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Again General Clelac did some of his better magic tricks on the eastern front. He pulled another victory from his high hat.


He managed to conquer Troia Delenda while opposed by a much larger Trojan force. His elite forces managed to speed past the Trojan northern army croup, and send a swift punch at Troia Delenda, some 50 miles behind the front line. It is however unclear if our troops will fortify the city against the upcoming attack, or if they will go as they came, swiftly, boldy and deadly.


Meanwhile the Trojan main army, located south of Artanes is, again, on the retreat. All 70+ divisions of them.


Our forces defend our home land against a clear disadvantage in both numbers and technology, and still manage to hold the line. Let us rejoice!

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Clelac's elite strike force destroyed two other small Trojan cities...

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- Whats the news from the four directions of the world, my dear? - The Lydian King Krez, King of the Kings asked his favorite adviser, who once predicted rain of frogs and indeed frogs did rained the very next day.

- Not very good, Your Incredibility. Troy is losing the war in the north, their cities are burning all the time. Milete is retreating from Crete too, they couldnt do any substantial gain there.

- We should look for other allies then if those are not enough.

- But there are not other allies we could get, King of Kings, Light of my eyes, Pillar of the wisdom. Maybe only Athens are not allied with Sparta or working against us in open, but they might be hard to persuade, as in my opinion they want to see who is taking the upper hand and join him.

- Then maybe we can make then an offer they could not refuse? Admiral Tahmaspada can be very convincing, I am sure. Send him to speak with the Athenians, but tell him not to forget his fleet and no more silly "misclicks" or whatever. Oh, and bring me some rose water for my bath and new clothes - the Athenian ambassador can run quite quick in here asking for audience when they see our fleet and no sign of their wannabe-masters Sparta.

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Troy is losing the war in the north, their cities are burning all the time.

Let's say that they are definitely losing cities. For losing the war they would actually need to lose quite a lot of units.

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The Spartan ambassador leaned over and said, "psst, that's not helping."

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* Prince Calanthian has made "Per aspera, ad astra" the new national motto.



* For the first time in Thracian history volunteers who enlisted in the Thracian Foreign Legion are arriving at the front.


The relationship with Macedonia has improved from generation to generation. Respect grew for each other.

First the war ended, then the peace treaty held, then trade was resumed. And after a few years Macedon started to offer (paid) upgrades to the Thracian veteran army.


Now with the recent successes of General Clelac and his men, while on the other hand Troy is getting increasing support from Krezz' Lydia, Macedonia has offered to send a limited amount of men east. In order to "hold the line", as we Thracians say.



* General Clelac has received the "Pro Patria" medal for his incredible successes on the eastern front.

In recent years Clelac managed two pin down two major armies from Troy, while at the same time destroying 6 ! Trojan cities, and even more amazingly, Clelac's army received minimal losses.

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The Battle of the Woods is a major engagement in the Thracian - Trojan war.

It may very well be the biggest battle in the history of the world.


Main forces on the battlefield are:


T1: Trojan main army consisting of 75+ divisions, mainly infantry, with 20 cannons, and some MG's and 5 tank divisions.


T2: Trojan secondairy army consisting of 35 divisions. Half infantry and rifflemen, with supporting MG's and cannons. This army has been on the retreat for about 6 turns now. So far they managed to go step by step from woodlands to hills.


Thracian main army. Around 50 divisions, evenly distributed INF, MG and ART. With another 10 tankdivisions as support.



PHASE 1 : Thracian main army strikes at retreating T2 army of Troy.

One more mile to safety and support of Trojan main army. But Thracia strikes hard and manages to destroy about 30 divisions at limited cost (3 ART)







Now the Thracian army prepares for the worst. And fortifies in the woods.








First with an amazing artillery attack of 20 consecutive cannon divisions!

The Trojan generals then send scores of infantry divisions into the meat grinder.

The MGs are blazing! Men are falling..






Death is everywhere. The Trojan attack pounds away at the Thracian defensive positions.


When the fog of war has lifted death is everywhere.






But the Battle of the Woods isn't done yet. Both armies are hurt. But still the Thracian troops are hanging in there.





Then Troy surrounds the remaining 25 Thracian divisions, which mere survival is on the line.

Will they be able to seal the gap, and crush the battle hardened Thracian army?







The Hindenburg bombs one of the surrounding MG divisions. After that some last minute patching up gives the Thracian 5th Foreign Tank Division enough firepower to overcome the surprised Trojan machinegunners.


Then the Thracian army rides the railroad to Bizye and safety.








In the aftermath of the battle 2 Trojan cities are captured (along with one fighter unit).

Troy now has lost all it's winnings from the beginning of the war. We are back to square one.




Trojan losses (in divisions):

52 INF

4 MG


1 Tank

24 Cannon

1 Knight


TOTAL 89 divisions



Thracian losses:

14 INF

6 MG

5 Tank

9 Artillery


TOTAL 34 divisions.



Thus David has won another battle against Goliath.

Thracia hopes that Goliath's even bigger brother Krez is occupied elsewhere..

Edited by Calanthian

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Macedon attacks Troy!

King P Calls for "Swift, Decisive, Over-by-Christmas-like Victory"


The rabble has called, and King P has answered the phone. Citing ancient clauses in the Charter of Macedonian Freedom, King P has formally declared war on Troy to "protect Macedonian interests abroad". Public outcry to join our Thracian cousins in their epic struggle against the savage Easterners has been growing daily. Ironically, a string of Thracian victories has only caused the outcry to intensify. Just last week, Forever-Prince Alexander, Minister of War, informed the press that many Trojan troops had disappeared from the Thracian front and might be heading for the Island fortress of Kogga, a scant few furlongs from our Eastern shores. Spontaneous protests beneath the palace gates, sternly-worded letters to the editors, and an unprecedented surge in army recruitment were the immediate response to this information. Keeping to his promise to "do something when something needs to be done", King P ordered the capture of Kogga and the destruction of the Thracian navy.


Mission Accomplished!

Today at Dawn, the heroic Macephibian Assault Squad stormed the beaches of Kogga and wiped out their heavily armed garrison. Col. Exagerbutt reported stiff resistance from "tens of thousands of Trojan troops." At the same time, the Macedonian Navy sank "at least three Trojan Frigates! Maybe more. Maybe a LOT more. Maybe not." Details are sketchy at this time, as no field reporters were allowed to witness the initial assaults in the interest of secrecy.


Macedonian High Command is unavailable for comment at this time. The Trojan Embassy smells like burning documents - their ambassador nowhere to be found.

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Minos Jumps the Bull, Clears Mainland of Enemy Forces

Two battles reshape Balatian-Minoan situation


In a surprising defeat, the outgunned Balatians lost their foothold on Crete as the Minoan Defense Force attacked and defeated two veteran armies. Prior to the battle, Minoan engineers had been hard at work constructing a rail line to the captured city of Vasiliki on the northeast point of Crete. The Balatians had sent out a large force from their city garrison to threaten this large, but poorly-defended engineer corps, and set up in the hills southwest of the city. Minoan artillery began by severely pounding the hill position, followed by two heroic waves of infantry. Due to their training having been directed at defense, their offensive assaults met with failure, but they partially succeeded despite heavy losses by severely reducing the strength of the defenders. After this, the remaining 8 divisions of Balatian infantry and artillery were destroyed with Minoans suffering only half as many casualties over the battle.


The hill having been secured, the Minoans set their sights on the city. Its position had been weakened by the loss of its garrison, and the engineer corps had no problems finishing their railroad line with the hill threat extinguished. One artillery battery and one division of antiquated riflemen were destroyed in the assault, while the Balatians suffered heavily, losing 6 full divisions. With that, the city was taken, and Crete once again belonged to the Minoans in total.



Peloponnese under Siege

Greeks continue to suffer; Kraken destroys Argos

After the loss of 3 Spartan cities, the worst seems to not yet be over. Many are still searching to persecute Perseus for failing to defend the ancient city of Argos. "Where the **** was he?" a refugee asks. A massive Persian army rests in the once-Spartan citadel of Cythera, along with its battered fleet. The great sea battle that saw around 40 Spartan ships lost to only 22 Persian ships is still stinging, especially with each bombing raid the Persian air force inflicts on the innocent civilians. Still, Spartans know their fleet was heavily outgunned, not only in the sea but in the air. But on the ground in Sparta, the massive Spartan army still holds the ground.


In other news an extremely lifelike statue of Perseus has been donated to the city of Sparta from an anonymous source. Many are awed by its realism, though some question the artist's choice of giving him a look of sheer terror instead of something, say, a bit more inspiring.

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Lydia mourns for its sons. Many of those who lost their lives in the last burst of defeats for our allies were born Lydians. King Krez was sad.


The King of the Kings looks at the four destinations of the world. Then he asks his favorite mistress: "You know darling, why the wolf has thick neck? "

"I know not much in this world beside how to satisfy you, your majesty" she looks at Krez converge not even blinking.



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World Back to Normal After Near-Miss Comet Strike

Lessons on Fragility of Life go Unheeded as Global Hostilities Resume

Just yesterday, the world braced itself for a snowball strike from the gods, As "Comet Motherboard" hurtled toward us. Our kidnapped Athenian scientists, guns both figuratively and literally to their heads, had thrown their arms up in despair, claiming impotency in their efforts to stop the comet, which they were absolutely positive would strike the Spartan mainland "with the force of a gajillion hand grenades and probably rend the Earth in two, killing all life."

Today, we wake to the news that Comet Motherboard has collided with a heretofore undiscovered asteroid (designated i5) at a distance little further from us than the Moon! Now both asteroid and comet have expended a good chunk of their kinetic energy and both have been thrown off course. Zeus be praised!


King P has proclaimed a national day of shattered glass windows cleanup, as looting in Macedonia was both enthusiastic and bloody. He also reaffirmed his commitment to our recent war efforts, calling the divine intervention to save us all from oblivion a "surefire message that the gods are totally cool with what we're doing right now". When asked if the leaders of Troy might have the same notion, King P scoffed. "Krez can think whatever he wants, but the gods have always favoured Greece!" When asked if that remark meant that he thought Krez was the ultimate leader of Troy, King P replied. "Wait, who are we fighting again?" King P was then ushered from the press gallery and questioning was subtly diverted back to comet related stories.


All of our kidnapped Athenian scientists will stand trial next week for "crimes against correctness".

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Communiqué of the Athens Government:


Athens National Assembly does not understand why barbaric as Macedonia is concerned with the peaceful people of Athens. Macedonia kidnapped athens scientists and subjecting them to brutal torture in their barbarian huts.


Athens sent an ultimatum to the people who rule the Macedonians, immediately release the Athenian citizens held in slavery or Athens will break all ties with the cruel and corrupt government of Macedonia.


Athens is not afraid of war to protect freedom of barbarian invaders.


Athens National Assembly also sent a message to Lydia for help.


Lydia unlike many other nations never threatened the Athenian people with war and destruction.


Lydia hand of Athens during the energy crisis and drive the oil city of Athens.


Athens gladly Lydia called a friend and ally.

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The political front in the west seems to be shattered.

Athens even calls "Lydia a friend and ally".


We live in troubled times indeed.


We Thracians will struggle on against all forces which are under influence of the Lydian Evil Empire.

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General Clelac expects another victory on the Thracian front.


He said: "Together with our Macedonian friends we will annihilate all Trojan army elements which have survived the Battle of the Woods. Then all Trojan war criminals which caused so much harm on our Thracian people will have perished."

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On a pleasant evening the generals Clelac and Alexander planned the destruction of a 20 division Trojan army group.

Commands were given, all was put into motion.


Although protected by the forest and the 6 divisions of MGs, those poor Trojan bastards didn't really have a chance.

At the start of the battle there was a special role for the Thracian airship the Maverick. They had to bomb the position of the machine gunner division "Woodsman II". General Clelac knew this division was his main obstacle to victory. After that the Thracian tanks attacked, followed by a combined Macedonian / Thracian artillery bombardment. Then the infantry finished the job.




Macedonian elite infantry troops of the 21st Division storm the last Trojan bunker.



In the end the combined Thracian / Macedonian forces lost only 5 divisions, while not a single Trojan man escaped.

Edited by Calanthian

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Macedonia Formally Responds to Athenian Demands

King P Calls the Whole Thing a "Big Misunderstanding", Vows to return all Athenian Hostages


Here is a copy of the official communication King P has sent to A. Owl via the Athenian Embassy (the embassy closed shorty thereafter):


Dear Athenians Owl,


We are so totally sorry for kidnapping your scientists! It's all just a big misunderstanding. First, the scientists were visiting our fair land to attend the 7th annual "Tech Tree Efficiency and Great Person LightBulb Conference" (TTEGPL). After much under-age drinking by your famous wunderkid contingent, they set fire to the Apollo Hilton, site of the conference, and literally half the world's greatest minds, including most of our Macedonian geniuses, perished horribly in the blaze! We had no choice but to arrest these out-of-control child prodigies.


If you had just arrested a pack of geniuses for criminal negligence, wouldn't you lock them deep underground in a heavily-fortified think tank and pump them full of horse stimulants and LSD? Wouldn't you want to glean as many secrets and inventions out of them before they were completely used up and addicted to said stimulants? What's the big deal? Had we known you would respond by funding a campaign of terror against our strategic resources, we may have acted differently. Just last month, Athenian spies were caught FOR A SECOND TIME trying to sabotage one of our Oil patches! If we had known that oil was so important to you, we would have gladly sold it for a fair price! Cheaper than the substantial fraction of your GNP that Krez fleeces you for every turn, anyway.


And has not Macedonia supplied your good peoples with all the coal it could ever want? Did we not come to a fair and reasonable price tag after much good-natured haggling and delicious luncheons?


Anyway, I digress. We are returning your scientists. Even as I dictate this letter, they are being escorted to our mutual border, where they will be strapped into our small force of ancient catapults and flung home with all speed. Should you have difficulty identifying the bodies, We will happily provide a dossier that matches each scientist with the horrible unique branding scar that we seared into their foreheads.


We hope, with this gesture of good faith from us to you, that things will return to normal.



King P, the Umpteenthth of His Name, King Of Macedonia, Owner and Operator of the Lake Prespa Golf and Country Club.

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Press Release from the great city of Athens:


Today is a day of mourning in Athens.


Today peace Athenian people bury their worthy sons and daughters destroyed by barbarians.


Archon Cleisthenes Athenian army commander commented, Macedonia proved to the whole world its atrocity and Athens will respond adequately to this challenge. I want to say to the so-called. King P "when one day watching his burning capital hope to think" Maybe I should not be ****ing with Athens. "


Lydian ambassador in Athens said: Lydia is his sister to Athens at this difficult time. If Athens asks for military assistance Lydia will be happy to respond to help.


Athenian assembly in continuous session and will decide tonight.

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Official statement of the Athenian military council.


1. Athens National Assembly is dissolved, all decisions will be taken by the military archons.


2. Athens surprised from the Epiruс aggression, and wants to remind divine words which pulls the sword dies by the sword.

3. Athens will not surrender and will fight to the end. Athenian soldiers will fight in the fields, the mountains, the cities and will not give any further Athenian sacred land of barbarians.

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In Sardis bas-relief was carved to commemorate the recent Lydian victories in Greece. The monument depicts The King of the Kings Krez and two of his Generals - Tahmspada - named Conqueror of Sparta and Hydarnes - named Defeater of Macedonia receiving pleas for mercy from the citizens of the numerous captured enemy cities.


The generous Krez King of the Kings spares those who vows to serve Lydia from now on.



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Rumors have reached Sardis and more important the eyes of Krez, King of the Kings, that General Tahmaspada The Conqueror of Sparta is making Bacchanalian feasts instead of leading the brave Lydian soldiers to more glorious victories. Lydian officers and soldiers are reported to be partying hard in the halls and gardens of the Spartan King palace and chasing the Spartan servant-girls instead of the Spartan soldiers and as result the war has stalled.




"I have sent Tahmaspada in Sparta to be Satrap and not Satyr" The King of the Kings was not happy.

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Good wines the Greek land must have give and good wine the Greeks must make out of it as many Greek commanders have drink beyond their capabilities as many strange movements armies have made this last season. The drunken Epirians who left the safety of the hills were spared. For now. But they must have been drunken to leave Epirus at all to venture in Athenian land, when Lydians are capturing their homeland. Lydians are reported to have spared the life of the civilians as soon is the birthday of the honored in Lydia prophet Zarathustra and it is not good to spill innocent blood, but if the Epirians kill their comrades who captured the city and were unable to retreat, they may be not that merciful and civilized next time when capturing Epirus cities.


King of the Kings Krez sees the indecisiveness of the Greeks and orders his own generals and armies major offensive in Sparta to try and save his soldiers from the moral dislodge which seems to be common for soldiers and commanders in Greece.

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Press Release from the war:


Epirus barbarians flee.


after heavy losses slaves of Macedonia, which it sent treacherously against Athens to flee their homes,


but Archon Cleisthenes Athenian army chief said none of Epirus wretched soldiers will return to Epirus.


from our correspondents Lydia learned that the Spartan army suffered heavy losses and its end is near.


Macedonia remains only cruel, but in private conversation Archon Klisten said that Macedonia will not be able to withstand the combined might of Athens and Lydia.

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official statement of the Athenian military council.


Treacherous Epirus was totally defeated by the Athenian army. 55 divisions of infantry, artillery and cavalry lost Epirus mothers.


Athens offers Epirus drivers if they want to avoid annihilation to capitulate unconditionally and dismissed all repeat all his soldiers. Not help in any way Macedonia.


Only then will stop Athens righteous anger of the Athenian army not to spill Armageddon.


Archon Cleisthenes Athenian army commander.

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