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I am thinking of buying the Civ IV complete DRM-free pack from Amazon on disc. I have never played Civ IV or Colonization. The pack apparently includes Colonization.


Can someone give me a one paragraph newb introduction to Colonization? I literally know nothing about it, how well it was received, the patch situation, the unofficial patch situation, the mod situation, or anything else. Is it better to play Civ IV first, or Colonization first, or does it matter? Do they use the same system?



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Colonization is your basic "colonise the New World" type of game. Lead one of the major European Civs on exploring, settling, conquering the New World. The aim of the game is to raise rebel sentiment to the point you can declare Independence and win the ensuing war with the mother country. The game is much more economic centric than Civ with resource processing into fine goods and enhanced trade with other nations. The game is a pretty linear game since there's only one victory condition. I also wouldn't recommend running it vanilla (with patch 1.01) but rely on one of the advanced mods (such as my own Age of Discovery II). The biggest flaw with Civ4 Col is that it lacked a lot of what made Col1 great, and AoD2 returns those concepts plus fixes remaining bugs and adds a few new concepts of my own to create a much more immersive game.

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