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Term Two Presidential Elections

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Term One Presidential Elections


Please nominate yourself below if you wish to run for the position of either The President or The Vice President.


Nominations will remain open until Monday 29th November at 07.00 GMT, when a 48 hour poll will open for voting to take place on the nominees.


The second presidential term will begin Wednesday 1st December at 07.00GMT.


Good luck!!!


The constitution of The Roman Empire


Community Game Guidelines

This game is about fun, learning and growing a thriving, enjoyable Civ 5 community.

Please, absolutely NO in game play is to be done by anyone but The President. NOBODY is allowed to check the map by cheating or playing into the future. NO reloading of the save for any reason whatsoever.


The Citizens of The Roman Empire

Everyone is welcome to be a citizen of The Roman Empire, all you need to do is contribute to the fun and learning. All players are encouraged to vote in polls etc and to participate as much as they would like. The more we contribute, the more enjoyment it is for everyone involved.

Any game concerns should be posted publically, or PMed to The President / Vice President.


The Presidency



Presidencial terms last for two weeks. Elections are held at the end of every two weeks.

Any player may run for a presidencial position. Self nominations for a presidencial positions are acceptable. A player may only hold one presidencial position at a time.

A player may be in the presidency for a maximum of four terms in a row only, then they need a responsibility-free term before they can run for presidency again. The only exception is if there is no other candidate for a position in an election - this should only be considered as a last resort.

Once elected, Vice Presidents must PM their email address to The President for administrative correspondance only. All game related presidencial activites must be transparent and open to scrutiny by everyone.


The President of The Roman Empire

The President plays the game.

In the event of conflicting advice from the players, The President makes the final decision.

If the decision is critical to The Roman Empire (eg imminent invasion), The President is expected to seek help from players and NOT go it alone.

The President is to post the game save, for all players to have access to, after each in game session.

The President should post a turn-by-turn account of the play and schedule activities with the intention of getting as much player involvement as possible.


The Vice President

The Vice President runs the election process, starts campaign threads, etc.

The VP should assist The President in scheduling activities with the intention of getting as much player involvement as possible.

The VP becomes The President in the event of abdication, then holds the position until the next election.

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Since our present president think I might be a good second choice (after Rob), I'd like to put my person on the limelight for president in December.

The more so since from late January on I'm on vacation abroad for the better part of a month.

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Me too, of course.


Who will be his wingman! Without one, we have no fallback.

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I'm happy to be Geo's right hand man if no-one else wants to step up. :)

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