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Turn 132 - 144

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Open border with France renegotiated.

No more Iron from France and they don't want our Ivory or sugar.

Bought the Iron tile north of Antium.

Told Judaea to build a settler.

Our newly build Trading Posts and Markets have helped our finances.

The Great Lighthouse finished in Cumakae and Rome build the Oracle !


What Next?





o Zargo: North of Roma.

o Conma: Northeast of Geopolis.

o Remus: Garrisoned in Judaea

o Romulus: Near Cumakae for border duty near France



o Aux. Lavinii: Garrisoned in Cumakae



o Aux.Lybia: Garrisoned in Geopolis

o Aux.Aigyptos: Garrisoned in Rome



o Aux.Syracuse: Garrisoned in Antium

o Aux.Macedonii: Just west of Cumakae



o Cumakae worker: Buliding trading post 2 more turns.

o Judaea worker #1: choping

o Judaea worker #2: Farming

o Antium worker #1: Mining

o Antium worker #2: Building Trading Post

o Rome Worker: Building Trading Post


Great People:

o Lysander (Great General): based in Cumakae.



o Agriculture

o Pottery

o Animal Husbandry

o Archery

o Mining

o Sailing

o Calendar

o Writing

o Trapping

o The Wheel

o Masonry

o Bronze Working

o Optics

o Mathematics

o Construction

o Iron Working

o Currency

o Horseback Riding

o Philosophy




Size 7: Monument, Barracks, Colosseum, Granary, Library , Market

The Oracle

Constructing ?

Grows in 1 turns

Current Garrison: Aux.Aigyptos (chariot)


Size 5: Monument, Barracks

Constructing Market (1 turns)

Grows in 3 turns

Current Garrison: Aux.Syracuse (ballista)


Size 5: Monument, Barracks

the Great Lighthouse

Building Circus (8 Turns)

Grows in 42 turns

Current Garrison: Aux.Lavinii (spearman)


Size 3: Monument, Granary

Constructing a Horseman (10 turns)

Grows in 11 turns

Current Garrison: Aux.Lybia (chariot)


Size 5: The Great Library, Courthouse, Market

Constructing a Settler (4 turns)

Not Growing

Current Garrison: Legio Remus (legion)



Pending actions:

o Choose free Social Policies.

o What to build in Rome.

o Where to settle next.

o What to do with Lysander.



Demo game Turn 144 AD-0680.Civ5Save






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I checked on the save, here's my impression on the game:


Rome could start on a circus (6 turns).

Judaea could switch to a monument (also 6 turns), followed by a barracks, Geopolis could already do a barracks.

Once the monument's done in Judaea, Rome could start the National Epic that comes with having a monument in all cities. And with the barracks in Geopolis done, Rome or another city could work on the Heroic Epic.

Meanwhile, other cities could build the buildings that enable other national wonders, which Rome could work on once available. Libraries, markets and colossea thus.

I think it's better to do those now while we still have a relatively small number of cities, as to reap the benefits of them asap.

For our new policy, I'd recommend Professional Army, for cheaper unit upgrades.

If there are no plans to cull Napoleon's settling drift (we still are number one in military might), I'd say use Lysander for a small GA so our cities could work the quicker on libraries, markets and colossea.


And congrats on both the Great Lighthouse and the Oracle. :D :b:

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I do not like how the French is grabbing land here. We should kill the French and get rid off AI in our own continent.

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