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[Turn 119-127] the end of term

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I'll post the report tomorrow, the 1st of January 2011. :p


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Turn 119bis

  • Nanjing taken, and razed. Happiness falls to 4 :mad:. Curiously, our income has increased to 7 gold/turn.
  • The Chinese empire has been obliterated.
  • Judaea finished rebelling and starts on a Library. I annexed the city, and let it build a Courthouse instead. In production mode it will take 9 turns (in GA).
  • Timur, our Great General, retires to the golden ages. ;) Income is now 16 gold/turn. GA will last 8 turns.


Turn 120

  • A worker started a farm near Rome.
  • Our army retreats to their barracks.


Turn 121

  • Nothing particular happening. Road constructing around Geopolis and Judaea.

Turn 122

  • Trade route established between Geopolis and Rome.
  • Sugar resource is connected.


Turn 123

  • Geopolis finished its Monument. Started on a Granary.
  • Pillaged resources around Judaea are being repaired.
  • 2 legions started on a road towards Almaty.


Turn 124

  • Currency is researched. Research of Optics (3 turns) has begun.
  • We entered the Medieval Era.
  • Our second ballista is trained in Cumakae. Started on the Great Lighthouse.

Turn 125

  • Our scout discovered the Great Mesa in the far northeast, increasing happiness in our lands. We still have to discover 2 natural wonders.
  • Ptolemy published a list.


Turn 126

  • Trade route established between Judaea and Rome.
  • Farm finished south of Rome.
  • Our scout discovered a new barb camp.
  • Rome finished the Colosseum. Started on a Market.


Turn 127

  • Optics researched.
  • Last stretch of Via Almaty started.
  • Scout retreats a bit south to avoid a confrontation with a barb spearman.


I'll call this the end of my term.


Things that needs to be decided upon:

  • New research. I'd say Theology. Perhaps we could take a shot at the Oracle for a free Policy.

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