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MY 2241-2260

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You mean Lal surrendered?

Of course, of course...

(Glad to see people reading those reports)

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I checked, and we can get successful voting for Supreme Leader this very turn 2248.


Who would attend the voting meeting :)

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I mean, who would play the voting, take screenshots of victory messages, voting results.

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You are our Chief Diplomat.

Since it's a diplomatic victory, the honor is yours! :cool:

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VICTORY at last! :cool:

Thanks for all who followed this campaign during this year!


I wonder whether we could have won by playing turtle like I thought we would: fortifying our continent and using only air power and probes to keep our enemies at bay while trying an economic victory.

Negatives would have been:

- it takes a lot of time to get technologies and facilities able to stop missile attacks

- it takes even more time to accumulate enough ECs to corner energy market when the others have 20-30 bases each

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Well done. :)


The active stance used was certainly superior to turtling. The enem.. err competitors were too close.

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