characters from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, combined with gameplay that takes the best from SMAC, Civilization, and the modding community.

Final Frontier Plus- A Modmod of Final Frontier - A mod of a mod (Final Frontier by Jon Shafer), expanding on the original and improving speed, reliability, immersion and depth.

Civ IV BTS SmartDevices Mod - A mod for Civ IV BTS that integrates a pitboss game with any Smart device.

Dune Wars[MOD] for CivIV - Dune, Civ IV, need we say more?

MOO2Civ - Masters of Orion 2, civ style.....

Cultural Citystyles for BtS, patch 3 - A mod to make the civilizations more culturally diverse with the available art made by freelance modders and unused art by Firaxis.

Hungarian Beyond the Sword Mod - Play as Hungary in Civ IV BTS.

The History of Three Kingdoms - A historically based mod that covers the time of Three Kingdoms period of China (184 AD – 280 AD).

Realms of Kylorin - A mod to port Sudoku games into Civ4.

Conflict on Chiron - A mod of a mod (Planetfall by Maniac), bringing elements of Alpha Centauri and Call to Power and other ideas to the world of Civ IV.


Nitram's Leaderhead Gallery - Assorted leaderheads.

Shadering a noshadered Leaderhead in 10 steps | Nitram's Guide - Leaderhead 'how to' guide


Looking to start modding CIV - Some helpful advise and links to open the doors of modding.

HOW TO: design a tech tree - Useful advice from Maniac on all things tech treeish.


Do you play Civ IV mods? - Let us know your thoughts on the Civ IV mod scene.


DAR's / AAR's

Write AARs. - Voice your opinion on Civ IV DAR's (During Action Reports) and AAR's (After Action Reports)

The Geeky Greek - The adventures of Alexander......

Portugal: The New World - Joao's journey.....

The Shogunate - The trials and tribulations of Tokugawa....

Welcome to China! - Experiences of The Emperor! :p

My First OCC - Elizabeth and the One City Challenge!


Strategies and Tips

Love thy Neighbours - Monty - Keeping Monty happy......

What do you do with your ancient/classic Great Spy? - Settle? Golden Age? Infiltrate? Let us know!

Bulbing Tech with Great Engineers - Great Engineer strategies.

Newbie feedback - Some general newbie advice.

What do you do with your Great Generals? - Leader? Instructor? Academy? Sir, yes Sir!!!

Saladin: Why do thee suck so much? - Does Saladin rock your boat or not?

So if you're industrious, does it suck if there is no stone or marble near you? - Them the breaks.....

I'm finding espionage annoying - Useful advise about espionage.



What else would you be interested in doing with Civ IV? - Got some ideas of fun things to do involving Civ IV? Post here and bring them from fantasy to fruition.....



Sid Meier's Civilization IV + XP's Official Patches - Need a patch for Civ IV, Civ IV Warlords or Civ IV Beyond the Sword? Look no further...... - Successor Site to CivStats: Track Pitboss Games Online! - Make tracking your Pitboss game quick and easy.


This list will be added to as needed. If you think something needs adding to this directory then please post a link below.

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I'll add to this over the coming week, but if there is anything I've left out please post below......

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Calanthian's list of great CIV 4 BTS mods


In random order ;)


1) The Ancient Mediterranean (TAM) 0.92

Simply a great mod placed in the Ancient times (only).



2) Rise of Mankind 2.91



3) Rise of Mankind - A New Dawn 1.75



4) Rhye's and Fall of Civilization



5) Giant Earth Map (GEM)

Giant Earth Map (GEM) is a mod developed for fulfilling the desire of playing historical scenarios on a giant-sized Earth map. Not only it is Giant, GEM is a map that doesn't use a standard projection of the Earth. This is because most human activities in history were concentrated in certain areas only and using a standard projection will result with a map containing many regions of not much use (such as the Pacific Ocean). In contrast, GEM is completely free hand sketched with proper enlargement to those areas of interest.


In version 6 GEM, there are 4 scenarios coming with the mod, 200BC, 1500AD, 1860AD and 1940AD. The scenarios are developed with references on city names, city sizes and military sizes. Unlike other great mods however, GEM does not provide any new units, new graphics or much game rule changes, simply because we belief the default settings of Civ 4 is already good enough and should be preserved. GEM is also a good platform for modders who share the same philosophy to develop historical scenarios.


1) Scenarios:

200BC on GEM

1500AD on GEM

1860AD on GEM

1940AD on GEM


2) Plain maps:

GEM ancient resource - resources allocated as pre-1500AD setting.

GEM modern resource - allocated with modern resource distribution.


3) Generic modifications: Combined with RevolutionDCM mod. There are also other minor changes.



6) Fall from Heaven 2

Fall from Heaven is a fantasy mod for Civilization 4 that brings more focus on the Religion and Promotion aspects of the game. There are unique religion units, increased XP, unit upgrades that last throughout the entire game (a Scout can be upgraded to a Hunter, then to an Assassin, then to a Shadow). Promotions have had their effect increased and many new promotions have been added. The Tech Tree, Units, Religions, Buildings and Civics have all been rebuilt from the ground up. Also a new Spell System has been added to the game to allow for the wide variety of unit spells and abilities.


Fall from Heaven 2 update thread:

Fall from Heaven 2 forum:

Fall from Heaven 1:



7) Fall from Heaven: Age of Ice

Version 25

Fall from Heaven website:



and finally 2 great standard scenarios I keep coming back to:

Earth 1000 AD..


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Nice list Calanthian!


No links for #3 and #8 though. Please edit and I'll process. :)

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I'll get this actioned this evening.....

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OK, I've been through the entire CivIV forum and think/hope I've got all the useful stuff. Let me know if I missed one of your favourites.....

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Artemis: WePlayCiv Pitboss Server added to MP section! :woohoo:

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