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[Turn 110-119] Strategic evaluation

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What did you do on Christmas? I was able to note the story of a certain guy from Nazareth in the Imperial Library. ;)


Turn 110

  • Scouting of Beijing's defenses while melee troops are recuperating or moving towards Chinese territory.


Turn 111

  • CS Sidon and France are now allied.
  • Calendar researched, Currency started (17 turns).


Turn 112

  • The siege of Beijing has started.
  • The marsh on the sugar tile next to the future spot of Geopolis is being cleared (5 turns) so that a plantation can be constructed the sooner once the city is founded.


Turn 113

  • Our first Ballista is trained in Antium. I named it Aux.Syracuse.
  • Our turnly income dwindled to nothing.
  • Antium started on the Colossus wonder (25 turns).
  • Aux.Libya is shot by Beijing and the defending archers there. Retreat is necessary.
  • Beijing's defenses are two-third broken. Collapse should happen next turn.
  • Geopolis is founded, the city started on a Monument (16 turns).


Turn 114

  • Aux.Lavinii clears a camp near Tyre, but a brute appears behind the tile the camp once occupied. :scared:
  • Legio Romulus gets "showered" by Beijing&defenders. Severe losses in the legion. I retreated it and Legio Zargo takes the stand.
  • Legio Remus moves towards Nanjing.


Turn 115

  • Legio Zargo conquers Beijing, which is aptly renamed Judaea. We took possession of the Great Library, which means zip now. :(
  • Judaea will remain a puppet until it can construct buildings (4 turns).
  • Our happiness level is now at 3 :mad:, and income -4 gold/turn. We took 138 gold from the conquest of Judaea.
  • Aux.Syracuse and Legio Remus close in on Nanjing.
  • The CS Almaty (west of Antium) request a road connection. I think I'll create one after the war with China.


Turn 116

  • Legio Remus captures a Chinese worker near Nanjing.
  • Rome finishes the Library. Started on a Colosseum (14 turns - hey, we're the Romans after all!)
  • A Chinese trireme found its way to Antium. Our fishing grounds are threatened! Antium takes appropriate measures.
  • Contacted Napoleon and offered a whales for cotton deal. He accepted so we're good for the moment happiness-wise (+2 :)).
  • Continued trouble in Judaea. Some local prophet raptures the locals with heady talk.


Turn 117

  • Wu Zeitian once again offered peace and spoilings. Refusal was predictable at this point.
  • Some local band leaders are executed in Judaea. Former followers are dispersing on all directions of the Empire.
  • The Chinese trireme has withdrawn.
  • Most of the remainder of the army is moving in on Nanjing.
  • France and CS Sidon are no longer allies.


Turn 118

  • Continuous assault on Nanjing.


Turn 119

  • Our scout takes a quick look at a barb camp near the French city of Troyes. It is occupied by a spearman.
  • Judaea finished rebelling and starts on a Library (puppet city, remember?).


Strategic decisions:



We have to choose a Social Policy. In the Honor branch we have the options of Military Tradition (1.5 times xp from combat) or Military Caste (each city with a garrisoned unit in it +1 :)).




Since our war with China is in the final turn, we can either have 4 units gain a little extra experience, or have the ability to increase our happiness quite a bit.


Personally, I'd go for the following:

  1. Choose the Military Caste policy.
  2. Destroy Nanjing, and thus China.
  3. Annex Judaea, and let it start on a Courthouse.
  4. Use Timur (Great General) for a Golden Age.


We have to decide on the Policy first because whatever we do after is affected by it (for instance, annexing Judaea will let us drop out of the ability to choose now).



Turn is attached below.

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