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Yes, the big production allowed the new cities to expand their culture,hence their territory.


Somewhat annoying,you know,these domination thing? I would like to see an warmonger to command the last war with all these troops and large frontier.


Anyone willing? And if the wealth/research micro annoyes you, I can play the first few turns needed to research all military techs.

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I'm curious if peace with Mayan can be maintained and a SS win clawed out of the game, seeing how far behind we are now...

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I'd personally rather just start a new one. :)

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'Til January, no harm if someone wants to play it out, though, is there?

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After an Intensive Building Program, WPC completes the Space Ship, shoves Warrior Buster's Uncle into it and launches it to AC in the Year 1950 AD. Estimated 10 years until it reaches it destination.


While the Mayan did mostly outpaced us technologically, we rapidly caught up and even will complete the Future Techs a full 4 years before he will, and that is while building up our Treasury to do final upgrades on our Military. Years ago, We also completed a Diplomatic Victory with a Vote in the UN. WPC's Military might, although not the greatest in the world, if fast approaching the Mayan's level, without much of it's Military upgraded at the time.


Our GNP, Manufacturing and Crop Yeilds far surpass the Mayan's. Our Culture is Greater than anyone else's.


In Espionage, our Efforts were low and that resulted in the loss of a Space Ship Life Support Module, very early in the Building of the Ship. But our Increased efforts in the area have kept the Mayan from Sabotaging any more of that Project and we have even sabotaged two of his components: Docking Bay and Cockpit. At the time of our Launching, the Mayan had only completed: All of the Casings; 2 of the 5 Thrusters; 1 of the 2 Engines and the Docking Bay.


Early on, before production of the Space Ship had commenced, we had built the Internet in WPC, where before his trip to AC, Warrior Buster's Uncle was able to surf the Web and was able to get us the Tech of Advanced Flight. Other National Wonders were also constructed, giving us the needed Specialist to Commence WPC's 3rd Golden Age. As our Production efforts on our Space Ship was so advanced, the GA only further hurried one component by a single year, but the Launch Date was still destined to be the same.


At the time of Launching, we had generated 2 more Specialist, An Engineer and a Scientist with a 3rd expected in 2 more years. We have 8 more years of our GA reminding, at the time of Launch.



Pictures shortly

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Dateline WPC - 1954 AD....The Little Sh*t declares, breaks his teeth at Jungleville

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In the first parts of the War, Maya invades near multiple cities: Marabell, Jungleville, Outpost & Washington, with Gunship Pairs going on Pillage sprees...


Gunships, Tanks and Arites also attack Jungleville. we get some damage defending, but kill some, too. Our Jets near Jungleville shoot down a bunch of Parashooting Paratroops, 8 in all. The Pilots had fun seeing how close they could let them get to the ground (and safety) before shooting them up....


Infultrators shoots the Govenor of Marabell


Nature, in her infinate wisdom, sent a powerful Hurricane against the Mayan city of Izamal



Stack 1: 8 Armor; 3 Mec Inf; 7 Gunships. 2 Mobile Sams is reduced a bit with some Bomber Action, plus a few Arties do some more damage. Some other units brought in, but Marabell is mostly on it's own for now. They won't take the city, but they'll know that we've fought. One more small stack, an MI and Gunship also investing/pillaging.


Lost two Stealth Bombers to to to bomb there and at Jungleville. But other Air Action either succeeds or is a draw.


Jungleville: most of the attacks here die before we can even do anything. Two Groups

Group1: 3 Armor and 1 Gun - Damaged this stack some

Group 2: 1 Armor and 3 Gun - And some more here


Likely, they were expecting to have Para's beef up their groups. but somehow, they are just gone....


One more Armor/Gun combo just outside the border, likely was traveling too far and couldn't get there.


Uberstacks are ones where they are off the screen when mousing over them....


Other actions:


Missle Crusier near Cherokee bombs the defenses of Zarna (near there).


Forces in Ironman, take the offensive and Attack Oxhuitza, ignoring the Gunship at Ironman 3-2. 4 Arties Bombard, then An Armor dies reducing their one Armor then the MI, Armor Gunship and Machine Gun die and we take the City. Some figher, Bomber and Sam action here, too. Moved in with force.


One Lone Para with Gun killed by two Guns and 1 Sam


The Outpost/Washington Front:


This is the Big one, with several incursions


G1: Uberstack 3-6 of Outpost - Damages some, but some fighers and Bombers lost/damaged. others not in range.

G2: 2 Armor and 2 Guns at outpost 2-3

G3: Former Para Gun Stack at Outpost 2 - Eliminated

G4: 2 Gun Pillage group at Outpost 2-2

1 Lone Gun at New York 9-9 (did have one other thing, but it's was likely a killed falling Para...

1 Lone Armor at New York 9-6-6



Gun Pair at Washington 9-6

Uberstack at Washington 2-1.


As the group near Outpost come in the wrong way, sloging across the border, I have some time here and taking out the Group near Washington has Priority, as it will allow me to shift assets up to Outpost, later. That I had a LOT of units in Washington, figuring that with a city ov Mayan and their Vassel was down there, it would get hit with a fair group, which it did. Too bad I've got a nice Border to fall back on....


Battle of Washington:

Bombing and Artie Action reduces this stack to managable proportions. We lost 3 Arties, but hit it with a lot more.

Then the Armor rolls in, but still leaving a researve to send to Outpost. We attack from the Hill south of Washington

MA 7

MI 6

Artie 15

Sam 4

Cav 6

Guns 2

Might have been more, figuring this from the combat results...but not likely.


We lose one Armor, 2 Sams and 1 Gun and a few damaged/lost Air Assets along with the use of a fweew missles...


Sargon, A Great General is Born in Stability during the myst of this battle. That stack is now toast



More to come shortly as this turn is still ongoing....

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I take out the single Gun and Armor between NY and Outpost, not without some losses. Also the Outpost G4 pair is elimintaed and the G2 Stack damaged.


The G1 Uberstack has:

7+ (before going off the screen) Armor

6 Mech Inf

7 Sams

4 Guns

3 Arties

And more that I can't tell...


We have already damages with some bombing, but as this is the other part of the Center Front, we need to do more than slight damage, we need to make it feel the hurt....


Only other Bomber in range is still an older one, so it's spared this time as I'd rather have it available next turn....








Oh, at this time, we have been doing Wealth in several cities, for 2 reasons, so that I could get to the stage of launching and seeing the rocket reach AC. Also, those Cities had completed ALL buildings that could be completed and we had enough Military, just needed to upgrade it. Hence the Wealth.... And this turn, we have finshed a 4 turn upgrade of Units, except for an odd one or two that I had moved wrong and was thinking to upgrade once I had gotten to where I wanted them, but oh well... 2 Inf and 1 Machine Gun Not upgraded this turn won't kill me. Shoot, if need be, we still have Buncle in WPC to upgrade... the 661 left in the Tres would have been enough, if I hadn't screwed up their moves....




And as for that production, weeeeelllll... Sadly, we had 25 Cities that were making us tons of money, instead of Military Units..... Gosh, I've got to take them away from that task so that I can spank a little sh*t...Tell him who's his daddy.....




I'll keep the other 13 Cities (including the newest liberated) with regular builds..... Hey, I'll even have to pop out a few more CM/MI corp guys, too...


And the Money Machine that got us here




And Our increased Efforts at Espionage. We got a Great Spy and used him to infiltrate the Mayan. Originally, was thinking about stealing one of his SS techs, but as he had shown me just how effective his Espionage could be, by Sabotaging My Life Support Module, I took the lesson to heart and gave him a bit of payback, too.





And One final thing, we popped another GP, a GM, giving us 3, needing one more for another GA....which we STILL have 4 turns left for this one....



I'm going to post this, go get something to eat and come back to finish this turn, because the Battle of Outpost is next and I know you want to be ringside, but to give you a taste:

8 Armor

15 Mech Inf (4 more that I can't use, but can be in the city as protection)

12 Arties

2 gun

5 Sams (with one more that I also can't Use)

4 Jets


And that's just in this city, with more in reach


Gonna make some scrap metel shortly....

The Main Event.jpg

!954 Power.jpg

!954 Manufacturing.jpg

!954 GNP.jpg

!954 Espionage.jpg

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We start the Music with 2 Arties from BP:

-> Collateral Damage, You got to love it.... Lost them but they gave 6 and 7 Collaterally good Damage....

Gunships to weaken the Sams -> 3 Do the job and make the Sacrifice...


now to bring in one of the jets to test to see if they can get though now, nope, need to bring in some more Arties. The Jet did get damaged, but made it back...

-> 8 damaged and withdrew

-> 7 Damaged and Lost

-> 6 Damaged and Withdrew

-> 7 Damaged and Lost

-> 6 Damaged and Withdrew


Bring in another Jet to get the top Guy, still sams are too tough, got away but damaged...

Another Gunship goes down but the stack is looking ragged about now, let's see what happens with one Armor

-> lost, nope,

use more Arties...

-> 6 Damaged and lost

-> 6 Damaged and that stack is looking like scrap...Oh, he withdrew

-> 5 Damaged and Withdrew

-> 8 Damagerd and Lost

-> 6 Damaged and Lost

-> 7 Damaged and Withdrew

Last Artie available -> 7 Damaged and Withdrew.


Jet vs Gun -> Gun damaged


Hmmm, why won't my Jets attack, they are up but they won't engage...


Anyways, Armor

1st for each:

vs Gun -> Kills Gun, now 11.2

vs Gun -> Kills Gun, now 24.8

vs Gun -> Kills Gun, now 32.8

vs Mech Inf -> Kill MI, still full streight ..... and hit again, vs Gun -> Kills the Gun and still full streingth

vs MI -> Kills MI and no other Moves as that one had done some fighting earlier, now 34.4


2nd shots

33.2 vs Armor -> Kills Armor with no Additional wounds

32.8 vs MI -> Kills MI and no additional wounds

26.4 vs Armor -> Kills Armor and no additional Wounds

24.6 vs MI -> Kills MI and now 18.4


One more Armor, at 11.2, but we'll wait a bit for him, as we have MI's to bring in first off...


3 MI's from BP

vs MI -> Kills MI, now 26.9

vs MI -> Kills MI, now 22.4

vs Sam -> Kills Sam with now wounds!!


At this time, the Uberstack is STILL showing up off the screen


MI from Ravenna vs SAM -> Kills Sam, now 27.5 and no moves.


2 MI's From New York

vs Sam -> Kills Sam, now 27.5 and no move.

vs Armor -> Kills Armor and no wounds


That's it for outside help, now totally on our own, so, let's roll out the Mechs from the city...

vs Sam -> Kills Sam and no wounds

vs Sam -> Kills Sam and no Wounds

vs Sam -> Kills Sam and no wounds


We can now see the end of the list of this stack, 5 Armor, 2 MI, 1 Artie and 1 Sam remain, all less than 6.6


vs Sam -> Kills Sam and no wounds



At this time, I want to save a few MI's for the lesser stack, so using a few Sams

vs Armor -> Kills Armor and no wounds

vs Armor -> Kills Armor and no wounds

vs Armor -> Kills Armor and no wounds


Back to the MI's


vs Armor -> Kills Armor and no wounds

vs Armor -> Kills Armor and no wounds

vs MI -> Kills MI and no wounds

vs Artie -> Kills Artie and no wounds

vs MI -> and kills the final unit in that stack with no wounds


Final count for that Uber Stack was:


Gunships: 4

Mech Inf: 9

Artie: 1

Armor: 8

Sams: 6


Total for this action:


28 Enemy pulverized


Our Losses / wounded / Not Hurt:

Arties: 7 lost with 6 wounded and one unhurt.

Gunships: 4 Lost with all used lost.

Jets : 1 Lost, 1 damaged and 1 undamaged

Modern Armor: 0 Losses, 1 unhurt, 6 damages with one still able to fight one more Unit.

Mech Inf: 0 Losses, 4 Damaged and rest unhurt.

Sams: 0 Lost or Damaged.


All in all, a good exchange....


and on the other damaged stack

MI va 22.4. Armor -> Kills Armor and now 26.9

Great General Ruyter (MI), not to be outdone in this action, takes to the feild vs a 12.0 Armor -> Kills the Armor and is now at 21.1 and 34/37 Exp. Two more actions and we can give him another Promotion.... Well, we're ceertain that the Mayan will provide for his amusement.....

Mi vs 9.2 Gunship -> Kills the last of the Enemy Investing Outpost.



At this time, there is only a Gunship Pillage pair near Washington, all other invaders on this Front have been eliminated....for now.


The Outpost Scrap Dealers get busy cleaning up the mess...

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After some more fighting around Jungleville, another Great General is Born in Roman Spa. That's two GG's in one turn!!


The onlyu problem Area is Marabell, but the Uberstak there won't find it any easy task to take, especially since the Mayan left hie Arties at his Capitol, has to have 14 Arties cover his skinny a$$. He should have had them with one of his 3 Uber Stacks, but what do you expect for a Runt....

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Well, Between turns, things have gotten interesting....for the Mayan has found that breaking his teath can really hurt....


Over the between turn time, they Mayan collected a Great General... :Shrug: ...I got 2 last turn dude, giving you a spanking. And now you've spanked yourself and broke some more teeth...


I went from 14 to 107 out of 300 for our next Great General.


The Bad boi used some missles to take out some infrastructure, a Village, a Windmill and a Town....Beautiful Military targets, they died with honor... :p :p :p Gunships pillage a few unimportant things :(


Our Fighters shoot down their Bombers...once...twice...ulp the next one got through due to being 30% capable....MI damaged and 6 others damaged.



Most of the action takes place around Marabell, but also they Mayan trys to retake the city that I took last turn. Both are still in my hands, though the Military is not in too good of a condition... But there still alive.


Our SAM frightens off a Bomber

Artie withdraws from our Sam

We lost a SAM to a Gunship

Our MI was Killed by Armor

Our MI fights off a Gunship

Our SAM Kills a Gunship


About thie time, Mayan GG born in IsitaChicken (I've already got a new name for it...)


Our Armor was killed by theirs

Our MI Killed a Gunship

Our MI fights off a Gunship

Our MI Kills a Gunship

Our MI Kills an Armor

Our MI kills a Gunship

Our MI kills an Armor

Our MI kills a Gunship

Our MI kills an Armor

Our MI kills an Armor


Our Grear General Sargon (MI) leading the Defenses in Marabell defeats an attacking Modern Armor!!


Our SAM fights off a Gunship

Our MI Kills an Armor

Our Artie Kills a Gunship

Our Artie fghts off a Gunship


We start a losing streek


Our Armor killed by same

Our Artie killed by Gunship

Our Armor Killed by same


Lose some, win some....


Our MI kills an Armor

Our SAM kills a Gunship

Our SAM kills a Gunship


and Lose some again...


Our MI was killed by same

Our MI was killed by Armor

Our Artie was killed by Paratroops

Our Artie was killed by a SAM


and win some more...


Our Samkills a Gunship

Our Armor kills a MI

Our Armor kills a MI

Our MI kills same

Our MI kills Gunship

Our MI kills SAM

Bowstring (MI) killsa a SAM, then an Armor and then another Armor



Enemy spotted all around.....duh!!



Hey, Spanky finished the SS Life support Module, still needs to finish a few other parts, like the Stasus Chamber and the Cockpit that I destroyed. And I still have the researve of another sabotage.... spy is primed and ready and I've got the points...



Yep. a LOT of stuff happened between turns....now it's mine and I'm hitting the sheets...



But a look at the power graph, showing that breaking teeth hurt




Also, how Much of a difference in power between Us and the Now Dead Cyrus and how much of a difference there is between us and the Mayan today...this boi is toast...



!955 Power - Teeth Break.jpg

!955 Power - Power Gaps.jpg

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Well, our Forces in Marabell scoffed at the Myan Effort, with most of them being entirely undamaged


Forces in Marabell at Start of turn:

1 Missle

2 Full Fighters - One earned a Promotion

6 Armor - 4 Undamaged and 2 Damaged with Promotions pending on one and 17.6 on the other is 23.4 after Promo.

12 MI's - 8 Undamaged (of which 2 have Promotions due) amd 4 damages with Promos pending on only one of them (at 23.0 after promo). Of the Undamaged, we also have Promotions to Hand out 2 of the Galant Defenders, Bowstrin being at the front as he showed exemplimatary Courage

3 Arties - 1 Damaged and No promos

6 SAMs - 1 Damaged with no promos

3 Guns - no damage


The opposion scatered in the aftermath:

at Marabell 6 - one 2.4 Gunship

at Marabell 6-6 - one 3.1 Gunship

at Marabell 6-9 - one full Armor and one 2.4 Gunship

at Marabell 6-3 - two full Armor

at Marabell 6-6-9 (enemy Territory) - a fleeing (headed away) full MI

at Marabell 9-9-9 - one Full Gun

at Marabell 3-3-3 - one fleeing wounded 14.4 Armor


And the Cuty next door is lightly defended with: 1 Marine, 1 MI and 1 SAM



the captured city has 2 wounded Units remaining to man the defences

a 10.8 SAM that didn't earn any Promos

and a 8.6 Artie that also didn't get any Promos.


Enemy forces in the area are:

14.5 SAM with a 2.4 Paratrooper that are 2 of the liberated City

15.2 Armor with a 2.4 Gun at 3 from the city

34.0 Armor with a 24.8 Armor at 1-4 from the city, heade back to the city next to Outpost


Which is lightly Defended with mostly air assets, 2 MIs and 1 SAM...easy picking for the forces in Outpost.


Atlanta also lightly Defended with 2 MI's and a SAM

Boston has 3 MI's

Philly has 3 MI's and a fighter. It's Gunship and Armor are out playing with Saladman, the Gun is at 4.6 and The Salad has enough forces in Najram to keep them busy while I do some other things...


Oh, for some reason, a loan MI showed up to join the others in the Washington Scrap pile, also to be delt with shortly.


I formally rename the liberated City of Oxhuitza to...Oxyclean...


As my taking of Oxyclean had occupied the boi's toys, all of the forces near Jungleville cleared off to try to retake Oxyclean.


Cities near Jungleville are moderately (light) defended

The most of the Mayan forces are in the city near Cherokee, but no where near Uberstack numbers.


Anyways, that's were things stand at the start of turn and our Military builds and moves need to be done....

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Well, small things first


Some offshor bombardment and pillaging at sea ... AAHHHRRRR!!!


Gunship from the deep west can reach the wounded gunship outside of Saladman's City.... It dies..the gun's not hurt.

Sending a few more in to take out that Armor, should free up Saladman to keep small cities to the southwest occupied.

1st gun damages the Armor to 14.8, Gun Withdrew and now 2.4

Deep Dish Gun kills the Armor and we head on our way, talling Saladman to work on the Wheelchair guy...


Now for that lone MI near Washington...

Jet damages MI to 22.4

Using a 36.8 Armor that was left in the field after the Battle of Washington -> and one dead MI and no damage to our Armor.


Let's finsih making the Marabell Scrapyards...


Bomb the 6-3 Armor, now 37.2 & 30.8

Bomb the 6-9 stack , now 30.0 & 2.4

SAM takes out the 6 Gun, no wounds

Another Sam, travelling though enemy Territory, takes out the 6-6 Gun (roads have been pillaged, sending for the Workers), no Damage

Gun Takes out the 37.2 Armor at 6-3, now 11.8

Gun takes out the 30.8 Armor at 6-3, now 7.7

Gun takes out the 30.0 Armor at 6-9, now 16.8

SAM finishs the Job, killing the 6-9 gun, ne had no wounds...



And the Last of the Incursions, a Gun Near Jungleville, taken out by a SAM, he's now 4.4. Oil Well needs to be rebuilt, dispaching Workers.




A while Back, I had move our Carrier Group out to the Big Empty Sea to hide, in case of the situation that we are faced with now. I move the Carrier Group (1 Carrier, 3 Bats, 1 Destroyer, 1 Missle Cruiser with ffull Missle load) to within striking distance of Yokib Ithat city that's 3-3-3-6-6 of Stability, and it's border is right on the city edge, so no movemnt penalty to attack from the land. This would separate the different sections of Mayan territory.


Well, I miss judged the distance and am short one tile for the missles. But the jets can reach.... Actually, I had forgotten to move them last turn, was late and wanted to get EOT...




Now for some Shock and Awe... Yokib

Bombers, only two available, but the 6 units in that city are wounded.

Fighters from the Carrier Group do some damage, but one is almost shot down.


4 Arties take the city down to Zero., but no others over this way to come in and pound them some more


Some Armor from Marabell

vs 29.6 Armor -> kilss it and now 12.8

vs 23.4 MI -> we lose our Armor but they are now 13.8

vs 24.7 MI -> and kill it and are now 2.0

vs 22.1 Marine -> kills it and still at full...

hitting again vs 30.1 MI -> Kills it and still at full but with no moves

vs 20.2 SAM -> Kills it and now ar 23.2


The dam unit selection is sometimes screwed, I lost an Armor due to thinking was a full one but had automatically gone to the 2nd shot from a weakend tube, damn machine killed my Armor... :p


Some Fresh Armor from Jungleville take the city

vs 13.8 MI ->kills it and captured 3 slaves (workers), dispatched to Marabell to fix up the roads and such




Too much work giving you blow by blows


So, the Short Version for the rest of this turn


Took Calakmal

Liberated Boston

Liberated Atlanta

Snagged up a few odd wounded Enemy

Moved units and made Faces at the runt across the border....


Will have to take a turn or two to refit and heal




After east.jpg

1955 Outpost-Washington front.jpg

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Well, the boi toy finally get his 14 Arties that were sitting in his Capitol, protecting his skinny behind and sends them to pound on my forces in Oxyclean and the other Calakmul...with no additional protection...So after pounding them down some, I send in the Gunships. They come back and are engaging in gratuitous high fives...


As I'm able to get the Navy into things to help...

We take Chehalis and Altun Ha ( I'll think of a good name for THIS soon)




Also reduced Phily to 0%, removed all of the defenders and have the last MI at 5.4....A gift for Saladman to take and have his way with as he has Cav right next door and he should be able to realize that this is open for him... And then all he'll have to do is take care of the 3 Rifles of Wheelchair guy... But no matter, that flank is secure for now...


Calakmul renamed to KaKamole

Yokib renamed to Yokeitup


Still mostly healing up for the next big push, but with the loss of most of his Arties, it's only a matter of time, just going to be a bit.


He is just about finishedwith the SS cockpit and won't even get the stasis chamber finshed (5 more turns) until after I get to AC. That is, if I let him finish...

1956 - New.jpg

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1957 AD


Great Engineer in Roman Spa, sent to Anjar to become a Super Engineer

Our Economist come up with a new Concept, the FED, reducing inflation by 25%


Two foolish MI's head towards Washington....they die quickly...


During the taking of Zama, we generate another Great General, Scripto Africanus....got them coming out the woodworks... Thanks Monkey Boi...




Also took Xukpi


Now were getting into the heavy culture areas, it's sloging though the culture time...






[EDIT] Renamed Atlun Ha to HA, A Tuna!

Renamed Chehalis to Cialas


1957 - Xukpi.jpg

1956 - Zama.jpg

Edited by E_T

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1958 AD


GA ends about 4 more turns until the next GP, we;; see if it's someone we can use, already have an Eng, Sci and Merch


3 Mi's dropped off by a Transport near Washington....into the mist of a lot of armor and bombers, they die with slight notice...


Also took care of a few minor intruders and consolidated


The Marches begin....






See how his Power has just dropped out... seems like he did something stooopid...



1958 - East March.jpg

1958 Power.jpg

The March begins.jpg

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1959 AD


The "Axis of Evil" lost it's 3rd wheel, so to say. The Guy in the Wheelchair is no more... Got tired of waiting for Saladman to do something and took and razed Philly and gave Seattle to Saladman. I did try to get him to reconsider, but he wouldn't even answer my call...


Illinois falls...


Wekll, after bombing and all, was able to kill everything in IsitaChicken with Gunships, but no ground units with moves to move in.... DOH!!

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Well, they moved fresh units in, but they won't last once MY Uberstack starts on them...


But first, better peace with better bombing,,,


And we take 3 cities this turn and start on the March against his Capitol. The east is secure, now got to get a transport built quick, so that i can get that last island...when it's time...

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by the way, has anyone heard from Kloreep at all??

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