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...Which may not be until tonight. Sorry. Locutus is working it like mad right now, but there's an issue only Solver can address and he's away for several more hours.


In the meantime, quote or go back and edit in quotes, so time travel posts make sense. It's kinda funny, in a maddening way.

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Well, doesn't look like anyone's claimed the save yet, so anyone still bolded in the first post.


Though, considering that the site appears to be unstable, it may be a good thing no one's tagged in. Until WPC is back to 100%, it may be best to hold off.


Certainly, don't play unless the site is up so you can:

A) Make sure no one else has yet posted claiming the save

B) Make your own post claiming the save


Yeah, with it being down last night and the on/off this morning, wasn't sure that someone else hadn't tried to tag in.

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The time travel problem seems solved for now, and stability restored, but the root problem, I understand, is yet to be found. Uploads still borked.

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It looks like things are fixed, including the broken uploads.


Game on! :)

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I'll take it!


And will try to upload. If not able, then my play just don't count.

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If uploading doesn't work, just e-mail it to me. I'll make sure it will be up for grabs for the next.

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Ah, thank you Donald! I'll send the email with the attachment right now.


Then I'll post the AAR.


Damn, you always sent saves to me, not the opposite, so I can't find your email adress.


Can you email me, to tell your adress, please?

Edited by fed1943
to ask Donald's email adress

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Turn 0: Bright defense! But we are Philo not Financial, so I shall try to grab the NW site, plenty of food there; Nugog to NW and civilians changed in WPC to spped settler.


Turn 98: archery researched; sailing. Builderpolis built library; worker.


Turn 99: WPC built settler; started new one; civilians rechanged to commerce.


Turn 101: Ironman built granary; worker.


Turn 102: Traded with Cyrus, Math for Priesthood, Sailing and Masonry; started MC.


Turn 103: OB with Pacal. Builderpolis built worker;axe.


Turn 104: buddhism in Jungleville. Rejected threat from Romans for ivory; I proposed OB, they accepted.


Turn 105: peace with Bismark. NW city founded, called Agri (you may change it, of course); builds monument.

Output built monument; granary.


Turn 106: Ironman built worker; library. Jungleville built monument; granary.


Turn 107: Saladin spreads hinduism to Builderpolis.



(General thoughts: Master Gandhi asked me not to forget we are Philosophical; so I tried, Agri will have good food, WPC not bad, several happy/commerce tiles to avoid cottages where farms needed; new settler can grab some dyes.

It looks defence of our cities far from easy; surely I'll never take the fun away from our warmongers, and I trust them).

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I've sent you an e-mail, just reply it or use the e-mail address in there to sent the save to.

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Hmm, for some reason I had to rename the ext part of the file name. It was .civbeyondswordsave and had to cap a few parts to this .CivBeyondSwordSave. Game wasn't seeing it to load in the other way, but will now... :/

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The world at 200 BC:




Hmm, for some reason I had to rename the ext part of the file name. It was .civbeyondswordsave and had to cap a few parts to this .CivBeyondSwordSave. Game wasn't seeing it to load in the other way, but will now... :/


Yeah, one of my PBEMs comes through lowercase for some reason (must be the e-mail program used) and I've also found I have to cap them if I need them to show up in the Load Game menu. (Edit: Come to think of it, that's the one I get from fed. ;))


All-lowercase files do load fine if Civ4 is opened by double-clicking the save directly, so it must just be a quirk of the loading menu inside the game.


Edited by Kloreep

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In the year, 200BC (before who?) there was uncertaintly. After the death of fed1943, things just were not working the way that they should. That was until E_T stepped up and tried something different and all of the sudden, our Empire started working again. The people rejoiced and made E_T their ruler and went on about there business.


E_T took some time to look around. Rome was encrouching from the west and was going to be a problem in the future.


And we were Weak!!


6 Cities with 4 Warriors, 2 Swordsman and 4 Axeman to Protect all of that. If we were to go to war now, we would likely lose.


Oh, and 5 fast Workers....piffle...


We at least have Iron...


We can trade for some things with Pacal (Mayan), his Wines for our Ivory (we have 2). Going to need it because I've got some whipping to do....


The Mayans have 5 cities... Can Trade with America, Rome and Maya, everyone else not able to trade with yet.


Three of the others now have Alphabet and can trade techs:

America, Persia and Germany. All 3 have Alphabet and can trade it, so that means that they all 3 researched it. America also has Meditation and can trade it, the others have it too but can't.


America and Germany both want Math, let's see what we can get for it.... Neither want to trade Alpha for Math, but I could get Meditation for Math....

191 for 373.... I'll wait a for a bit... nah, I'll do it now.


Changed WF in WPC to get the Settler out one turn faster (less commerce, but you got to get them going).

The Axe in Builderopolis is one turn away, but there hasn't been any whipping at all, so hitting the whip to get some hammers for the next build. And with BP (short for Builderopolis for this memoir) right next to Rome, we need to get started on some walls, just in case.... so walls go in the Queue. Hit the Whip and now size 4 and 2 turns to grow back and 25 hammers towards the Wall next.

Ironman - put 2 Archers in front of the Lib.

Jungleville - NC

Outpost - NC

Agri - NC but will whip the Monument soon so that I can get the border to pop ASAP, being next to Rome.


Changed Research to HBR and with Metal Casting after it. We can build War Elephants NOW, if we have the tech, it's still a bit more before we get some Horses going, so... Damn, slider was at 50% and still losing cash, on a positive balance at 30% o_O ... Setting Slider at 0% for a bit just to build up a bit of cash for a bit (at +16/turn).


Last Little thing before continuing is to give the 5th Worker a Name....Mr_Shovel.


And away we go....



Turn 108 - 175BC

Hinduism spreads to Ironman. Need to think about adopting a religion.

BP Axe ready, starting on Walls.


Here is a picture of where we are in 175BC



Edited by E_T

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(Edit: Come to think of it, that's the one I get from fed. ;))


I had that problem too when I was receiving files from him for a PBEM. I usually had to double click on the save from outside the game to get it to open. Didn't think about renaming it.

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Turn 108 - 175 BC continued...


Mr_Shovel sent to the Pigs (near Agri) to build a Road (2 turns), even though it will be a while before the border pops, the road will be there...

Solver is finished building the Farm on the Rice (near Agri why 2 workers over here when there is jungle to cut??), sent him to build faster road between BP and Agri (2 turns).


Named the New Axe as Whipman. Keeping Him here and waking Axe at 9 of BP and sending him West to check out Rome as we have an OB with them, so might as well do some looking. Woke Rhoth and sent him towards Ironman.

Woke Buncle and sent him to WPC. And there was a Chop that made the settler go too fast.... What a waste...Changed WPC WF again to still get the settler in the one turn now but with more commerce.


No new trades available.


Where am I going to put that new city?? East it would seem...


2 Cities with Hindueism, converting, might help with whipping, definately with culture.



Turn 109 - 150 BC


WPC Settler built, starting on??


Damn, Roman Borders Expand and cover the Horses near Agri, Well, we just do a Cumture tug of war on that tile.... Just have to get that city up in pop...


Rhoth into Ironman. Not a Spy 4. Buncle almost at WPC.


Fast Worker that did the Chop at WPC renamed Chopper and sent east. We need those Horses in the east now, so sending him there....Along with the settler....


Going to make the settling a bit tight, but not the best places for the city and get as mugh work out of it, so...Moved Barak 8. Chopper moved to get ready to Farm a grass tile near the new city.

Site is going to be 4 of the Horses. One 1 tile WF overlap with WPC and One with Jungleville. But will give us Horses... Woodsman Warrior in WPC woke and sent towards the Horses.


WPC starts on Lib and WF changed. Workingon getting the Hamlet up to a Village.


No Techs. Rome has Copper for trade, let's see what We can trade for it?? Well, Rome would trade Clams and Ivory for Copper, but I don't need to have him with War Elephants, either...

So, no other trades this turn.




Turn 110 - 125 BC


Named Woodsman Warrior as Woody. Woody Moved to Hills 4 of new Horse Site and...Sees Barb Archers 2-2 of East Horses.

Buncle into WPC and Forted

New Archer in Ironman, named Bowstring, sent towards East

Rhoth Forting in Ironman.

Mr_Shovel moved 4 and starts on a Cottage (4 turns)w

Not a spy moves to look into Rome from a Hill.

Settler founds Stability. Stability start to build a Granary.

Barak moved from city site to between the Horses and Barbs.

Choppered moved to Horses and starts on Pasture (4 turns).

Solver moved to jungle at BP 2, will start clearing soon.


Can see Mayan Borders near the Dyes, near Outpost. Also American Near the Banana's. Getting crowded.


Whipped the Wall in BP, to give the next few Archers a bit of a boost.


Need to get 120 gold or more to do HBR in 12 turns at 50%. Hopefully will have a few Libs built by then...




Turn 111 - 100BC


BP's Borders Expand

Barb Spear spotted next to Jungleville

Barb Archer near Stability moved to Sability 2

Barb Axe sighted at Stable 6-6-6

Not a spy moves

Bowstring moves east

Solver to clear Jungle (4 turns)

Dale is next to Barb, but we bring GRARARRGGH!! from Jungle to let the Barbs attack him and support Dale. Dale starts a Farm (5 turns).

Barak attacks and kills the Barb Archer, down to 2.2/5 but he now has 6/5 Exp, so he's going to get a promotion next turn.

Chopper is in Jeperty, but think will be o.k., started on Pasture (3 turns).

Woody moved into Stability


Agri Grew to size 2 and can now whip the Monument...set a Granary for afterwards.

Whipped another Archer in BP.


Nothing new diplowise...



Turn 112 - 75BC


Lots of things this turn:

Jungleville's Borders expand

Roosevelt is now Confused...


Barb Spear attacks GRARARRGGH!! and dies, GRARARRGGH!! now 2.9/6, now 9/10 Exp but no Promotion. Heal him right there, covering Dale.

Locutus moves to some more Jungle to clear.

Not a Spy moves west.

Archer in BP, named Stringer, sent to East. Bowstring headed towards SE.

Barak given Shock Promo (now hasd Combat 1 & Shock), moved to cover Chopper over on the Horses. He is now 3.6/5 and hope he survives the barbs....

Woddy also moved to same spot.


Whipped Archer in Ironman




Well, let's see if Barak survives the Barb Axemen....

Edited by E_T

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Turn 113 - 50 BC


Barb Axeman attack Barak and dies, leaving Barak at 0.9/5 and now at 8/10 Exp.

Bismarck now Hindu.


New Archer in BP. Named him Plucky, sending him to Outpost.

New Archer in Ironman. Named him Flexor Sending him south to look into Mayan area


Woody Forts to Protect Barak and Dale.

Barak heals

Dale finishes the Pasture. We will have Horses soon.


Not a spy moves westward into unkown roman territory...


Stringer heads towards Jungleville.


After all of the pop builds of Archers, our Our Solder Demo is 124000 and worst rival is 122000 o_O


Need to get the cash to get HBR...


BP starts on Monistary

Ironman starts on Lib.

Whipped the Granary in Outpost, Lib next.

Agri is working on Granary, same with Stability


No Trade stuff....



Turn 114 - 25BC


Bowstring towards Jungleville

I_Am_Not_A_Spy moves NW into deep rome....finds their store of copper and another city.

Stringer heads east.

Flexor Enters Mayan lands.

Mr_Shovel moves to Agri 4 and starts on a road (2 turns)

Plucky moves towards Outpost.

Chopper starts roading the Horses.


WPC Grows to 6, Lib in 2.


Next turn...



Turn 115 - 1BC


Well, good thing I did so much pop building, because Rome just declared war on me and he has UU!! GULP!!


Oh, Roosevelt wants OB, sure thing....As does Bismarck


More after this update...


I'll post a picture soon. He only invaded with one UU and I'm in a Position to capture Workers as I_Am_Not_A_Spy was thown out and is right next to a few of his workers. But also next to his UU.




Declares War.jpg

War Invader.jpg

Edited by E_T

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WPC Grows to 6, Lib in 2.
...Because I grow WPC. :nod:

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Turn 115 - 1 BC Continued


Well, let's get the non-Military out of the way first...


Solver, starts a Farm at BP 2. Granted, it's 5 turns and Granted, it's in the war zone, at this time, it's relatively safe. And he can run away very fast if need be...


Put the slider at 40%, don't have all of the libs built, but 14 turns til HBR and I'll run out of cash before then...


WPC whips the Lib and will do Swords and axes afterwards

Builderopolis puts the Monistary on back burner and starting on some Swords, Axe & Archer afterwards

Ironman Whipped out the Lib, using 2 Pop, but will grow fairly fast with Sword & Archer after.

Jungleville not ready to pop the Granary

Outpost does whip the Granary and will start on an Archer next.

Agri is still at size 1 with a Warrior in it.... Be a while for anything at all. But shifted the Granary back and put an Archer up front.

Stability has Horses now, but still have to road to the rest of the Empire...Need that Granary there still



Bowstring to Jungleville.

GRARARRGGH!! not fully healed 5.6/6 but sent the fastest route to BP

Stringer recalled from headed east, going back over the roads just travelled...Back in Ironman.

Flexor Heads towards BP

Gilette the Sharp, Woken from Outpost and sent towards BP.

Plucky enters Outpost and Forts.

Also woke up Barak (Not fully Healed 2.4/5

Woke Axeman that was at Ironman 2 (named him Sleepy) and sent towards BP

Woke the Axeman that was in the Jungle, named him Jungle Fever and sent him towords BP


Too Bad I can't build Cats...


What to do with Not_a_Spy?? Well, It's Ceasar's Fault that he has workers right next the border when he declares. so....


Hello slave...and he's now a FAST WORKER, run boy, run!!! Oh Damn, it doesn't have any moves til next turn....Well, let's see what happens at the EOT...

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Turn 116 - 25 AD 2nd turn of the first Roman War.


Note, that was 1 AD last turn, not BC.... Whoever it was, died...damn Romans...


Libs in WPC & Ironman, Granary in Outpost. Guess what's next in the build??

Archimedes (Great Engineer) was born somewhere that wasn't here, guess he didn't want to have to deal with Rome too...


And there is a Roman Archer near WPC, just came out of the Jungle...

The Roman Invader left to cover his other worker and only one axe left


Oh, for those who are curious, Rome has about twice of what we have in Power and likely they have the top spot in the demographics, too. We are at 125000 and the top is 271000....




Well of course you know, this means war!!


But first, see if they will let me grovel at their feet... NOPE....So be it, dude..


Locutus finished clearing jungle at Outpost 3 and starts on a farm.

Mr_Shovel finished road at Agri 4, moves to Agri 4-7 (hill) to start to road it (2 turns)

Liberated Roman Worker, named Roman Slave 1 hightails it back into our area. Sent to BP 8 to build a road for our troops.

Chopper moves to Stability 1 to build a road and connect up our Horses.

Dale finished Farm at jungleville 3, moves 7-7 and will start a road next turn.


Gilette heads towards BP

Sleepy heads to the Hill North of BP (BP 8). The Slave is there, too

Bowstring forts in Jungleville.

Flexor sent toward BP.

Stringer sent to intercept that Roman Archer (which has Combat I & Cover), back over the same tract of road it's been over 2 previous turns... :lol:

Not a spy heads home, roundabout.


WPC 3 turn Sword, back to size 6 in 2.

BP Sword in 5, Grow in 4

Ironman Sword in 2, Grow in 4

Jungleville whips the Granary for 1 pop. Lib after for now.

Outpost Archer in 6, Grow in 7.

Agri grows at EOT, set for production. Archer in 13.

Stability granary in 11, grow in 5.


50% slider and HBR in 9 turns with 117 gold at -11/turn, going to be close.


And here is the End of turn...

Edited by E_T

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Turn 117 - 50 AD


Well, Persia wants OB, k, thanks, go away...

Borders pop in Ironman

Granary in Jungleville

Temple of Artemis built in a place that's not at war with ROME!! Ya'll s*xk!!


Enemy here and there....


Roman Slave 1 builds Road on that hill at BP 8 (2 turns)

Dale starts a Road(2 turns).


Gilette moves to the Hill

Flexor moves to the Hill

Sleepy Forts on the Hill

GRARARRGGH!!! moves cross country towards Roman Archers.


Here is where it get's tricky....

Stringer moves off the road (they got tired of going over the same part for the last few turns...) and moves into the Forest that is south of the road and is across the river from the Roman Archers.

I'm hoping that the river and forest give it enough bonus to keep alive. Also, promoting to Drill I before moving, hopefully the extra 1st strike makes a difference.


Not a Spy is being followed by another Axe, but I'm also in a position to pillage a Quarry, so...instead of moving back into my territory, moving from that one neutral tile to the Roman Stone Quarry. Hopefully I'll be here next turn to pillage...


WPC Whip the Sword for 1 pop, will grow back next turn.

BP 4 turns Sword, 3 turns Grow

Ironman Whips the Sword, Axe next.

Jungleville switches to Chariot (Horses now Connected Empirewide). 14 turns and 6 turn growth.

Outpost 5 turn archer, 6 turn grow.

Agri can now whip, but will wait a few more turns.

Stability Gran in 10, Grow in 4.


50% slider still and 8 turns to HBR with 106 gold and -10/turn, should make it....


Oh, let's see if Rome wants to make peace?? Nope...

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