Any Active CivIII Players? Because...

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There is going to be an Intersite Demogame between CivFanatics and a German Civforum.

If enough people from here are interested, there is a possibility of a WPC team.

I will be playing for one of the CivFanatics teams, but it would be lovely if we could get a WPC team in.


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potential active, because I tried to install it on my notebook and I get it not working proper. A game shuts down to desktop w/o any notification or error message always at same point in late game. But this notebook better than my old one where I played civ3 always fine.

When I get it working again, I'll be active again.

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The game has started. So if anybody wishes to play, the will have to create an account on the German CivForum of CivFanatics and join a team.

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In the CFC CivIII Democracy and Team Games forum. You can go to the non-private forum for either CFC team, and follow the instructions to join. The Eagles (my team) is a more democratic/organized team, while the Knight's Brotherhood is structured more like a succession game.

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