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What do these symbols represent?

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In a game I am playing I came across a unit with some symbols in it's description I have never encountered before. The first one is a # sign in its stats after it's movement rate what does this mean? Second after hardened what does the (d) represent, maybe this particular scout patrol is a democrat:huh:? I know + and - symbols are based on the home cities status, children's creche, drone riots and the like, but I am at a loss as to what the (d) is supposed to represent.


Ignore the part with the Cult unit in Morgan colors. It's caused by the faction graphics bug, and I don't care enough to swap files every time I play.


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It appears that both the #-sign and the (d) mean that this unit is a designated defender. With the unit selected, press Ctrl-d. That should toggle the setting off and remove the symbols.

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Thank you for the explanation. I have never used that function myself, I encountered it in a MP game and was curious.

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