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Sounds generally right:


Based on your responses, YOU are a… Libertarian


Along with 9% of the public


They could do with more distinctions among the Republican types; like Fiscal Republican, etc.


The below though isn't an entirely correct assessment, but it's what they define Libertarian as:


What They Believe


Economically very conservative but moderate to liberal on social issues

Highly critical of government

Strongly pro-business

Accepting of homosexuality

Less religious than the average American

Moderate views about immigrants compared to other GOP-oriented groups


Who They Are


Strong Republican-orientation, though a majority identify as independents

Affluent: 39% have incomes of $75,000 or more

Two-thirds are male

85% are non-Hispanic whites

About seven-in-ten (71%) have attended college

About half as likely as the two strongest GOP groups to attend church weekly

56% use social networking sites

36% trade stocks

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I turned out Libertarian, too. I refused to answer a couple of the questions, but was still able to complete the quizz.

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