Indie games-Just what is all this I keep hearing about?

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I've been coming to this thread for a while to kill time with fun games, or to WTF at weird ones.

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Not sure how long this has been around, but it is a 'new' website where by a bunch of indie developers all advertise their games in one place:


I think it needs a bit more info, like an 'About' tab explaining the ethos of the website etc. There is this detail on it on the moonpod games website:


"With all these different companies creating game portals, isn't it time the indies got together and in the true spirit of indie-ness collaborated on a portal of their own? Often talked about, but getting indies organised is like herding cats! Well, now we've succeeded.


Twenty indies got together and created a single website to promote all their games. Each indie still has his own buy links and so still takes 100% of any sale. The site randomises the order of the games shown so its completely fair and unbiased. It's like an indie cooperative :) Whereas one developer with one game might not be able to pay for advertising (it often doesn't work financially for just one game), here we can combine smaller contributions into one large advertising budget.


If you want to explain to people what indie means then just send them to that website! Thanks for to Cliff Harris of 'Gratuitous Space Battles' fame for organising everything and doing the hard work."




Just need that info on the site itself imho, and maybe a list of the all the indies that are taking part?

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There are some great games there. Too bad I don't have enough money for any of them.

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