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[Overview] Turn 86

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  • Remus: Scouting in the far north around Edinbrugh accompanied by our great general
  • Gaius: Heading back to the area near Antium for upgrade to Legion



  • Aux. Lavinii: Scouted all around the south frontier of France and moved to the far southeast of our continent



  • Antium worker: Constructing a mine on Antium's Iron source.
  • Cumakae worker: Constructing a camp on Cumakae's Ivory source.


Great People:

  • Timur (Great General): With Remus.



  • Mathematics (10 turns)
  • Archery
  • The Wheel
  • Sailing
  • Pottery
  • Iron Working
  • Bronze Working
  • Trapping
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Masonry
  • Mining





Size 5:
Monument, Barracks

Constructing a Chariot (2 turns)

Grows in 1 turn

Current Garrison:



Size 3:
Monument, Barracks

Constructing a work boat (4 turns)

(Spearman on hold at 1 turn)

Grows in 28 turns

Current Garrison:



Size 1:

Pending build order

Grows in 1 turns

Current Garrison:





Pending actions:

  • Pick next build orders for Rome, Antium, and Cumakae.
  • Choose next research project(s) (after Mathematics).
  • Decide on war or peace.













Turn 86 attached below:

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Turn 73:

Traded Ivory for 210 Gold and 2 Iron for 30 turns.



Rome started on a Legion (9 turns).

Social Policy Discipline choosen.



Turn 74:

Cat and mouse game between Remus and the barb warrior/spear near the barb camp in the north. I'm sending reinforcements to finally take it out.


Turn 75:

A certain Alberti made a happiest list.



We meet the city state of Tyre. 15 gold in the pocket but it is protected by France.


Turn 76:

Stonehenge has been built in a far-away land.

Iron mine started near Cumakae. 6 turns before its done.

Turn 77:

Sailing finished, The Wheel is started.



The Hanging Gardens is built in a far-away land.

Barb camp cleared with Gaius.



Turn 78:

We met Budapest.


Turn 79:

Romulus warrior upgraded to Legion. Renamed to I Legio Romulus.

Napoleon turned Medieval.


Turn 80:

China finished the Great Library, and consequently goes Medieval too.

Antium finishes the Barracks. Started on a Work Boat.


Turn 82:

The Wheel finished, Archery started.



Our first home-made Legion is trained in Rome. Named Legio II Conma in appreaciation of a certain "senator" clamoring for it.

Rome started on a Chariot. 6 turns.

The Iron mine near Cumakae is constructed. Worker sent to Ivory.


Turn 83:

The I Legio Romulus took a shot from a barb archer from the camp near Antium. Decided to retreat and let II Legio Conma deal with it for xp reasons.


Turn 84:

Workboat finished in Antium, bought the whale tile south of the city, and created a whale boat there.



Our economy is nearly in shambles, so I decided to start a second boat in the city.


Turn 85:

Edinburgh discovered by Remus in the far north.



Turn 86:

Archery discovered, continuing with Mathematics.



II Legio Conma took out the aforementioned barb archer, and will continue to the camp itself.



Cumakae finished the Monument. Open for new production suggestion.

Worker near Antium starts on a iron mine.



All in all, there are alot of military citystates in our neighbourhood. Should be interesting for our Legions&Ballistas.

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So three new militaristic city states around us? How appropriate!

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Sorry Geo, will try to have a look tonight. Three killer days at work........ :(

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No problem. I can only start posting a poll, proposals, and possibilities tomorrow too.

It's only this weekend I have time to buy a new screen.

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Another hellish day and my back has seized for the evening! Looks like it will be Sunday am before I'll be much use around here, as it's six day weeks now until after Xmas...... :(

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